Blog Every Day in May: Fit and Healthy

“What do you do to stay fit or be a healthy individual? Share any useful tips and advice. Or tell us about your plans to get healthier.”

So I don’t really feel like I can offer advice on this front. I have zero willpower, so really any attempt I make to get fitter and healthier is short lived! I did manage a short stint at Weight Watchers last year and was relatively strict with it, so I can at least recommend that because if I can do it anyone can!

In fairness too, I’m probably healthier now than any other time in my adult life. I’m exercising regularly, walking the pooch and loving it….and the stint with Weight Watchers has at least taught me a bit about how much of what I *need* to be eating! I live in a house with stairs which has really helped (honest, I know it sounds silly!), I don’t have an overly stressful and way too demanding job any more, and I have the time to cook yummy things from scratch.

I still eat too many puddings though, and whilst I feel like the walking is probably enough to keep me reasonably fit (I walk a good couple of hours each day if not more) I do think my body would benefit from some Pilates and/or yoga type exercise. So, I’ll make this post about a bit of a pledge…and you never know, I may even stick to it!

1. Eat fewer puddings! This ought to be easy because I never used have them at all really, but since living with Adam I’ve properly gotten into the habit…a habit I need to break!

2. Same as above, but with fewer sweeties, crisps, chocolate and possibly even chips….I need to make these things treats again rather than every day snacks!

3. Find a good yoga class and go regularly. I love yoga and practised Ashtanga for a good few years….I find it really helps to keep in tone, stay nice and flexible, and build strength. I’ll have to go easy to start with (and I get stupidly competitive so that could be hard!) as I’ve not done it for so long, and my body is still suffering badly from the awful way I was forced to sit in my old office. Failing being able to find the right class, I’ll find a perfect DVD to follow and ensure I do that regularly.

4. Go on longer walks. Now the nice weather has arrived (long may it continue!) I’m looking forward to taking the hound for longer walks, to build up my stamina and his! There are a few routes I want to try…and hopefully a pub lunch half way through a several-hour walk will help encourage me!…well, I’ll have earned it, right?!

5. DRINK MORE WATER!!! I am dreadful at this. Truly dreaful. I very rarely feel thirsty and I tend to sip at a drink for hours. Unless it’s a cocktail or a good gin of course. I’m quite aware though that drinking more water will help my skin and maybe even help knock off a little weight….I just need to find a way to make me want to drink more!

Any tips and advice gratefully recieved, as ever!

Ems x


6 thoughts on “Blog Every Day in May: Fit and Healthy

  1. Find a workout that fits in with your lifestyle and routine, you’ll feel energised and lifted mentally and physically. I think I should try and better manage my time, so I walk more places rather than hop in the car!

  2. If you need a yoga DVD I quite like Shiva Rea (some people find her annoying but I don’t) she does flow yoga and generally by streams and up mountains and in tropical gardens so that helps take me away too. Her instructions are pretty clear as well which helps when your head is between your legs!

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