Something from the weekend….back from adventures in Vienna!

So as I think I mentioned, I was off on holiday in super-Christmassy Vienna last week, and we flew home on Saturday morning. We still managed a fairly productive weekend though, despite our early start and tiredness from the flight….

We traveled straight from Gatwick into the centre of London, where we were meeting a stack of friends at a pub near St Paul’s. Now I say friends….and they are….but they are also the ‘cult’ I belong to. Yes, I’m in a cult. I don’t think I said before. It’s not a scary, weird thing though. In fact, we’d really rather it was known as a ‘collective’, but it won’t stick. Anyway, about ten years ago I read a book called ‘Join Me‘ by Danny Wallace. And then I ‘joined’ him and a whole bunch of other people, all of us promising to do good deeds and be nice. We still meet up all these years later, and on Saturday was our big annual meet in London, where we drank hot cider, ate lots of chips, and raised over £1250 for a very worthy charity. It was, as usual, lots of fun to meet new people and catch up with old friends…some of whom I’ve not seen for years!

On Sunday morning we went out first thing (ish) to meet up with friends for coffee….but on our way and to my great delight, we spotted the Christmas tree sellers on the market! In fact, as soon as I walked out of our front gate I could see them and skipped all the way to go and see them! We had a good scout around the various trees, but decided to wait until Tuesday to buy one, once we’ve measured up and figured where we will have it. I can’t wait!

After all the Christmas tree excitement we made our way to the lovely Halsey’s where we met up with dear friends Hannah and Katie. We chatted and caught up, drank yummy teas and coffees, and I indulged in their wonderful Sunday brunch menu with a mushroom and goats cheese omelette (Adam had blueberry pancakes with ice cream!).

The rest of the afternoon was spent catching up on domestic things….we did our grocery shopping, sorted out all our post and failed delivery notes, switched energy providers (how grown up is that?!) and had a tidy. Then to save us the trouble of cooking, Adam’s Mum had us over for one of her tremendous baked pasta dishes and wine. We returned home early enough to watch a couple of episodes of X Files (I’d really missed it!), whilst eating lots of the amazing Lebkuchen we brought back from Vienna, and then collapsed into bed at a reasonable hour to try to catch up on our sleep!

I’ll be sure to catch you up with our Vienna adventure as soon as I can!

Ems x


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