Something from the weekend…. partying 20s and 80s style

Boy was I glad for a lie in this morning! I think I’d have slept until lunch time if Adam hadn’t come and woken me up when he did! I’m clearly no longer energetic enough to party two nights in a row, but I had a jolly good weekend all the same….

On Friday Adam and I finally went to see Wilton’s Music Hall’s fabulous immersive production of The Great Gatsby! It was first adapted for our favourite venue last year, whilst we were actually living just around the corner, but we weren’t fast enough to snap up tickets! So, when we heard it was coming back, we jumped on the second chance, despite being rather further away now! I spent a good couple of hours fashioning my hair into a 20s style up-do, and slapping on layers upon layers of eye make-up as per the period fashion, then threw on the stunning flapper dress I was lucky enough to pick up in an Oasis sale a few years ago…..I’d also made a very Art Deco head dress to wear, so I think I rather looked the part! Adam dressed up in one of his vintage suits, and our friends Hannah G and Hannah P joined us in vintage attire too!

Hannah G, Adam, Hannah P and me!

We started the evening with an early supper and gins at our old favourite haunt, the Oliver Conquest. It was great to see their new gin list (they had about 50 when we were last there, but now have closer to 90 just a few months on!), and to catch up with the staff. Then it was off to Wilton’s, where we had a cabaret-style table right in front of the stage! It was wonderful to see the newly refurbished venue again, and the show was great fun….I love the era’s fashions and the performers got us all involved by dragging us up onto the stage to learn how to Charleston, and Adam even had to deliver a message to Mr Gatsby! The show runs until 23rd March and there are currently still tickets available!

Scrummy ish Gin at the Oliver Conquest

Afterwards we headed back to the Oliver Conquest, where we’d been promised a cuddle with their new puppy Rex….. he is an absolute little angel and super snuggly! We sat and fussed over him whilst drinking yet more gin (well, we had lots of new ones to try, including Cold River, Malaca, Ish, Jensens and Monkey 47 Sloe!), which made it a pretty perfect end to the evening!

We both felt a little gin-rough on Saturday morning, so we were very naughty and skipped off to our nearest greasy spoon for cheese omelettes! After that we had a snoop around town, doing a bit of thrifty treasure hunting around the charity shops and a jumble sale at the church, then slobbed out back at home with lots of tea and cake until it was time to get ready to go back into London for the evening.

We managed to sneak in a cheeky Bubble Tea visit on the way to the party

Last week was our very special friend Siobhan’s 30th birthday, so on Saturday we donned 80s attire (a spangly parrot dress with big dangly parrot earrings and an overdose of blue eye make up in my case) and celebrated at a bar in Piccadilly Circus. It was such a lovely evening of catching up with friends we’ve not seen as much since moving, and we got lots of fresh congratulations on our engagement too! Several cocktails later, we made our very cold way home.

A blur of the Birthday Girl as she jumps up and down in excitement with her cake!

Sunday morning was another lazy one, with a long lie in, then a snoop around the car boot for more treasure hunting before coming back home to snarf up a brunch of waffles, strawberries and maple syrup. We resisted the urge to slob out for the rest of the day on the sofa and went off to Waitrose fore supplies, but we didn’t get much more done after that, save making cottage pie for dinner and a little knitting on my part! We’re still making our way through the X Files, so we snuggled up on the sofa to watch a few episodes before taking advantage of a much needed early night!

I was so impressed with the neatness of the shopping list we found on our trolley!

How was your weekend?!

Ems x


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