Wednesday Wants: Liberty and Marc by Marc Jacobs collaboration

Oooooh….Marc by Marc Jacobs has joined forces with Liberty for the first time in an exclusive collaboration, which launches this very week! The exclusive collection features classic designs in two vintage Liberty prints, including a tote bag, tablet case, backpack and cosmetics case.

Two classic ditsy floral prints have been selected from the Liberty archive of over 40,000 prints to work alongside irreverent Marc Jacobs hallmarks….The Emma and Georgina print is a zesty green and pink mix of two tiny dense floral designs, inspired by Liberty’s large collection of Victorian pattern books. Emma was first produced on Tana Lawn in the 1970s and Georgina was launched in 2000. And the purpley-pink Wiltshire was actually designed in 1933 and has been on classic Tana Lawn fabric since 1979.

The collection is super cute, fun and practical….here are my favourites….

Emma and Georgina Liberty Print Pretty Nylon Tablet Case, £60.00

Clashing prints of Emma & Georgina (main body) and Wiltshire (trims), this tablet case has a plush interior and a nice zip closure. It’s 110% nylon too, so about as practical as you can get for something this pretty.

Wiltshire Liberty Print Pretty Nylon Backpack, £160

A fun new take on the classic Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack, this cute number combines the Standard Supply design with contrasting classic Liberty prints. It features the chunky logo plaque, two side pockets, big contrasting top handles and adjustable shoulder straps. And everyone needs a pretty rucksack.

With its all-over stitched oversized logo and boxy shape, I think this is a really sweet little carry-all. The lining is printed too (a must for makeup bags as they realistically don’t stay makeup free for long!) and in the nylon again is a really practical little piece.
Ems x

Blog Every Day in May

I’ve been feeling for a while now that my blog has been a little lacking. I suppose I’m in a bit of a rut with it, as I’ve not really been giving it much of my time, so I’m just posting my regular weekly ‘standards’ and not much else. There’s loads I want to blog about, but I never quite pull my finger out to do it, so I’m very glad to have been given a little push….

I have long since loved the wonderful Rosalilium blog, hosted by the gorgeous Elizabeth. We have stacks in common and I really enjoy her writing. So, when Elizabeth announced she’d be hosting a blog-every-day-challenge for May, I thought that was just the perfect thing to get me back into the swing of things!

Blog Every Day in May  is just what you’d expect from the name….Elizabeth challenges fellow bloggers to post every day for the entire month of May, and has thoughtfully come up with a new topic for every one. It’s super easy to sign up on her blog and then you can just download the scheduled topics from her special Google calendar. I love the idea that the project will build a little community as we all encourage each other and get to know each other through our posts. My fiance Adam is also taking part on his blog, and I look forward to finding lots of new blogs to delve into too!

So, why not take on the challenge yourself?

Ems x




Following me on Bloglovin’


So I’m guessing that most of you have already heard the news about Google Reader….more organised bloggers than me have thoughtfully shared the news that the service will be closing down in July, giving their readers plenty of time to find a new way to keep up with their posts.

I’m afraid I’ve never really used Reader, so I can’t share any wisdom on that subject, but what I can say is that the alternative service, Bloglovin’, is just brilliant. It’s what I’ve always used to keep up with my favourite sites, and you can follow my blog on their too. I find it very easy to find blogs, follow them, and keep up to date with them using Bloglovin’, so I’d definitely recommend it to you if you’re needing to switch.

You can follow my on Bloglovin’ by clicking on the button on the right hand side of my site (it looks like the picture at the top of this post). There is an option to transfer all of the blogs you already follow on Google Reader, which should make the switch pretty painless….and then you can enjoy your daily email from Bloglovin’ telling you about all the freshly published posts you like.

Ems x

Some pretty big news….

So…… I got engaged!



Me, my ring, a milkshake manicure and a big smile!


Adam asked me just over a week ago, and we’ve spent the time since telling family and close friends, in person where possible.

We hopped into town on Saturday to shop for the ring in Hatton Garden, and found the perfect one, in the only shop we went into….. it was rather different than all the others, with a window jammed full of mis-matching, jumbled up antique pieces of all kinds.



My very sparkly ring!


I tried on LOTS, all very different (including ones with opals, peridot, and in Art Deco, Victorian and Georgian designs) but there was no real competition…. My 1950s diamond cluster ring is just the most sparkly and wonderful ring in the world, and I picked it up today after they altered it from a size S down to my tiny size H!



I so prefer antique rings….they are always so pretty even from the side!


So now I can wear my ring proudly, there’s no stopping us from telling all and sundry! We’re not sure when we’ll actually tie the knot, but it’s likely to be next year some time…..we don’t want to leave it too long (too excited!) but we also want to be able to plan the most wonderful celebration!

I’m obviously in my element now….. I’m exceptionally excitable about weddings, even for a professional wedding planner, and we’re already well on our way to deciding what we want from our big day!

I don’t expect this to become a totally wedding-saturated blog, but I will warn you now that there will be plenty of planning and craft project posts coming up over the next year as a result of my news!….so apologies in advance as I’m likely to get even more over-excited!

Ems x

Guest Post: Wednesday Wants with Country Mouse Claire


My name is Claire, and I blog all about my life, loves, and adventures at Country Mouse Claire. Being a teacher of some hilarious little boys, a lover of all things shiny and entertaining, and one of the silliest people in Christendom, there’s always something to share!

Emily and I have been friends for years, and I’m a big fan of Under a Glass Sky…so naturally I was thrilled when she invited me to compose a ‘Wednesday Wants’ for whilst she’s moving to her fab new pad. And when you talk to a teacher about desired items in September, one thing dominates….


Source: via Claire on Pinterest

I adore Erin Condren’s range of stationery – it is so jolly and fun! I have her 2012 diary already and I love it: it has tabs for easy navigation, monthly and weekly grids, matching notepads, stickers (!!!)…. It’s pretty much divine. I’m already plotting my 2013 diary – I think this one, with pictures of Matthew and I, good friends, family, and the cats would brighten up an organising session!

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

I like to have a fun calendar in my form room – I think this is the front runner!

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

At this point in the year I also like to start getting excited about Christmas (I know, I know, it’s early. But I like to be the early bird!). I usually buy and handwrite our cards, but I love the photocards that pour in each season too. I love this Erin Condren design – perhaps our Christmas missives this year will be kitty-tacular!

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

I love writing pieces about London, and have been thinking for ages that I’d like to have a notebook for making notes about posts! Isn’t this Paperchase one adorable, and perfect for purpose?

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

I love the feel of writing in a fountain pen, and have long been a devotee of Parkers! I lost my last one a few years back and have been on the hunt for a replacement…I think this may be the badger!

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

And lastly, the prerequisite “very pretty thing I adore but could never truly afford to splurge on”. As gorgeous as these Smythson cards are, at the rate I write thank you notes and letters, I’d fast go bankrupt. So I shan’t stump up the £50 for these beauties….but I will sigh longingly in their general direction!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a few of my current favourites. What stationery has recently caught your eye?

Many thanks for having me, Ems!

Friday good deeds… Crafty ‘Pay it Forward’

It’s Friiiiiiidaaaaay!!! And because it’s nice to do a good deed on a Friday…….

I read earlier this week about a fabby fun project on the wonderful Matin Lapin blog, and I knew I had to join in. Not only would joining in mean that the brilliant Vixie of said blog will make something for me (squee!) but it means I get to make some pretty things for my readers too! Sounds cool huh?!

This is how it works:

I will send a surprise gift to the first three commenters on this post. The gift will be handmade by me, and a total surprise (I don’t even know what it will be yet!). I will then post it to you sometime in the next few weeks. All you need to do in return is the following:

  • Leave me a comment, including your email address so that I can get in touch with you about your mailing address and some other information about you too.
  • To complete signing up, you must play along too by blogging a similar post and pledging to make a surprise for the first 3 people who comment on it.

So, who wants to play?! Comment quick below to get involved!

I’m so excited about sending post and getting post, and making and stuff! I’ll be sure to blog about my surprise when it arrives from Vixie, as well as what I end up making to send out too!

*scuttles off to plan surprises to make*

Ems x

Under A Glass Sky on Country Mouse Claire’s ‘I Love Your Blog’

I’m delighted that today Under A Glass Sky has been featured on the lovely Country Mouse Claire’s blog!

Claire writes all about living in London, being a fabulous teacher, her super cute kittens and other adventures.

Claire is also writing a regular post called ‘I Love Your Blog’ to showcase blogs that she loves to follow….and that’s where I come in! Having answered a few interview type questions about how I started blogging, my favourite bits and things, Claire has today featured my responses, and you can read them now here!

It was lovely to be asked and to be included in this…and I thought you might like to learn a little bit more about me and my blogging, so do go and check it out!

Ems x

When we met the Domestic Sluttery, er, Sluts….

Just a quick post to say thank you to the lovely ladies of Domestic Sluttery who hosted a splendid cocktail evening yesterday. I took the boyf, and fellow Domestic Sluttery fan Siobhan along to the lush Malmaison in Clerkenwell. There we met pretty Sian (who I’d actually met a few weeks ago when she spoke at the LoBlography event) and pretty Frances, amongst other Sluttery readers, and drank lots of cocktails in the plush Champagne bar.

We started (and finished) with yummy Sex on the Beach cocktails, for which we decided on a collective noun of ‘An Orgy’. After that I tried out the Apple Martini and the Peach Bellini, both of which were super, and served by our very own fabulous barman to boot. Seeking something more manly, Adam did venture to the main bar downstairs, where he chatted about very special rums and sampled a rather lush Old Fashioned made from rum.

It was a lovely way to spend the evening….trying out a new bar, meeting new folk, and just chatting about nothing in particular. I’m afraid I was far too busy chatting though to take any photos to share here, but Adam did get all snap happy with Sian’s camera for a while so no doubt there will be some to see on their site soon. But because I don’t like to post without a pretty picture, here’s one of the dress I wore (actually the first vintage dress I ever bought….I’ve had it nearly 15 years!) and how I painted my nails to match….!

Ems x

Happy Blogiversary!

Party balloons, taken by me with my Diana in 120mm film

This month, my little blog is a whole year old! It feels like forever ago since I published my first post as ‘Pretty Pretentious’, and nearly as long since I changed the name to ‘Under A Glass Sky’ and stepped things up to post more regularly.

It’s been a wonderful experience though, and I’m looking forward to continuing to develop my little space on the internet…… I would be delighted to hear any ideas and thoughts you all have on what I should be posting more (or less!) of…… This certainly started out as a way to record some of the memories I’d like to make sure I don’t forget, but with some regular followers now I am also keen to keep you happy!

To celebrate I thought I’d share some of my favourite posts (just click on the images below)….. and most importantly, to thank you I would like to offer a 10% discount on all items in my Etsy shop for anyone who follows my blog!….. Just sign up on the top right of the home page if you haven’t already, add my Etsy shop to your favourites, and then comment here with your email address so I can give you the discount code to apply at checkout (it will last until the end of the month). Hope you enjoy!

Ems x

About to turn 30

Crazy for Bubble Tea

The Diamond Jubilee

Made with Love…. Chicken Tikka Biryani

I want to be Jess Day

Grayson Perry: Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman

Wednesday Wants…. Mulberry Del Rey

Been busy crafting…. sorry for neglecting you blog!

So I feel I’ve been neglecting my blog a little of late….. there are loads of things I want to post about but haven’t had chance, and I’ve only just managed to post my ‘Something From The Weekend’ for this week, which I usually do on a Monday. I’ve not even started this week’s ‘Wednesday Wants’.

Still, I’m not really being lazy. I’ve been so busy making things for my Folksy shop and craft fairs…. I have another coming up this Saturday so I spent yesterday putting together some new pieces…..

Pretty pastel flower rings

Silver glitter star rings

Victorian key and smei precious stones on a long vintage chain

Glass cherries and lucky eye on vintage gold chain

Glass eye bead bracelets

Wooden religious charm, glass bead and stone fragment silver necklace

Porcelain doll's leg and wooden chess piece on chunky gold necklace

Vintage watch parts with moving pieces on delicate silver bracelet

Porcelain doll's arm, blue stone and Victorian key on vintage silver necklace

Victorian key, wooden dice and polished stone on chunky silver vintage bracelet

Gold watch parts charm bracelet

Wooden religious charm, turquoise bead and silver feather silver necklace

Silver chain with polished stone, silver key and vintage watch face

(More on the Facebook page here…)

I’m really looking forward to the market on Saturday…. it would be great if some of you can come along! Here are the details….. hope to see you there!

Ems x