Wednesday Wants…..Tatty Devine Christmas Selection

My love of jewellery brand Tatty Devine is no secret. Their highly original and playful designs have a major draw for me, and so when I spotted their Christmas selection, it was all WANT WANT WANT!…..

I adore Christmas crackers….the loud(ish) noise they make, the shiny paper, and the fun bootie inside. I’ve got naff Christmas cracker trinkets from years back, and I’ve been known to get into bed with my paper hat on at the end of Christmas day. So when I heard that Tatty Devine were selling Christmas crackers, I was straight onto their website to have a look.

These ‘Deluxe’ crackers include everything you need to make six perspex necklaces, so you can all sit around the table crafting away! Inside each colourfully wrapped cracker is a chain, jump rings and instructions to make up your very own necklace with the perspex charm that adorns your cracker. Also inside the box are pliers to share and even jewellery boxes to safely stow them away in. Oh, and of course, the obligatory hat and joke!

The Crackers are handmade in England and cost £75, available from the Tatty Devine website. I know it’s quite steep for crackers, but when you consider that’s six necklaces that would usually set you back at least £15 to £21 each, it makes for pretty good value really.

I’m currently getting all excited about my forthcoming trip to the Christmas Markets in Vienna. I adore the Continental Christmas markets and all the pretty stuff they’re packed with….there’s something so very traditional about them and far less commercial than Christmas can be over here. And Tatty Devine’s enamel gingerbread designs remind me very much of that quaint ‘chocolate box’ version of Christmas, which is probably why I’m in love with this pretty brooch.

It’s so shiny and bright, and is beautifully adorned with icing style writing saying ‘Ich Liebe Dich’ which means ‘I Love You’ in German. Christmassy AND romantic! It’d be super cute on the collar of a winter coat and is just £15.

Now what’s Christmas without a Panto?! Cinderella has to be one of the best, and that’s maybe why this Cinderella headband is one of my favourites. It’s made in a lovely pearly white perspex and rather screams fairytale Christmas! It’s £60 and also available in black.

My favourite thing by far though is the most over the top one! I am just crazy about the ‘Christmas Spirit’ necklace which is cleverly made up of all sorts of Christmassy things….there’s mistleto, stars, crackers, bells, holly, bows and some rather handsome robins. I love the mixture of colours and the almost-symmetry of the design, and it’d be the perfect thing to Christmas-up a little black dress for the festive party season! It’s £85, so not pocket money….but maybe Father Christmas will be kind!

Ems x


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