Something from the weekend….. DIY, David Lynch and fizz

What an enjoyably busy weekend I’ve had! Having decided to get one of our DIY projects underway, we did little else, but the weekend was fun all the same!…..

We spent Friday evening at home in front of the TV (me in my onsesie!), eating pop corn and *finally* watching the Twin Peaks prequel film. I watched Twin Peaks for the first time last year and fell in love with it right away. I’d been warned that the film wasn’t as good and that it’s a lot darker…..and it certainly was! I very much enjoyed it though, and it was a good start to the David Lynch fest we are planning for Valentines!


Friday night’s seriously naughty but delicious dinner! Rare organic beef burger, with fried egg, cheese and organic cherry smoked bacon, on a cheese topped bun with French fries and mayo. Yum!

On Saturday we began working on the Welsh Dresser we recently bought and wanted to re-vamp. It was a nasty orangey-pine with lots of varnish, so we wanted to lighten it up. We started (and spent nearly all Saturday!) by sanding down the surfaces…some of them just to prepare them to paint, and others to be left as a nice, light, natural pine. It was pretty tough going, and we made a lot of mess, but we managed to get all the sanding done by early evening so that we could clean up!


The lovely pine under all the orange varnish!

My evening was spent at a friend’s place for a girly night of pizza, Prosecco and chat. The girls are all on strict boot-camp diets, but had declared it ‘Sod It Saturday’, so we indulged in take away pizzas, Haribo, chocolates and crisps along with several glasses of fizz. It was a lovely evening filled with giggling, and I was rather late to bed as a result!

On Sunday morning it was back to the DIY, and after sugar soaping the surfaces of our dresser we began to paint it. As with most things, this took us MUCH longer than I’d imagined, and we ended up popping out to the shops whilst waiting for the first two coats to dry. We didn’t manage to get all the coats on all the bits, so we’ll have to go back to it next weekend, but it is looking great already!


Work in progress

The evening consisted of yet more pizza, on account of the kitchen smelling of paint and being rather messy! We watched another Hitchcock from our box set too (Shadow of a Doubt) and ate yet more popcorn, before I got myself ready for my first day in my new job….. it was rather a rude awakening, realising I had to plan a more formal outfit than I usually wear to work from home, and I made myself a packed lunch and readied my hand bag too before having a lovely hot shower and getting into bed for an early night.

So that was my weekend….how was yours?

Ems x


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