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Everybody knows 4: But not many people, not even the oldest and most ardent pot smokers, knows why or how the number became linked to pot smoking.

There are a few old tales which describe how this national holiday, and that special time of the day, became so iconic. You know who does know a thing or two about this? Larry "Ratso" Sloman, author of Reefer Madness: A History of Marijuana.

The most accepted root of gkrls high holiday starts with some high school kids in San Rafael, California, back in Sloman says the phrase started as " Louis," meaning "at 4: It turns out one of these kids' older brothers was friends with Grateful Dead's bassist, Phil Lesh. And the group—"they called themselves 'Waldos,' " Sloman says—started getting 420 girls get at me with the Grateful Dead at their rehearsal studio in San Rafael.

AroundHigh Times magazine senior editor Steve Bloom saw a flyer at a Dead concert that "told the story ofand that was news to me," he wrote in a copy of the magazine obtained by the Huffington Post. Bloom wrote yet "" was originally California police code for smoking pot.

But it turns mee the story on the flyer was horseshit. Bloom says "after about five years," the Waldos story emerged. Which is "about five years" if you're baked.

So it checks out. This one's pretty simple.

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Oh how nice this would be, to trace the high holiday back to one of the best artists to listen to while engaging in the devil's lettuce. But alas, even though 420 girls get at me song was recorded inwell before the Waldos did their thing, it's highly unlikely this is our one true source. This one's a shut and closed case, too.

Although it has been stated that there are "more than chemical compounds" in a cannabis plant, no one ever clearly stated that ggirls number is There are a couple of theories having to do with the police and Congress, too.

The first, referring to what police would utter over the radio should they see you buying a baggie, is incorrect. 420 girls get at me

Unfortunately that radio code is for homicide. The one about Congress?

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Well, it's not that the two aren't related. There is a bill in the California Senate numberedbut it's named for the staple of cannabis culture, not because of it.

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The bill, which went through inwas crucial to the birth of medical gget in California. The remaining theories around are so wild we might as well not even go into detail.

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Some think it's named after the day Bob Marley died, but he died on May Some think it has something to do with Adolf Hitler's birthday, but why the hell would that mean anything?

Even if it is his birthday.

Lastly, some stoned-off-their-ass person once said April 20 is the best day to plant marijuana, but that very clearly girks on where you're planting it. In the end, the only real way to trace it back is to those ambitious high school kids in San Rafael.

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They toked so we could rip. They lied to their parents so we could have an excuse once a day—and especially on April 20—to pull out all the stops and get as high as the lord above us.

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So breathe deep folks, and remember, weed isn't a bad thing. These states know what I'm talking about.

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