Most depressing day of the year?!….packing up Christmas

So that’s it. Over. *Actually* over. Today is Epiphany, and so the Christmas decorations are down and packed away. How. Very. Dull.

I always find this time of year rather gloomy….all the excitement of Christmas has passed, and the house looks really empty and blank with all the decorations gone. I know it’ll feel like home again soon, but I can’t help but miss having the place full of Christmas cheer.

And so, I thought I’d immortalise our Christmas decorations by sharing them here…..


I was rather pleased with our wreath, which we made from scratch using off-cuts from the tree. It was lots of fun to make and lasted really well, so I’ll definitely make ours again next year.


We brought the greenery indoors too, as is a tradition of mine, filling the mantlepiece in the sitting room with holly from our garden.


Things got moved around a bit to make room for the tree, so the sewing table took a holiday in the sitting room, and got decorated with pretty little birds and the starlight we got from Vienna.


I always think this little chap looks a bit grumpy. He’s still pretty Festive though.


As well as the holly, we put candlesticks and my mini pine cone Christmas tree on the mantle, and I made a little festoon of tartan hearts too.


Because I still had foliage left over after the wreath and the mantelpieces, I made up some little flower filled jam jars to dot about.


I was probably most sad of all to take down the paper chains we made. They were so fun and festive in red, white, gold and green. The sitting room looks very plain now without them….we must get some pictures up in here!


I made some short strings of bunting using Christmas cards to go over the doors and across the mantelpieces in the upstairs rooms. I do love my bunting.


Our tree took pride of place in the front bay window and was decked out in all manner of home made decorations I’ve collected over the years. It was a massive eight-footer…the biggest I’ve ever had! Our fairy was a gift from Adam’s mum, a stunning Victorian china doll kitted out with wings and (real!) curly red hair. I love her, but most people find her a bit scary!


I made these 2012 tree ornaments as gifts, but left us one spare to keep ourselves!


Capybaras are Adam’s favourite, so I made him this ornament which he found in the advent calender I made for him too.


As well as the tartan hearts, I made us lots of little hearts from a wonderful vintage fabric I was given. I just love all the clashing colours!


There wasn’t enough room to keep my cloche collection on the dining table as usual, so they got moved to a side table and filled with a little laser cut tree and some pine cones.


The dining room mantlepiece was adorned with ivy I collected from the garden, and finished with swags of red satin ribbon and poinsettias. It was rather Lady Havisham-esque!


I laid the table for Christmas lunch with our deep purple table linen, our mis-matched china, cutlery and glasses, and hand made crackers with personalised gifts in them.


In the hallway I had some more flowers, and found a home for one of my favourite decorations….my super-glittery red reindeer!


And over the door to the boot cupboard, beneath our ‘Capybaras in love’ picture, I hung a big bunch of mistletoe with a pretty checked ribbon.

Have you packed Christmas up? Have you run out of Christmas treats yet?! We are about to eat the last two mince pies (not counting the batch I have in the freezer!).

Ems x



2 thoughts on “Most depressing day of the year?!….packing up Christmas

  1. I loved your decorations, sweetie, and join you in feeling a little harrumphful about the packing up of Christmas! Nevermind, let’s away to new adventures!

  2. I loved your decorations! So pretty. Also did I tell you (or you tell me) that the mistletoes kiss thing is not that you have to kiss under the mistletoe, but that you’ll marry whoever you kiss under it? Makes me relieved I missed the day a boy at school bought in misteltoe and kissed all the girls – I wonder how he’s managing his 16 wives?

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