Soup Week (A Week of Soup)

No, this isn’t a fad diet I’m chatting about.

Lately though I’ve gone a little bid soup mad….more mad than a fad in fact. With the cold weather drawing in, I can’t bear to eat something cold for lunch, and now I’m working from home it’s just my favourite thing to cook up a nice hearty soup for lunch.

And I have to say (don’t hate me for being immodest), I have gotten really good at it! I’ve been making my own soups for a while now….sometimes following a recipe and sometimes making up something simple based on what needs using up. But only recently have I taken to planning particular soupy adventures, and working on some ‘proper’ recipes of my own.

Now I’m guessing that most of you are also feeling the chill lately, and are in need of some wholesome hot treats to warm you up….so I thought I’d share a recipe each day this coming week, to inspire you (and warm you!).

On Monday I’ll share my recipe for Red Pepper Soup (which I only made yesterday but was incredibly pleased with!)…. On Tuesday I’ll show you my Sweet Potato with Chilli, Ginger and Coconut Soup recipe….. On Wednesday it’ll be my version of the classic Tuscan Bean Soup….. And on Thursday you can expect my recipe for Leek and Potato soup. I’m going to leave Friday open for now, although I’m planning a curried parsnip soup at the weekend, as well as developing my butternut squash soup too. Do let me know if you have any requests though, and do let me know if you have any favourite soup recipes to share!

It’s probably worth saying too that as I’m on Weight Watchers, each recipe is either healthy and low on points, or super healthy and hardly any points! Oh, and each serving only costs a few pence, so it’s a win all round!

Happy Souping!

Ems x


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