Blog Every Day in May: Five Fave Blogs

“Share the blog love! Tell us about five blogs you love and why?”

So if you read the question, it doesn’t say this has to be my actual five favourite blogs…it’s just five blogs I love. Which makes this much easier, as I hate committing to ranked favourites! Anyway, here are five blogs I really love (in no particular order), and why…..


I met the very talented Michelle at a bloggers’ photography event last year, and have kept in touch via instagram mainly since. Michelle is one of those people it’s quite hard to want to like, because she’s such an amazing photographer, great crafter and brilliant cook, but because she’s also so very sweet and her blog is amazing, I can’t help but love her. Michelle writes about London life, photography, loving Italy and gelato (amongst other foods an recipes!), and has recently started making ace videos with her also-very-talented fiance.

Incurably Curious

I came across this blog when I was looking to change the name of my blog…mine used to be Pretty Pretentious, but I became worried that people didn’t get the tongue-in-cheek bit, and I needed a more friendly name that I could also use for my business too. Anyway, I loved the idea of calling my blog Incurably Curious, and when I googled the name to check, I found that a blog with that name already existed, and what’s more it (then) used the same theme as mine and its owner’s name is Emily too! I naturally got in touch and have been following the blog ever since….it’s a wonderfully honest, non-faddy beauty and women’s lifestyle site, described by Emily as ‘about style with substance, beauty without bullshit and original content based on a personal manifesto of individuality’. Favourite posts include Seven Reasons to Love Your Micro BoobsDon’t Trash the Gash and Flying Tips for the Truly Clueless. Oh, and her blog now features gorgeous illustrations by her talented friend Carla Juniper.

Ooh Mrs James

I also met the lovely Jackie at the same bloggers event that I met Michelle, and being a fellow wedding and vintage enthusiast, it’s no wonder I fell for her blog. It’s full of wonderful wedding inspiration, excellent suppliers and her very own collection of vintage wedding dresses which she sells there too. In fact, now that I’m planning my own wedding, it’s becoming a most useful directory of all things weddingy and creative, so I’m only likely to get yet more hooked!

The Cake Hunter

This was a recommendation made to me, I *think* by Siany over at Domestic Sluttery (sorry if I’m giving credit incorrectly!). I’m not usually that massively into pure-food blogs because I tend to make up recipes myself based on what I fancy or have in the larder, or I do a quick search for ideas online and go from there. And in all honesty, I’ve never actually *made* anything from Sophie’s awesome blog, but it’s more than enough to drool over her incredible recipes, swoon over her brilliant ideas and stare in awe at her incredible food photography and styling. Sophie gets bonus points too, as she also lives in my home town of Stoke on Trent!

Olive and Harry

This is a very new blog to me, found through this very project in fact! But I do adore it, reading about Tracy’s idyllic lifestyle up in Yorkshire on her beautiful rescue farm. I love that the blog is dedicated to her Grandparents Olive and Harry (who worked in an ice cream factory!) and the rescue charity Tracy runs with her other half is just wonderful….they are passionate about animal welfare, produce fleece, eggs and vegetables, encourage the use of British rare breeds, and provide education to children about farming and where their food comes from. There is also a lovely Olive and Harry Etsy shop, which raises money for the charity too!

And there’s my little roundup….I do hope you’ll check them out and look forward to finding some new blogs myself!

Ems x


One thought on “Blog Every Day in May: Five Fave Blogs

  1. eeppps thank you so so much for including me in your round -up, i am all smiley, proud and very grateful xx
    hurrah for blog sharing 🙂

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