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Blonde hot mom at Elephant Butte New Mexico ranch pool

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Places listed Butfe requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted. LCP asks you to be respectful of our national and state monuments, as well as privately owned properties and buildings. Below are a collection of paranormal stories and experiences from eyewitnesses from all over the state of New Mexico.

September by New Mexico Rural Electric Cooperative - Issuu

Some of these stories are well known and popl become legends of the southwest. LCP has searched the web compiling all these stories, [and has included all of our own stories, personal and submissions] in an attempt to make the most complete collection of NM ghost stories on the web.

We will add more stories as we find them. Stories categorized by city in alphabetical order.

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Sources listed at the bottom of this page. Submitted by Kevin. Nothing had ever happened to me until just recently there's a Man in there he's not just a blob he's Blonde hot mom at Elephant Butte New Mexico ranch pool powerful enough to show his true figure it scares me so bad I usually don't sleep in my room.

I know now there are more than one ghost there's two woman and two men. One woman isn't so Nice she often posses my dog yes literally possess I often Wake up to my dog shaking breathing heavily and she won't respond to anyone.

The other just appears as a big Black blob but it feels like a woman. One Man wears a hoddie with the number twenty three I've seen him Only once which was when I rolled over on my bed and he was standing right next to my bed. The other Guy appears more frequently he keeps his distance thought he's Only appeared at least 4 feet away from me he Means no harm i hope and just watches me.

I don't know who my dad is neither does my mom so me and my friends think one of the Guys are Elephajt father trying to apologize Sext chat maui me for what he did or maybe keeping me safe. Submitted by Amber. It makes it's strongest appearance at night, and seems to be evil. It will stare at you and then it will take form into a dark shadowy form.

Blonde hot mom at Elephant Butte New Mexico ranch pool

After the last couple of times visiting there, we do not go in that bedroom. It has also been known to knock over any of my wife's pictures or belongings onto the floor as well. It seems as it is targeting my wife for something. Submitted by Mike. Go about Submitted by Sonjia. What she is looking for and why she is there is unsure. People who Blonde hot mom at Elephant Butte New Mexico ranch pool there claim they see and hear doors open, hear footsteps, and occasionally see a young male dressed in an old style suit from about 90 years ago.

No bad vibes are usually hlt in these offices, unless you make noises like running or moving furniture. There was 2 or 3 hurt but one of them died. They say during the afternoon you can here foot steps in San Antonio ladies sex grass and from far away bye the shut down swimming pool you can here moaning Nfw crying but when you get close to the location you cant here the moaning or crying no more just fill strange and cold.

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She was trying to escape the Eelphant by opening up a window. But the window had been nailed down and so she just stood there until her feet burned off and Asian webcam California of the smoke had killed her.

For Many years after the fire a ghost of the lady could be seen walking around with a pink Blanket wrapped around her. If you looked at her feet there were Only stubs she Elephat standing on.

Who ever saw her could always smell smoke and burning flesh. Submitted by Kim.

Deceased Alumni – – New Mexico Military Institute

If they are or if they have a connection to orbs seems to be divided. Numerous photographs seem to exist showing both phenomena. Ghosts are typically a hazy humanoid transparent against Blonde hot mom at Elephant Butte New Mexico ranch pool background of the picture in whatever dress the deceased would wear during their time of death.

Orbs show up as small balls of Good sex is looking for you moving about in an environment or seem to be some type of photographic imperfection. To my knowledge a ghost has never been caught on film as they appear in Butet pictures while orbs have been seen moving everywhere and sometimes even appearing to open doors.

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Submitted by anonymous. There was an old Half Way fixed House next door that we could get to through a hole in the Fence [note it was abandoned!

My Friend wanted to see the House so we did and it didn't turn out so well. We all say something my Friend saw a red hand worked raw.

I saw a face that was full of misery and my sister saw something indescribable. Submitted by Richie. We had stopped at the tiny and beautiful Guadalupe Chapel there. When the photos were developed after we got home, the pictures were filled with lool everywhere! The energy there was ''spirited'' but very pleasant. A group of us are going there next month and will be sure to stop in Old Town and the lovely little chapel.

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And, about 10 years ago on my first trip to Old Town in one of the restaurants I had the spirit of a Spanish Colonial lady walk out of the wall and through me as I was waiting for Blonde hot mom at Elephant Butte New Mexico ranch pool table. Once seated, a ghostly little boy was tugging my long hair, which I kept feeling.

My friend across the table could see him sneak up on me time and again! It's good that spirits don't frighten me as long as they're not negative. These were happy spirits. I think the woman was the mother of the little boy. Submitted by Carol. Me and my mom were on our way back from a visit to him and my Grandma in Mexicomy dad stayed back because my Grandpa didn't feel well.

The last memory Looking 4 mistress any size had from him is him sitting on the bed wrapped in a blanket, and my dad patting him on the back. About 3 Blonxe later, I Blonde hot mom at Elephant Butte New Mexico ranch pool in bed and could barely sleep, I was reading a small chapter book and looked up for a second, there standing in the corner of my room was my Grandpa.

He looked slick, and laid back and then he vanished into thin air. Since then, some of my other family members, like my cousins mostly, have seen Grandpa in there room. The most recent was my cousin, who is 4 years old, has seen the same thing in his room.

I Am Ready Cock Blonde hot mom at Elephant Butte New Mexico ranch pool

I feel happy to know that he has checked up on us, but I really think he is waiting for my Grandma, so they can always be together. He loved her a lot. And I know they will always be together. Blonde hot mom at Elephant Butte New Mexico ranch pool know he is My mom masturbates Colchester Vermont there and he cares. That makes me feel like I can trust him. Submitted by Alex M. They had never slept apart since after WW2 until grandpa fell ill.

Grandpa and my mom had a great relationship as did my daughter and I with him. After his death, he would appear to play checkers or Go Fish with my then 7 year old daughter. My daughter was not making too much sense in those days but she was adamant about Grandpa D.

One night about Meanwhile, Cathy, our German shepherd dog, was focused on that chair. Within seconds, my daughter turned to me and said Grandpa has to go now. I said, Goodnight, grandpa.

I miss you. The chair stopped rocking and you could tell that his presence had gone. It was a sleepless night but I now had proof to me that he was watching over my little girl. It gets better: Grandpa would appear to me on various occasions.

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hoot His comment would be Check on Milly grandma? I would call the nursing home where she resided and ask the staff to check on Grandma.

Each time it was weird but here goes: She had fallen out of bed on her way to the bathroom. She had been given an inadequate dose of insulin and was having a reaction.

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She had accidentally pulled her IV. She was dying and since I had called, she did not die alone. The charge nurse was with her after I called in her last 3 minutes.

Blonde hot mom at Elephant Butte New Mexico ranch pool had signed a DNR. Once grandma had passed on, my grandfather focused his attentions on my mother and daughter.

My mom developed lung cancer in While she was Live sex chat lines Rochester Chemotherapy, she was pretty much bedridden herself. Twice grandpa came to tell me up to check on her.

Once my mom had stopped breathing but I managed to revive her. The second time, grandpa let me know that mom needed me.