Wednesday Wants…. The ‘Herbie’ VW Beetle Car

I can’t quite believe I’m posting this, but I, Emily, lover of bunting, shoes and cupcakes, am about to write about A CAR.

I never thought this would happen, but when I passed the local VW garage earlier today I had to double take at the wonderful little car on show in the forecourt. I always loved the Herbie films as a kid (the original ones, not the Lindsay Lohan one!), where the cute little VW Beetle had its own personality….and although I was never really into the first attempt at updating the classic car, but the newest version is definitely more my style….so when I saw they’d dressed a white one up with Herbie stripes and a number 53 I just wanted it wanted it wanted!

The 73 year old Love Bug has had its first make over since 1998, and has been given a flatter roof, a less bulbous shape and narrower windows, to make it ‘less cute’. It’s definitely sportier and sleeker, but I still think it’s super cute!

The new bug starts at £15,515, making it by far the most extravagant of my Wednesday Wants…I promise to go back to cheaper, more girly things next week!

Ems x


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wants…. The ‘Herbie’ VW Beetle Car

  1. oooh I’d love one! I always remember seeing a bride and groom being driven from the church to the reception in a tiny VW beetle, old school, and they were so squished in, it looked and from their laughter, sounded hilarious! I love that idea!

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