Wednesday Wants: Winter Coats

I really don’t *need* a winter coat. I have lots of lovely coats for all weathers in fact, and a bulging walk-in-wardrobe and teetering coat stand that attest so. But that can’t stop me feeling like I must buy one all of a sudden, now that the weather has gotten so chilly.

If I had say, two walk-in-wardrobes, or endless amounts of cash, I would of course happily add to my collection. I mean, one can’t possibly have too many, right?

And so, as has become tradition, I’m currently lusting after several snuggly coats, as the shops tempt us with their new collections. Here’s my top four right now…..

Oasis Military Car Coat, £100.00

Autumn trends wouldn’t be autumn trends without a little Military flavour, and I think this car coat  from Oasis is bang on the money. It’s not all shiny buttons and over-sized epaullettes, but it is super wearable and a pretty good price I think. It’s not wool though, but a viscose / elastane / polyester mix, although as long as it feels nice I don’t suppose I’d mind for that money.

Reiss Lillyanne Long Bomber Coat in Warm Blush, £275

I’m just loving the 40s vibe of this coat from Reiss. It looks like something my Nanna would have worn (by little brother is always telling me I dress like her, although I take that as a compliment which I don’t think it’s intended as!). The colour is just dreamy and it’s wool rich. It has a nice centre seam up the back and a vent too. It’s pushing the pretend budget a bit, but well worth it for a woolly winter wrap up.

All Saints Soviet Coat, £325

I suppose it’s because I saw Anna Karenina last week, but I’m lusting after anything with a big stand-up fur-lined collar at the moment. And this ‘Soviet Coat’ from All Saints ticks that box nicely, as well as having that super swoopy flared hemline that I can’t help but swoon over. It’s made from premium Italian cloth and features specially developed metal crest buttons that fasten asymmetrically across the body. The collar is detachable and is covered using merino sheepskin, whilst the whole coat is fully lined in cotton. It’s pushing the budget even more, although it’s built to last, and we at least know that it’ll be on trend this time every year!

Kate Spade Suzette Coat, $698

I adore the idea of a brightly coloured, sunshiney, fun winter coat….I mean why go all grey or black at the time of the year we see the least light?! Apart from the stunning ‘New Teal’ of Kate Spade’s Suzette Coat though, it has the most gorgeously ‘Audrey’ collar and I suspect would make you feel like you’re scooting around New York in the 60s. It’s 100% wool, and lots of monies (I make that about £435 at the current exchange rate), but if you’re going to dream about a coat, it really should be this dreamy.

So, are you lucky enough to be shopping for a new winter coat? What’s got your fancy?

Ems x


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants: Winter Coats

  1. I actually just went out and bought two new Winter Coats, though I didn’t need both of them. However, when I was at Burlington Coat FActory I found two designer coats I had been eying for $100 less than they were are the department store. Once I realized that, I just couldn’t resist them.

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