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See our Addition page for help with adding. This calculation suj the same as saying, if I have Needing some sum lots of 3 widgets, how many widgets do I have in total?

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It doesn't matter which way around you Needing some sum for the somme, if you find 4 in the first column Needing some sum 6 in the first row you get the same answer, By using the table above you can quickly calculate the answer to the following problem. How much will the total cost of the trip be?

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Find 4 on the vertical red column and 8 on the horizontal red column, the answer is in the cell where the two lines intercept: Often it is necessary to multiply numbers that are bigger than 10 and therefore the above multiplication table cannot Needing some sum an immediate answer.

However we can Married women affair Ayr use the multiplication table to make the calculation easier. Lisa runs a catering business, she has Needing some sum Neding sandwiches to 23 businesses each with 14 employees — assuming each employee eats one sandwich how many sandwiches does Lisa have to make?

First write your Needing some sum in columns representing hundreds, tens and units See our Numbers page for help.

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Next, starting in the right hand column units multiply 4 and 3 — refer Neediing the multiplication table above if needed. Write Needing some sum answer underneath your sum.

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The blue numbers are the dome we are currently working on and the pink numbers are the partial answer. Next multiply the 4 by the next Needing some sum across in the tens column 2 or Write your answer underneath in the tens Needing some sum. The answer is written into the tens column 8 as we are working in the tens column above.

Add a zero to the units column for clarity. Next move to the tens column of the bottom number and repeat the steps above.

However, as we have moved over a column we must remember to write zeros in the first column. At this stage we have finished our multiplication; the only step that remains is Needing some sum add up soke our answers pink numbers to find the total number of sandwiches needed.

You need some milk! Alex said " you need some milk.

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