Blog Every Day in May: Go Green!

“Talk about being green, eco-friendly or ethical. What do you do to make a difference?”

Deep breath.

And don’t hate me.

My name is Emily and I don’t believe in going green. There. I said it.

Now, before you brand me a selfish ignoramus, hear me out, do!

For some time now I’ve been getting progressively more cross with the concept of ‘Saving the Planet.’ The reason being, when people and organisations talk about doing just that, they’re not really talking about saving the planet at all. They’re talking about saving the human race!

Our planet is very old indeed, and has seen many lifeforms come and go. It’s survived all sorts, and whilst humans, animals and plant life etc may well die out if we don’t respect our environment, the planet itself will still survive! It will some back with new lifeforms, old ones will re-emerge, and it’ll be another clean slate.

And I personally think it’s time for a clean slate.

Every time one or more humans try to save something, another human just goes right ahead and un-saves it. Take tigers for instance. Organisations have fought for years to save them, but it’s a case of one step forward and two steps back when there are people in this world who think they have dominion over animals and abuse their habitat and hunt them for medicines or trophies.

So, rather than fretting over recycling every last scrap of whatever, or religiously turning the power off when things are not in use, I personally prioritise some different things…

  • I only eat free range or organic meat and animal products. I personally believe that as omnivores by nature, humans should get to eat animal products (although I accept that lots of people can get by without them, and I don’t eat nearly as much as most just because I can’t have this rule and eat like most people!) but I feel very strongly that we shouldn’t neglect animals, we should be grateful for them (and the products they give us) and we shouldn’t unnecessarily make their lives a misery. More on this tomorrow though when the subject is food!
  • I am very conscious of what hidden foods lurk within foods…there are so many animal products in things like spreadable butter and confectionary, so I often spend a long time reading packaging!
  • I don’t buy products that contain palm oil, because of how it is farmed and the effects of that on the environment, and the poor animals who live in the places it is farmed. I’m also very open to giving up other ingredients for similar reasons, and am always grateful to learn more about that.
  • I use vegan cosmetics as far as possible, and am always trying to find more to replace the less ethical ones I use.
  • I will always rescue my pets rather than buy them, and rant at anyone thinking about doing the latter to get them to see how important it is to rescue and save one of the thousands of needy animals in this country, rather than supporting money-making breeders!
  • And I will go to lengths to pick up bumble bees, worms etc who are stranded on footpaths etc. In fact, I nearly failed my driving test on account of performing an emergency stop for a crossing shrew…the test person didn’t think it was important enough to not run over the shrew!

Now I’m not a complete pleb when it comes to green stuff. I don’t run a car, instead walk mostly or use public transport. I recycle everything that our council will collect (which doesn’t include plastics yet, unless you have a car to take them to the dump yourself…oh the irony!). And we compost all food waste to use on the garden. I also don’t take lots of long haul flights or train trips as a rule. So I can’t feel too guilty about my stance on being green!

I can understand that my view may well rub a lot of people up the wrong way, and especially if you’ve taken a lot of time to talk about today’s subject in a more positive way!

But, that’s how I feel about it!

Ems x


2 thoughts on “Blog Every Day in May: Go Green!

  1. Hey Emily, I actually found this quite a refreshing view on things. II certainly don’t think you sound negative on “going green” ! I like to do my bit too, don’t have a car, recycle as much as possible and if give things away if we don’t have a use for them rather than binning things. However I worry more that humans will blow each other up before anything else happens! Thanks for shedding a different light on an old problem, I think I’ll take more of an interest in what my cosmetics and food contain now too!

    • I’m so glad I didn’t come across too negative! And that it sounds like a sensible stance! I should have added something similar about not throwing things away! I wouldn’t dream of throwing a household item or item of clothing and always give to the charity shop or eBay it! I think that was all ingrained in me as a child though and not a result of the global warming scares etc!

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