Blog Every Day in May: Morning Ritual

“Tell us about what you do every morning to help you get ready for the day ahead.”

I have two of these, and the morning just doesn’t feel right without both of them.

First thing most mornings, or after a shower and prettying up rather, I head out to walk the dogs. There are lots of stunning places to walk very near us, and the hounds are always really excited to get out. Cooper loves to explore every path, and investigate every little thing, whilst Digby is still on the lead most of the time but still enjoys sniffing his way along. We get to meet lots of lovely people for chats, and lots of other dogs who Coops loves to play with. I adore the fresh air to wake me up, the amazing light early in the morning, and just ambling along without a care in the world.

About half way along our walk though I start to crave my second ritual…the morning coffee. I’ve always loved coffee, but I’ve I’ve only been able to properly enjoy it on a regular basis since I started to work from home. I’m a total coffee snob, and don’t consider a Starbucks or an instant a coffee at all (even though I do enjoy both on occasion….just not when I actually fancy a coffee!). We’ve been using the Aeropress at home for a little over a year now, which meant that we could make really great coffee fairly quickly and easily. I’ve always ground my beans fresh and taken care over the heat of the water (we bought a rather flashy kettle which you can set to heat at different temperatures) and the entire process really…it’s well worth it, honestly!

However, in the last couple of weeks we have bought an amazing new coffee machine, which grinds the beans and makes your desired strength and length of coffee at the touch of a button! It took some tinkering with to start, testing our filtered water, varying the grind, and selecting carefully all the other options….now though all I have to do is switch it on, shove a cup underneath and push a button for an amazing coffee. If I fancy a latte, flat white or cappuccino it has a milk steamer too!

I savour my coffee over breakfast, a reward for getting up and out, and to start the day ready and fresh….if I miss out on either the walk or the coffee I feel grouchy and disinclined!

Ems x


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