Something from the weekend…..rum, Sunday roast and pottering

Well, after writing about all the things going on in my new ‘hood last week, I realised that I was in fact all booked for this weekend just gone! Still, it’s good to have a list of goings on for when I next get a free day, and I did have a fun packed weekend all the same!

On Saturday, I went for the first time to the Rumfest Experience. I was super excited to try lots of new rums, and learn more about the different types and ways of production, as well as to spend the day with the lovely Hannah, Claire, Matt, Martin and Adam(s). We set out a little early and grabbed a big fry-up breakfast on the way to fill our tummies, then headed for the Excel Centre over in the Docklands. It was a lovely journey on the DLR (I LOVE the DLR!) and great to see over to Greenwich and the new cable cars and things.

Once inside the exhibition centre though it got a bit too busy for my liking! It was pretty tricky in fact to sample many of the rums and there wasn’t really a lot of scope to chat to the different brands as I’d hoped, just because the place was so rammed! Anyway, I’ll save my negative feedback for a letter to the organisers (I did promise myself I’d stick to the positives on my blog!), but I will at least share my favourite rums with you….

The first brand we tried was probably actually my favourite….we tried Centenario‘s 20 year old, 25 year old and 30 year old rums, and all were divine! The 20 year old is pretty affordable too at around £40, although you will have to import it….. I’d choose the 30 year old though if money were no object, but at $150 I think it’s unlikely I’ll be buying some for at home!

We came away with another of our favourites, the St Nicholas Abbey White Rum. Adam’s not really into white rums usually, and I mainly stick to dark and spiced rums, but this one is just incredible! It’s made in Barbados on a very small scale and tastes of holidays and sunshine (probably the banana and coconut does that!). I think it’s a steal at £35.

We also bought a bottle of Old Grog Rum which I was super impressed with too…. it’s another bargain I think for £30, and I’m pleased we got hold of some whilst we could as it’s not sold widely in the UK at all (fingers crossed for them that they get a big buyer on board as a result of Rumfest!).

Lastly, I went a little bit weak at the knees from the amazing liqueur made my Ron Abuelo. Apart from its amazing packaging (the bottle is shaped like a flamenco dancer and the lid is a mini straw hat!), it tastes absolutely divine! I can totally imagine sipping it at Christmas time (it was beautifully orangey with a little spice), or any time it’s cold outside!

On Sunday morning, we did the usual quick trip around the Hitchin Market Car Boot Sale. And, as usual, we couldn’t bear to leave without a bargain or two and came home with some darling little globe bookends and a handy little storage rack for my studio. Then it was to the kitchen where I prepared our first Sunday roast in the new house, ready for Adam’s Dad coming round for lunch. We had roast pork loin with all the trimmings….after which we were all rather sleepy!

We had a sugar boost in the afternoon though as our friend Hannah visited for a cup of tea and a slice of cherry pie, then it was a bit more sorting around the house….especially trying to work out where all our artwork will go. After earning a rest though, we finished the day watching North By North West (I love Carey Grant films on Sundays!), during which I did a bit of knitting too before heading up for an early night. Simple Sundays are often the best!

Ems x


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