Blog Every Day in May: Favourite Tradition

Whilst I struggled to think about any traditions that I keep of my own, once I started thinking about all the traditions that I *like* I worked up quite a list!

So, here are my favourite (and although not intentionally, rather British!) traditions…..

Morris Men….what could be more jolly and British?! The bells, the flowery crowns, the costumes and the silliness!


I am very proud to say I’ve met a good few lovely Pearly Kings and Queens…what a wonderful London tradition….anything that involves buttons and bling has my vote!


I remember seeing my first ever Chelsea Pensioner, and was delighted to get to chat to some whilst living in London too.


I only recently learned about High Sheriffs, and when I got a thank you letter from our Hertfordshire High Sheriff to thank me for an event of mine she came to, I was incredibly excited!


I love that I live in a town with a Town Crier….such a brilliant tradition.

May Poles and May Queens…colourful ribbons, pretty dresses and prancing about on a Bank Holiday…just wonderful!

Scarecrow Festivals are just the most silly thing, but so wonderfully creative and fun!

Did I miss anything? There must be other such fun and British traditions!

Ems x


3 thoughts on “Blog Every Day in May: Favourite Tradition

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