Vintage stamp jewellery

I’ve been making little bits and pieces of jewellery from stamps for ages now, and have sold some at craft fairs and pop-up shops, but I’ve never really gotten around to listing them to sell online. I had a whole load of really lovely stamps that were just begging to be used though, so I recently made up a big batch to sell!

They are something of a labour of love these brooches and pendants….they take over a week to make, as I have to remove the stamps safely from any backing, paste them onto veneer, strengthen the veneer, trim and file down the edges, apply *seven* coats of varnish to them, and finally add the brooch pin or necklace. I do love making them though and turning something old into something new is great fun, especially because these stamps are the sort of thing that just won’t get enjoyed otherwise….and they are too pretty not to enjoy!

I have lots all ready to go, but for now here is a little selection of my favourites….I’ll let you know when they are all online and ready for sale! What do you think of them?

Ems x










IMG_5369   IMG_5385 IMG_5404 IMG_5408   IMG_5416


6 thoughts on “Vintage stamp jewellery

  1. Eeeek I love them! The LOVE birds and the top lady one are my absolute faves! You are right “too pretty to not enjoy” Id rather wear any day, than have stuck in a closed album, hoping the value increases.

    • The love birds one is especially lush! Glad you like them and approve of my use of priceless artefacts!….I do just hope nobody ever comes forward to tell me something I’ve glued onto a pin would have been worth a fortune!

  2. oh my oh my they are super lovely and i wish you lots of luck with them xx
    especially adore the sleepy hollow one – you are clever and very patient – seven coats??!!
    t x

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