Hi hi!

I’m Emily. This is my blog.

I recently moved to Otley in West Yorkshire, where I design and make all manner of things, as well as look after my two gorgeous rescue hounds.

I like to think I’m a pretty enthusiastic person, and pride myself that I can find beauty in anything. I would much rather find something nice to say than something bad, and as such I hope you find this a happy and positive place to visit.

My posts are fairly diverse…. I’m into just about everything, and if I enjoy something I like to share. I’m always open to new ideas, suggestions, adventures and feedback, so do please comment….I reply to every one and love to chat with you. You can also email me to ask for crafty tips, request more posts about flamingo sweaters, or just to say hi. I’d love it if you did.

Ems x


8 thoughts on “About

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  2. Love the hand drawn artwork on the sidebar, excellent 🙂

    I lived in London for 15 years (Barbican, Harringay, Morden and Streatham) before heading off to the USA for 15 years and now back home in Southampton.

    London can be wonderful, especially in the centre, but if you have to drive or take public transport to work, everything has gone downhill so badly in recent years. I don’t think I would like to move back there, although I did enjoy getting up in the morning and walking around parts of the City and West End.

      • It’s going to be REALLY crowded after today when all the teams and visitors for the Olympics arrive.
        Should be a good spectacle I hope.
        My son is in the Met Police, so he is hardly getting a day off from now until September.

      • I certainly don’t envy the police and transport workers this summer! I’m going to reserve my excitement until I know what I can do and how it will be to do it! Plans are going to be a bit ad hoc for a couple of months I think!

      • And then there is the weather… Might as well wait for the Jet Stream to move along and then it will be easier to plan days out.

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