Something from the weekend….the last in London

Well I’m surrounded by all my belongings packed in boxes towering over me….it’s finally here….I’m leaving London!

It’s been a lovely last week or so here, making the most of being so close to so many things…..but I can’t say I’ve totally enjoyed the packing part of leaving!

Yesterday we had a lovely day out at Old Spitalfields, where I was hosting a stall as part of the Designer Makers Market there. We really enjoyed manning the stall as usual, and I sold lots of my jewellery and other hand made things, as well as chatting to some very lovely people.

We started with a bacon buttie from The Luxe, once we’d dutifully set everything up, and in fact spent a large part of the day gorging on other goodies such as frozen yoghurt and burgers! Still, it’s hard work all that chatting and selling!

I’ve decided I definitely must carry on having stalls at the markets, as well as selling online….it’s just so great to get all the feedback and positive comments from people, and it makes me more confident in what I’m doing!


It took us no time at all to pack up and carry the stall contents the short walk home, but we were pretty shattered non the less and only managed a little more packing before heading to bed at EIGHT THIRTY!!!! Still, I took a cup of tea with me, and some of the amazing cup cakes from Flavour Town at the market….it was a nice wind down, just reading for a while before falling asleep.

Bright and early this morning though, we were straight back to it and packing up the last few things ready for the move tomorrow. I hate the flat being in such disarray but it’s not long now until those poor removal men get here and take it all away….of course there’s the unpacking at the other end to think about, but at least there’s more space there!


And so, I’m now just relaxing with a hot milky drink and a book, ready for another early night in readiness….tomorrow is going to be a looooong day!

Wish me luck!

Ems x


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