She’s filled with secrets……could there be more Twin Peaks?

This morning I awoke to the news that David Lynch *may* get to make a third season of Twin Peaks…..finally.

I watched the show for the first time last year and immediately became hooked….watching it over again and again in fact! I just love the macabre humour and the incredibly original weirdness of the tangled plot threads. The show also boasts some of my all time favourite characters too, although none have a place in my heart so much as Special Agent Dale Cooper, or ‘Coop’ (played by Kyle MacLachlan)….even my beloved Special Agent Fox Mulder can’t *quite* hold candle to him, despite our mutual love of Elvis.

I came to the climax of the second season without actually realising I was watching the very end, and so was utterly shocked when the massive cliff hanger wasn’t played out or resolved. I remember screaming at the TV in fact, utterly incensed that it was all over and incredibly frustrated that I didn’t get any sort of ‘real ending’.

Twin Peaks The Evil That Men Do - 2nd Edition

How they left us hanging…. Warthourne’s Armoury’s poster based on that final scene, £12.71 on Etsy

Now I know that sometimes that can be the best way to leave things, and I hear that the super-weirdness of the second season was actually not very well received, hence it being cancelled. But I have hoped since seeing it that some day I’d get to see more (in fact, it’s one of the things I’d do if I won the lottery….along with re-building the Crystal Palace).

And now all of a sudden rumours are flying around the internet that NBC may well be talking to Lynch about another season…… although it’s all a little ambiguous, with some reports claiming that it would take place as a continuation from the end of season two (playing out the Cooper/Bob scenario), whilst others suggest it would take place 25 years later (about the same length of time since the last season ended) with a female reporter visiting Twin Peaks to unfurl the mystery as Coop (or at least the ‘Bob version’ of him) languishes in jail.


But as I’m pretty sure my opinion has little bearing on if it will actually come to fruition, I’m just reminiscing over the two marvelous seasons the genius Lynch *did* get to make. And in my reminiscing, I’ve discovered that I’m not the only person still obsessing over the stunning imagery, brilliant one-liners and strange catch phrases born of the show….in fact on Etsy alone there are pages upon pages of offerings for the Twin-Peaks-obsessed. I’ve collected my favourites together in fact, in a little treasury….and here are some of my *favourite* favourites…..

Small Art Print, Movie Poster Style Modern Pop Artwork, (8x10) 'TWIN PEAKS: Fire Walk With Me', by Modern Artist Jazzberry Blue

Movie Poster Style Modern Pop Art Print, by Jazzberry Blue £8.85

the red room pouch

Red Room Pouch, by Dang Argyle. £8.90

Red Room Black Lodge Low Rise Panties Knickers Briefs Underwear - Twin Peaks Chevron Stripe

Red Room Knickers, by xANNABOTx, £8.26

You can see the rest of my treasury ‘She’s Filled With Secrets’ here…… and if you’ve not yet seen this legendary TV show, I suggest you get caught up on it in time for that *potential* third season.

But until then, beware….The owls are not what they seem…….

Twin Peaks Tarot BOB postcard PRINT

Bob / The Devil Tarot postcard print, by MAIAFIRE, £1.79


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