Winter Skincare Do’s and Dont’s (as inspired by Daisy Steiner)

I was a massive Spaced fan when it was on TV. I still am huge fan too, and must have watched the box set at least a dozen times. I’m not proud.

Anyway, for anyone also as big a Spaced nut as me, you’ll remember how Daisy funded her trip to Asia by selling two stories to magazines….one of which being “Winter Skincare Do’s and Don’t”. It’s funny because in the first episode Daisy states that she has ‘no skincare routine to speak of’ and I always let the idea pass as simply a joke. But then this year, perhaps as a result of some seriously annoying dry skin on my forehead, as well as the usual nasty dry shins, I actually thought…was she onto something?!

Now I’m in the full swing of my ‘winter skincare routine’, if you can call it that really, and it occurred to me that perhaps I should share some of the tips I’ve researched and that have worked well. And as an ode to Spaced of course…..


  • Swap your light, summery face cream for a much, MUCH thicker cream. A nice gloopy oil based moisturiser is an absolute must to see you through the wind, cold and central heating that are part and parcel of this season. I have switched from the lovely light Weleda Almond Facial Lotion to the super-moisturising Weleda Skin Food. It really protects your skin and treats it to some serious hydration…I wouldn’t usually put something so intense on my face but it’s the only thing that has kept the dry skin and redness at bay. If your skin is not so dry though, still slap on something quite gloopy, like Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, which is well balanced and gives 24 hours moisturisation. Both smell yummy too.
  • Pat dry your skin with a clean, dry towel. It seems obvious, but a nice dry, soft, fluffy towel patted on your skin after you shower and before you moisturise really helps to retain moisture. Rub in something luxurious afterwards to really lock in some moisture…I love Neals Yard’s Rose Body Cream which boasts a super rich blend of organic oils and plant butters to nourish and moisturise with regenerative oils of rose and cedarwood to restore vitality.
  • Give up those thick, clay based facial masks and peels for something more gentle. I’ve been using Weleda’s Iris Hydrating Mask which gives your skin a lovely treat, and helps build up your skin’s own natural barrier to the nasty winter chill.
  • Use lots of lip balm. I am rubbish at forgetting to do this, and in winter time I can guarantee I’ll get red, dry lips at some point because I’ve neglected them. Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 is a real favourite of mine and helps to comfort dry feeling lips whilst giving protection from the drying effects of wind and cold weather. It also contains SPF4 and melts in beautifully so you can put lots on often!
  • Drink lots and stay warm. Again, seems obvious, but if you’re not looking after yourself, your skin will suffer for it.


  • Stop wearing sunscreen! The sun still shines in winter, and even when it’s mainly hidden behind clouds it can still effect your skin. And if you’re lucky enough to go skiing, or see some snow, the glare from that will certainly have your skin in a tizz. Ensure you use a good moisuriser or base of some sort containing a high SPF, and choose make up like Mac’s Studio Fix range which has SPF15 as an extra back up.
  • Forget to exfoliate. It may all seem about being gentle and moisturising, but you need to scrub away those dead cells to promote new cell growth. A bit gross, yes, but really easy to do with something like Superdrug’s Body Gloves.
  • Go crazy with really hot baths and showers. You may want the warmth and comfort that only a hot bubble bath can bring, but it draws out the moisture from your skin. Best stick with a nice warm shower.
  • Forget your hands! If you’re anything like me, your hands will be almost perpetually cold through winter, and they can really start to show the effects. You can hear me babble on all about my favourite hand creams here….
  • Swap and change your routine all the time! Whilst it’s necessary to step up in winter and make a few changes to help your skin through the colder months, don’t switch your routine and products every other day. Your skin will get confused, and it likes to be in a nice steady routine!

Stay warm!

Ems x


One thought on “Winter Skincare Do’s and Dont’s (as inspired by Daisy Steiner)

  1. Good tips. My hands were forgotten and it showed earlier this week, but since then I’ve stepped up the handcream and they are thanking me for it.

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