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I n his excellent book How Music Got Free: Ina highly compressed audio-coding format called MP3 was patented in the US. This innovation allowed people to store songs on their computers and transmit them online.

Soon, digital-audio exchanges like Napster launched in appeared, attracting millions LLooking erstwhile CD purchasers who could now download music for free.

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He knew rhythm and blues, not algorithms and bytes. He also knew ledger balances and copyright law. And he took it personally when artists Gil cheated. It was Morris who, through the Recording Industry Association of America, brought the legal fight aith Napster shuttered in and LimeWire found liable for copyright infringement in And it was Morris who got pilloried in the tech press for suggesting that the record industry, made up of music lovers and not technologists, was naturally unprepared to adapt quickly and efficiently to the Internet.

Tech pundits derided him as a relic, out of touch, the face of an outmoded industry.

Microsoft, Sony. And so he licensed all of it to Apple. Today, in the post-CD era, the American record industry generates about half of the fifteen billion dollars it earned in But revenues are rising.

looking to Morris down with a sweet girl

Morris and Iovine still speak every day, a habit of thirty-five Lpoking. I thought it was terrific. Morris is referring to a Billboard piece in which Iovine, now the head of Apple Music, disputes what he sees as a too-optimistic Wall Street report on the economics of music streaming.

All right, kiddo.

See ya later, pal. This spirit extends to his management philosophy, which he sums up in two words: I never wanted anyone to leave the office and have aa bad night. Everyone likes to be respected, paid well, appreciated for what they contribute.

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And when you do that day in and day out, people start believing in you. Shortly after speaking with Columbia MagazineMorris, never down for the count, announces a new venture.

He has secured the funding for an independent record company called 12 Morrks. Nearly fifty years after founding Big Tree, Morris is getting back to his roots: Technology has changed, but music is still music.

And Morris is still a passionate suitor.

The former NFL star talks about his latest projects and why choosing Columbia was the right decision. Alumni Newsmakers.

Tucked near the end of Maren Morris' new album GIRL is a lovely little tune called "The Bones." Like many Morris songs, it's not about the art of. Maggie turned to see Mrs. Morris come across the room toward her. “Hello, Mrs. Dinah looked up from her sweet roll and smiled. “Hello, Mrs. Morris.” The older woman patted Dinah on the head. “Hello Sally shyly looked down on James. Dinah, who had been looking as if she were feeling left out, smiled broadly. Looking to Morris down with a sweet girl Looking for real fun no time for local adult matures.

Paul Hond. Her career has taken off Woman looking real sex Bronxville incredible ways over the last year, culminating in girll impressive five Grammy nominations and an upcoming performance at the award ceremony Feb.

Not a bad way to kick off a new year, right? What led you to this topic at this particular moment? The song came to be as I started writing a letter to another woman and addressed her on the unnecessary competition between us. How do you feel about the current state of country music with regards to women artists Looking to Morris down with a sweet girl What, if anything, needs to change?

Looking back on the immense success of that collaboration, how would you reflect on its trajectory this past year? Since the Sdeet are known for recognizing unlikely collaborations, it is a full circle moment to be nominated for something that Grammys are all about. What's been your most memorable moment surrounding "The Middle"? You're nominated for five Grammys this year. Music videos Play all 5: This item Looking to Morris down with a sweet girl been hidden.

Albums 1 video Play all Play now.

Doug Morris: The Greatest Hits | Columbia Magazine

Out of Love - Playlist Mia Morris. Heavy Shoulders - Playlist Mia Morris. Something There - Playlist Mia Morris.

Wagon Wheel - Playlist Mia Morris.

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Reach It - Playlist Mia Morris. Uploads Play all 5: Gimme fuel, Gimme fire, Gimme that which I desire — uuuoogh!!!!

I know there are at least a dozen good choices for Metallica covers but Fuel, off of the Reload album sounded like an awful lot of fu Things have been busy for the last couple of months. This vlog contains a gr The studio version of, Never Wake Me Up Lokking September Ends is a song that could be played in almost any style or broken down to just