Festive Salutations!

I trust you all had a splendid Christmas?! What did you get up to? Did Father Christmas bring you nice things? And did you gorge yourself on Christmassy foods as tradition dictates?!

Well what a fabulous Christmas I’ve had! I was so delighted to be able to host Christmas in our new home and to have all of Adam’s family over to share it with us….it’s been wonderful! Adam’s brother and sister-in-law arrived late last week, along with their two gorgeous dogs (Peanut and Buddy, both darling little Staffies) and since then we’ve been scoffing ourselves silly on various meals and snacks, walking the dogs, and lazing about.

For Christmas day ‘proper’ we also had Adam’s parents over for the day, and Adam and I made our first Christmas lunch together! We cooked a huge gammon joint (thanks Jo at Breakheart Hill Farm!), a monstrous chicken, roasties, pigs in blankets, and stacks of veg….all followed by my home made Christmas pudding (my first one!). Everything was super yummy, and the house felt so wonderfully Christmassy full of people (and dogs!) and with all the decorations we put up.

I was a very lucky girl and received some gorgeous gifts, including (but not limited to!)…… a pretty Rob Ryan mug, a Moomin Papa hat vase, an amazing antique writing set (which Adam’s Dad had actually put toegther for me), a Lindor fondue set, some books and my favourite….a Totoro onesie!

Me modelling my beloved Totoro onesie by the tree!

It’s traditional in my family to have a yummy Christmas Day supper, despite having a huge lunch and various treats throughout the day! Adam promised me that his family never even thought about eating such a meal and that I needn’t go to any trouble to serve up any more food after lunch. However, I went ahead and brought out the cold meats left over from lunch, as well as pickles and cheese and whatnot, and everyone was delighted to tuck into a little something alongside a glass of Port! Adam and his brother also whipped up some delicious eggnogs for us, which went down very well….especially with the dogs! The rest of the evening was spent lazing around in the living room, having cuddles with the dogs and watching Lord of the Rings. It was such a blissful day all in all!

Super delish eggnog!

Begging for a share in my Christmas supper!

Boxing Day morning saw our sad farewell to our house guests (we were saddest of all to see the dogs go!)….I will miss snuggly warm cuddles with them, their excellent begging skills, walks in the countryside and even their early morning wake up calls / assaults (they took to sneaking upstairs first thing and jumping on our bed to give us lots of kisses!). We weren’t lonely for long though, as our dear friend Hannah popped over for a cuppa and some Lebkuchen, as well as a tour of the new house. Hannah had also made us a marvelous hamper full of home made treats including sea salt crackers, fig and walnut balls, quince jelly, spiced peaches, preserved tomatoes, chocolate fudge and almond biscuits! I can’t wait to dive in and try them all!

Afterwards, I sat and wrote some thank you notes using my gorgeous new writing set, whilst drinking lots more tea and scoffing left overs (one of my favourite bits of Christmas!). Later we’re off out for our dinner so we’ll not have to bother cooking, then I think it’ll be a nice loungey evening with a film and an early night before we head out for some sales shopping tomorrow….Hobbycraft look out!

Writing my thank yous with my beautiful antique writing set

Finally getting around to using my letter seal!


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