Wednesday Wants…. Alex Monroe

Tomorrow sees the launch of Alex Monroe‘s new collection, ‘Chase’, and being a bit put out that I can’t make it to the launch event (I’m working locally all day) I have been consoling myself by browsing his website of stunning treasures….

I’ve long since adored the wonderfully whimsical and enchanting jewellery made by the British designer, who grew up in Suffolk “surrounded by fields, rivers and the plants and creatures which inhabit them”…’s more than likely this idyllic inspiration that attracts me to the dainty, finely detailed pieces. I love that in his work you can buy ‘fine’ jewellery which is still fun and quirky, as well as so amazingly wearable.

And as if that’s not appeal enough, every piece that Monroe designs is hand made in his London studios, by his team of highly skilled craftspeople….just down the road from my old office as it happens! I’m just crazy about everything this man does, and I think this quote rather sums up his work and those who adore it as much as me…. ‘I like people who like my jewellery. They are not slaves to fashion; they tend to be more concerned about personality and craftsmanship. They care about quality and they like things that are quirky and individual.’ Well said!

But without further ado, here are my favourites, this week’s Wednesday Wants….

Tiny Bird Loop Necklace, from the Birdlife collection, £135.00

Pea Pod Necklace, from The Gardener collection, £120.00

Fine Ring with Tiny Heart, from the Dream of Me collection, £126.00

Hamper Locket, from the Daisy Bell collection, £180.00

Apple Locket With Baby Snake, from the Original Sin collection, £225.00

The Goring Shrimp, in collaboration with The Goring Hotel, £165.00

Rose Gold Plate Bumblebee Necklace, from the Classic collection, £165.00

If you’re off to the Chase launch, do have fun! I can’t wait to see the new collection!

Ems x


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants…. Alex Monroe

  1. The ring with the tiny heart is just darling. I’m loving thin rings with tiny things on them at the moment though.

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