How To on Tuesday: Pretty Dog Beds

So I don’t have any dogs yet. I really, REALLY want some, but we want to settle in before we ask permission to have some. In the mean time though, I sometimes get to borrow Adam’s Mum’s dogs Newton and Piper. They love to come round for visits (probably because of the special biscuit tin I keep well-stocked for them!) and I adore having them around the house.

And because I’m a good hostess and like to ensure my guests are comfortable, I decided to make some comfy beds for them to sit on when the dogs visit. We spend most of the time in the kitchen which has a slate floor, so the beds are a nicer, softer place to snuggle up by far (especially right in front of the radiator!). I made them this weekend and the dogs are off in Brighton this week, so they won’t get to try them out for a bit (and I won’t be able to take a photo of them using them yet) but I’m pretty sure they’ll be pleased when they next visit.

The beds were super easy and super cheap to make…essentially they are just an extra large cushion cover…. and as I’m so pleased with the results I thought I’d share with you!

What you will need to make one pretty dog bed:

  • A single duvet (you can get very cheap ones from Ikea or Wilkinson’s)
  • Some pretty fabric, two pieces around 1m x 0.5m each
  • Sharp scissors
  • Pins
  • A matching(ish) zip, around 30cm to 40cm
  • Needle and thread
  • A sewing machine (if you have one…patience if not)

How to make it:

  1. Take the duvet and fold it into quarters
  2. Lay the two pieces of fabric on top of each other, with the pattern facing inwards (‘face-to-face’)
  3. Place the folded duvet on top of the fabric to measure it up
  4. Measure 3cm out from each edge of the duvet and trim the fabric to size
  5. Now take the fabric and pin along each edge, with the pins at right angles to the cut edge (so you don’t need to tack stitch)
  6. Stitch, in a small running stitch, along the two longer edges and one of the shorter edges
  7. You should now have a sort of fabric envelope, with an opening at one of the shorter ends
  8. Find the middle of the open end by folding it in half, as well as the middle of your zip, marking with a pin
  9. Place the middle point of the zip on the middle point of the open edge
  10. Put a pin into the fabric either side of the  zip, thereby marking where it will go
  11. Now stitch from the corners up to each pin, so you are left with an opening wide enough for the zip
  12. Pull the bed cover through the opening so that it’s the right way around, and the seams are all hidden inside
  13. This is the only tricky-ish bit now….if you’re used to putting in a zip, sew it into the opening….if not, there’s a much better tutorial than I could write here
  14. Now take your folded up duvet and push it through the zip opening, just like you’re putting a duvet cover on
  15. All that’s left to do then is zip up your zip, plump up the filling, and get your dog ready for a snuggle!


Ems x


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