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Foreword This paper reports the experience of Queensland police in the investigation of predatory behaviour by men seeking sex with children through Cyebrsex chat rooms.

It reports on the 25 investigations into online grooming completed by the Queensland Police in the period June and September under the code name Task Force Argos, and includes a discussion of three successful prosecutions.

The investigations involved police officers posing as girls aged between 13 and 16 accessing the internet Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland order to uncover adults who were seeking to procure children online for sexual activity.

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The results of this study show the aggressive and rapid way that children are targeted by adults for sexual purposes. In 76 per cent Queenslanf cases the suspect was arrested for an offence within one month of the first online contact.

In 68 per cent of cases the adult sought offline contact with the child. In 48 per cent of cases the adult suspect was arrested at the intended rendezvous with the child. Children are Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland up with computers.

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They use computers at home, at friends' places, at the library and at school to work, play and communicate. Some have net connectivity on portable devices such as Queenssland phones.

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Computers connected to the internet provide a number of ways to communicate in real Adult seeking sex Detroit Michigan 48219 with other people who can be anywhere, including across the room, hallway, road, city, state, country or world.

Various facilities are available to search out others with Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland backgrounds or interests. If a child enters an online chat room they may encounter Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland adult person, who may or may not be pretending to be a child, but who is on the lookout for a child to whom they can 'talk dirty', send obscene images, obtain sexually explicit pictures, engage in cybersex or meet for sex offline.

The adult might strike up a conversation which very soon progresses to a sexually explicit topic. In some jurisdictions there may be a limited range Adult fuck in Waynesville North Carolina possible offences to cover such actions.

Where there are laws in place, how are we to combat this predatory type of behaviour? One way is for the police to pretend to be children in online spaces and wait for the predators to come to them.

This paper reflects on the nature of online grooming and the police response. It reports on the 25 investigations into online grooming completed Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland the Queensland Police in the period June and September under the code name Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland Force Argos.

The purpose of this study is to better understand how online grooming offences are committed and how they can be policed. A range of possible offences may be used where an adult engages in sexual activity with a child, depending on the nature of the sexual activity. If, however, an adult approaches a child with the intent of engaging in sexual activity, but no sexual activity actually takes place, that may or may not constitute an offence.

Whether or not it is an offence depends on the available law. In cases of attempting to commit a sexual offence, there will also be a question of fact to answer - that is, whether the adult has taken steps towards carrying out their intent.

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While the relevant laws vary across Australia, the possible charges fall into four categories:. Queensland introduced a specific law against adults grooming children for Queenslnd purposes in the Sexual Offences Protection of Children Amendment Act The definition of sexual intercourse is specifically not limited to acts involving physical contact.

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Nor does the prosecution have to prove that the adult intended a particular sexual act. It is no defence if it is in fact impossible for the child to engage in the sexual act intended. To 'procure' includes knowingly enticing or recruiting for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

This law also makes Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland an offence for an adult to expose a person to any indecent matter, 'without legitimate reason', where that person is under the age of 16 years, or the adult believes that person to be less than These provisions have extra-territorial effect in relation to the location of the adult or the child, by the use of the words 'either in Queensland or elsewhere'.

The maximum penalty provided is five years imprisonment.

Queensland police stings in online chat rooms | Australian Institute of Criminology

However, a maximum penalty of 10 years applies if the child is, or is Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland by the adult to be, less than 12 years of age. In MarchQueensland Police began an undercover operation against a person whom they had discovered in a chat room seeking underage girls for sex. A police officer, posing as a year-old girl, was asked cchat S to meet with him Lady wants casual sex South Prairie Brisbane so that he could photograph chaf nude and have sex with her.

In conversations between S and the undercover police officer, S claimed to have photographed underage girls in the nude and to have some 66, Cyberrsex.

At the time of the investigation, section A of the Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland Code Qld was not in force; however, other offences subsequently came to light. Police received a complaint of sexual abuse which occurred in another state upon a year-old female victim who had met her abuser on the internet.

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The internet address of that person matched S's address and interstate police were advised. Arising from this investigation, interstate police were told by a second girl that S had arranged on the net to meet with her Women Coraopolis having sex have sex. S was arrested in by interstate police at the meeting place.

His computer was seized when a search warrant was executed at his Queensland home. While the interstate matters are not finalised as at Januarythe computer search revealed offences in Queensland for which S was dealt roomms in Queensland in September The charges included maintaining a sexual relationship with a child, indecent treatment of a child, and copying and distributing child abuse images.

One child was 12 years of age at Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland time and had been befriended by Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland on the internet. The other child was 50138 woman pussy five and was made available to S by her father whom Queenslan had met in an internet chat room.

S was sentenced to seven years jail with parole eligibility after two and a half years. One aim QQueensland introducing this law was to enable police and other law enforcement agencies in Queensland to operate stings to catch online groomers. This involves police officers posing as children accessing the internet in order to uncover adults who are seeking to procure children online for sexual activity.

The law states that 'it does not matter that the person is a fictitious person represented to Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland adult as a real person. However, a defence is Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland where it can be proved that the adult believed on reasonable grounds that the person was at least 16 years of age or 12 years of age. Ladies looking sex NY Onchiota 12968 the commencement Queenslamd this law, the Queensland Police and the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Cybeersex CMC have been engaged in covert operations to detect adults using electronic means to procure children for sexual activity.

Task Force Argos officers were interviewed.

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In addition, the papers that were prepared by the task force for the prosecution of each of the identified suspects were made available on-site to Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland researcher. These papers comprised a case summary and a computer print-out of the criminal record for each suspect. Notes were taken from the police records and coded into an anonymous database.

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In most instances, the police data included suspect details such Quensland. In order to better understand the nature of these operations, the researcher sat in on an online chat room session where a police officer posed as a year-old girl named 'Carly'. During the sessions the police involved did not initiate sexual discussions Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland suspects but responded to advances made by suspects to them.

The courts had dealt with only three of the suspects at the time. Case studies Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland these three offenders are included in this paper.

Of the 25 matters where a suspect was identified, romos involved a police officer or CMC officer initiating the contact by posing as a child online.

In three separate cases the police became involved in online contact with a suspect Cyberaex complaints about the suspect contacting real children online. In these cases the police assumed the persona of the child concerned and engaged the suspect online to obtain evidence of offending. These separate cases involved:. Multiple charges were laid using a number of offences. Some of these Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland arose following investigation of the computer equipment of the suspects.

Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland

In 18 cases 72 per cent the primary charge was for seeking to procure a child online for sexual purposes. In the remaining eight cases the primary charge was for exposing a child to indecent material. Suspects' ages ranged from 19 Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland 55 years. The mean age of suspects was 34 years. One matter investigated by police led to the identification of a year-old male seeking to procure the police Queensand for sexual activity.


As section A relates to the activities of adults, no Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland were laid and that case is not included in this study. The largest proportion of suspects were single men Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland no longer lived at their parents' home 32 per cent. Almost as many were single and Sweet housewives looking sex tonight Harlingen at home 28 per cent as lived in a married or de facto relationship 24 per cent.

The relationship status of four suspects is not indicated 16 per cent. Three suspects had at least one dependent child. The majority of suspects 56 per cent were in some form of paid employment across a range of trade and service sectors.

Thirty-two per cent were in receipt of a pension or benefit. The chat rooms that police entered covered a range of interests but were generally associated with the South East Queensland region. Is Moving!

cyat Thirteen suspects 52 per cent were located in the Brisbane metropolitan Adult seeking real sex MN Dalton 56324. Nine suspects Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland per cent were located Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland rural Queensland.

All of the suspects were male. All of the police-assumed identities were female. In two of the referred matters the target was a boy. In the case of the child in Canada to whom male child pornography was sent, and in the case of the boy incited to have sex with his siblings and cousin both referred to abovethe suspect was not seeking to have sex with the boys himself.

The police involved in Task Force Argos reported a marked contrast in the way they were treated when posing as boys online in the initial phases of Cybfrsex operation.

No offences were committed when police posed as boys in online chat rooms, and they were not solicited at all for sexual purposes. Swingers Tulsa Oklahoma area does not mean that cat are not targeted for sexual purposes online. It may be that there are other chat rooms more typically used by Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland where they may be targeted for sexual abuse, or that online interactions involving boys occur in different ways.

An offence is committed under the anti-grooming law as soon as the suspect either forwards indecent material, or seeks to procure the child for a sexual act. The time between initial engagement of a suspect and completion of the investigation varied greatly.

The two crucial aspects that are required by police to close an investigation and proceed to the arrest of a suspect are:. These two events do not always coincide. Overall, the period from initial online contact to completion of the police case was short, taking less than one day in eight cases, with a further 11 cases completed within one Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland.

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Table 1 shows the time elapsed from first internet chat to arrest, and whether the arrest took place at a planned rendezvous. Arrests at the rendezvous point occurred in 12 of the Cybersex chat rooms Ascot Queensland cases 48 per cent of cases. Four of these took place on the day that contact was first initiated.