Guest Post: How To Tuesday….. Mini cupcake bunting with Matin Lapin

Hello Under a Glass Sky readers! I hope you’re well?

My name is Vixie and I write a little blog over at Matin Lapin. I’m here today to share a little DIY with you while Ems and Adam are busy sorting out their new home.

When Ems first asked me to do a how-to post I didn’t know which way to go with it…

Should I do something practical? Should I do something silly?

And then it hit me: when I think of Ems, I instantly think of picnics, polka dots and bunting…

So what could be better than mini polka dot cake bunting?

Let’s start then, shall we?

Here’s what you will need to make your own mini cake bunting…

(the cup of tea is preferable but not essential)

And here are the steps to make it:

step one

I stuck my sticks into blu-tack to keep them upright while I tied a bow onto one of the sticks, but you don’t have to use the blu-tack if you don’t want to. After tying the first bow, work out how far apart you want your mini bunting to be and cut your twine accordingly

step two

repeat the process by tying the second bow onto another cocktail stick. You might want to add a tiny dab of glue to secure the bows.

step three

cut some washi paper strips and stick them over the twine between the two bows

step four

cut the washi paper into whatever shaped bunting you would like – I chose triangular and pennant shaped bunting for my two mini cakes

And there you have it!

Easy peasy, and it makes your cakes look super pretty! Woo!

I hope you enjoyed my DIY, and do feel free to come visit me at Matin Lapin any time you like.

Thanks for having me!


4 thoughts on “Guest Post: How To Tuesday….. Mini cupcake bunting with Matin Lapin

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