Because it’s Monday…..

My name is Emily and I’m addicted to dog videos. Yes, my Facebook timeline is full of them and now I’m sharing them on my blog too. I make no apologies for this….surely only the most heartless person can’t crack a little smile whilst watching a dog fill up a dishwasher?

So, because Monday is the toughest day of the week, I thought I’d give you this sure-fire pick me up in the shape of my (current) favourite poochey vids….

All these dogs want is to be friends…the cats however would just like some peace and quiet!…

Here’s a husky puppy learning some life skills as he attempts to get out of a fruit bowl…

This guy reminds me of my Digby dog, who bounces almost as high despite his little legs!…

Serious respect for this little one who won’t be intimidated….

And the piece de resitance…

Enjoy! And have a good week!

Ems x


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