Wednesday Wants….. Is it a snow globe? Or is it a hand bag?!

As you know, I rarely tame my list of ‘wants’ back to fewer than three, but this week I’m just so taken with one thing that I’m not going to have a list at all. When I saw this clutch bag earlier today on the Selfridges Instagram feed, I just couldn’t believe how amazingly wonderfully incredible a thing it was….and how I wanted it SOOOOOOOO much!

The Marano Snow Globe clutch by Anya Hindmarch is pretty enough to look at even before its amazing secret is revealed. Like lots of the collection, it has an elegant, rounded finish and a rather retro clasp. But look closer, and you’ll see that as its name suggests, this clutch bag is also A SNOW GLOBE!!!!

I mean, as if it wasn’t enough that I adore hand bags so much…they had to go and combine my passion for fashion accessories with my obsession with all things glittery and Christmassy! The central panel of the bag forms an integral ‘globe’ inside which are hundreds of tiny Anya Hindmarch bows and stacks of ‘snow’. The globe is backed with a glitter inlay, and the whole thing is crafted from a gorgeous midnight blue 100% silk satin, covered in glitter. The lining is a beautiful cream suede, and there’s a little slip pocket for your phone or lippy.

My over-excitement doesn’t end at the bag though, as the packaging is a delight too! Made to look like a box for a toy, it asks ‘SHAKE ME’ and rather resembles the packaging for a gimmicky toy from the 80s. I love the way it’s been branded, and can imagine that finding it in your stocking would be almost too much joy to bear.

At £895 I don’t think I’ll be owning it any time soon (although if someone would like to send it to me as a gift, do please feel free), but that won’t stop me obsessing over it. I would LOVE to get my hands on one, even just to have a proper look at it….and to shake it to see the snow storm of course!

Ems x


One thought on “Wednesday Wants….. Is it a snow globe? Or is it a hand bag?!

  1. Oh, I love this!

    Thanks for sharing – I’m going to have to track this down for my snow globe collection … the non-snowglobe part, which includes books, cards and sweaters. But a clutch? So sweet!

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