British Pie Week, and my regular Friday Pie-day!

I never needed an excuse to eat pie. I’ve loved pie since very young, and I have fond memories of burning my tongue on scalding hot pie filling erupting from freshly made Wrights Pies (a delicacy of my native Stoke on Trent!). My all time favourite dish my Mummy cooks is her incredible mince meat pie and onion gravy….one day I will perfect it!

But in case unlike me you need an excuse, or perhaps the humble pie isn’t something you often opt for (I won’t hold it against you, promise), you may be interested to hear that we are currently in the middle of British Pie Week! Conceived to share the pie love, promote this wonderful British dish and to show people new and wonderful recipes, Pie Week is a perfect time to indulge in something yummy and pastry-encrusted!

Now we have a bit of a tradition in our house…..Friday Pie-day! Whilst we sometimes swap out for Fish Friday, we very often like to scoff a home made pie on a Friday….a sort of ‘you made it through the week!’ treat, and a way to use up whatever ingredients we may have languishing at the back of the fridge to boot!

For me, pie is best served with a creamy mash, but gravy is an absolute MUST (another Potteries, or perhaps Midlands thing I think!). But beyond that, anything goes in my book! I often use up the end of a ham in a pie with cheese sauce and leeks….I adore a fish pie….and anything with a mashed potato topping is a grand idea as far as I’m concerned (cottage pie and shepherds pie feature heavily).

We’ve recently taken up a new organic vegetable box subscription though, from nearby St Helen’s Farm in Tadcaster, and so this week I’ve had some squash that I need to use up. I visited Fodder in Harrogate yesterday and came away with a log of Yellison Goats Cheese which is also made nearby in Skipton. So along with some other things I needed to use up, I made up a tasty pie filling in a rich tomato-based sauce.

It always feels quite rewarding to home-make a pie, but it’s really the easiest thing. I like making pies when we have guests as I can pre-prepare the filling, then clean up before finishing them off in the oven once our guests arrive.

For this pie I simply peeled and cubed the squash, and roasted it in the oven until soft. Then I fried up some onion and garlic, followed by sliced fennel and spring greens. Oh and some chick peas left over from a salad earlier in the week. Next I added a tin of chopped tomatoes (the fresh ones we got in our box are long gone!) to the whole lot, seasoned well and reduced slightly before spooning into pie dishes, crumbling in some of the cheese and topping with puff pastry. Lush!

Ems x


Wednesday Wants: Liberty and Marc by Marc Jacobs collaboration

Oooooh….Marc by Marc Jacobs has joined forces with Liberty for the first time in an exclusive collaboration, which launches this very week! The exclusive collection features classic designs in two vintage Liberty prints, including a tote bag, tablet case, backpack and cosmetics case.

Two classic ditsy floral prints have been selected from the Liberty archive of over 40,000 prints to work alongside irreverent Marc Jacobs hallmarks….The Emma and Georgina print is a zesty green and pink mix of two tiny dense floral designs, inspired by Liberty’s large collection of Victorian pattern books. Emma was first produced on Tana Lawn in the 1970s and Georgina was launched in 2000. And the purpley-pink Wiltshire was actually designed in 1933 and has been on classic Tana Lawn fabric since 1979.

The collection is super cute, fun and practical….here are my favourites….

Emma and Georgina Liberty Print Pretty Nylon Tablet Case, £60.00

Clashing prints of Emma & Georgina (main body) and Wiltshire (trims), this tablet case has a plush interior and a nice zip closure. It’s 110% nylon too, so about as practical as you can get for something this pretty.

Wiltshire Liberty Print Pretty Nylon Backpack, £160

A fun new take on the classic Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack, this cute number combines the Standard Supply design with contrasting classic Liberty prints. It features the chunky logo plaque, two side pockets, big contrasting top handles and adjustable shoulder straps. And everyone needs a pretty rucksack.

With its all-over stitched oversized logo and boxy shape, I think this is a really sweet little carry-all. The lining is printed too (a must for makeup bags as they realistically don’t stay makeup free for long!) and in the nylon again is a really practical little piece.
Ems x

Blog Every Day in May: Favourite Tradition

Whilst I struggled to think about any traditions that I keep of my own, once I started thinking about all the traditions that I *like* I worked up quite a list!

So, here are my favourite (and although not intentionally, rather British!) traditions…..

Morris Men….what could be more jolly and British?! The bells, the flowery crowns, the costumes and the silliness!


I am very proud to say I’ve met a good few lovely Pearly Kings and Queens…what a wonderful London tradition….anything that involves buttons and bling has my vote!


I remember seeing my first ever Chelsea Pensioner, and was delighted to get to chat to some whilst living in London too.


I only recently learned about High Sheriffs, and when I got a thank you letter from our Hertfordshire High Sheriff to thank me for an event of mine she came to, I was incredibly excited!


I love that I live in a town with a Town Crier….such a brilliant tradition.

May Poles and May Queens…colourful ribbons, pretty dresses and prancing about on a Bank Holiday…just wonderful!

Scarecrow Festivals are just the most silly thing, but so wonderfully creative and fun!

Did I miss anything? There must be other such fun and British traditions!

Ems x

Wednesday Wants…. Mary Katrantzou clutches

I remember hearing the name Mary Katrantzou for the first time, many fashion weeks ago (and wondering how the devil to pronounce it, or spell it!), and I remember thinking ‘here’s something fresh’. Ever since, I’ve paired the name with fun, original and quirky prints, as well as awesome colours and shapes. So, when I heard that the Central Saint Martins graduate had launched a range of clutch bags based on those same fantastic digital prints, I was desperate to see them.

I’ve not been disappointed either…in fact I want them all. No surprise I know, but just look at these beauties…..



Sorbonne printed leather pouch, £490, NET-A-PORTER

I love me some vintage stamps with birds on. I have stacks of them stashed in my studio, and love making jewellery out of them. So it’s no wonder I’m in love with this vibrant ‘Sorbonne’ print, and would happily carry by stuffs and things about in it.


I adore this blue print, another postage stamp design printed onto the gorgeous ‘Kathmandu’ pounch. I also love the soft leather and the ‘shove it all in’ size, which would will easily hold an iPad, small laptop, and all your other bits and bobs.


Pound printed leather pouch, £490, NET-A-PORTER

This one has to be my favourite though. Made again in luxuriously supple leather and lined in super-soft cotton-twill in a stunning shade of green, the ‘Pound’ pouch is just so incredibly pretty and clever. I’m crazy about this print, even though I’ve always found our sterling monies quite dull compared to the notes in other countries. I’d be delighted though to carry this around.

What do you think? Like the over-sized clutch idea? And what about these crazy prints….wonderfully wearable or for dressing up only?
Ems x

Winter Warmers….for when you need all the help you can get!

I spent the freezing cold Saturday before last at my *outdoor* craft stall. And I was SO cold.

I thought I’d prepared pretty well….I wore a dozen layers and fleece lined boots, took high stools to sit on so that I was off the floor when sitting, and put cardboard down on the ground for when standing. I wore a hat and TWO pairs of gloves. And yet I was still colder than a really cold thing on the coldest day.

Adam even brought me blankets and a hot water bottle and a huge flask of tea. And I was STILL cold! I finally warmed up with a nice hot bath in the evening, but I still have chillblains on my feet for the memory!

So. I’ve vowed to be EVEN more prepared next time….especially as it’ll be a month further into winter (and we have a winter holiday in Austria planned too!). And what a great excuse to do some shopping! Here’s a round up of some things I’ve treated myself to already, and a few other things I have my eye on to keep the cold at bay…..

Hunter Chatel Snow Boots, Gloss White, £75

I spent ages last year eying up Hunter’s fab new snow boots. I got rid of my snow boots at the end of the winter prior because I’d used them to death, but as we didn’t get such a cold winter last year I never got around to buying them. But after this year’s cold snap, I convinced myself I should invest, and my glossy white Chatels arrived last week. They are incredibly cozy and comfy, and super duper warm. They also come in glossy and non glossy black, and  non glossy white. The soles are wonderfully thick, so it’s rather like walking around on a cloud of warmth to protect you from the cold ground, and the tops are elasticated to keep the warmth in too! I’m SO glad I got them and would really recommend them!

Hunter Original Fleece Wellie Socks, £17.00

Another investment I made last week were a pair of Hunter fleece welly socks. Designed specially to fit into either your high or short Hunter wellies, these are a wonderful way to keep snug inside your boots! I still wear a couple of pairs of cotton socks inside them, but they really are a help! I’ve also noticed that Joules have started making some too, to match their gorgeous wellies.

Sock Shop Heat Holders, 2.3 Tog Thermal Socks, £6.00

Perhaps my happiest find has been these AMAZING socks. Adam actually got a pair last week, and I was allowed to try them out…..and immediately ordered my own pair! Adam described the sensation of putting them on as ‘it’s like a million tiny pixies are kissing my feet’, and it’s fair to say that I can’t think of anything softer or cuddlier I’ve put on my feet! Heat Holders actually boast a tog rating of 2.3, which is around the rating our summer-weight duvet has, and they do a range of other products too….wellie socks, long socks, tights, leggings, gloves and hats! I want them all!

Thermal Fleece Shoe Insole

Another discovery I’ve recently made is thermal fleece shoe insoles. I was lucky enough to pick some up for only £1 from the market to try them out, and they were so good I went back for a pair to go in all my winter shoes and boots (as well as my slippers!). They work by stopping the cold coming up from the ground into your shoes, and of course they don’t take up as much room as a chunky pair of socks. They are widely available online and in shoe shops and have given a new lease of life to my Uggs and shearling-lined brogue boots!

66 Degrees North Unisex Vik Gloves, Blacks, £24

A few years ago, my dear friend Jane made me a gift of some amazing gloves. She came back from a cruise around the fjords raving about a brand I’d never heard of…and I’m so glad she did! 66 Degrees North are an Icelandic outdoor clothing brand, and as well as offering beautiful Nordic pieces, their range is also super high tech and made for very cold weather. The Vik gloves that Jane gave me are incredibly warm, even with my dreadful circulation, and they are even thin enough to put under another pair (sometimes you want to match your mittens to your hat, non?). They’re not cheap as far as gloves go, but I’d say they’re worth every penny. Oh, and the brand is now available at Blacks to boot!

66 Degrees North Women’s Kaldi Sweater, Blacks, £130

Sticking with 66 Degrees North, I love this technical 66° North Women’s Kaldi Sweater….it’s super pretty, but it’s specially made to keep you super warm too! It’s made from a wool and polyester mix and has articulated elbows for a closer fit, as well as a leather zipper pull embossed with the logo.

66 Degrees North Kaldi Arctic Mittens, Blacks, £40

66 Degrees North Kaldi Arctic Hat, Blacks, £60

And because I don’t think you can have too much of a good thing…..I’m REALLY hankering after these lovely mittens and matching hat. I love anything with a fur lining, and these just look incredibly cosy. They are also machine washable, which is pretty necessary with white accessories!

North Face Arctic Parka, £320

And possibly the best for last….. We watched the X Files ‘Ice’ episode recently, and I just fell in love with the coat Scully wears pretty much all the way through. I’ve searched and searched for one the same and this North Face Arctic Parka is pretty close. I adore the fur lined collar and the winter white insulated and waterproofed body. It boats a luxurious 550 fill down insulation for ‘easy defence against freezing temperatures’, and there is hidden fleece inside the cuffs to keep the chill out. It’s fully breathable and has stacks of handy pockets to stow your mittens and stuff in. I want it!

I hope you’re keeping warm in the chilly weather too, and do share any keep-warm tips!

Ems x

Living for the weekend…. August Bank Holiday 2012 in London

Loooooong weekend!!!!! Yes, it’s here….the last bank holiday before Christmas!

We will acutally be up in Hitchin, where we’re moving next month. But I know that if we weren’t I’d be making the most of all the things going on in London….in fact we’ll be taking every opportunity to make the most of London before we leave in a few weeks!

Here’s my pick of the best stuff to do this weekend….maybe I’ll even get chance to pop along to one or two things on Monday…..

London Picnic Club at the Skyroom

“Running for the duration of the Olympics and Paralympics, the Skyroom designed by young architect David Kohn (creator of a Room for London atop the Queen Elizabeth Hall in South Bank) will gradually undergo a transformation into a garden with a difference- a colourful, living and breathing roof top oasis allowing guests to retreat from the London chaos below.

Share and enjoy exquisite food presented in the form of surprising picnic hampers, take part in garden games, catch a variety of exclusive and intimate  live music acts or stretch out on blankets and cushions to watch one of our especially selected movies at our mini screen on the green. The primary focus of the London Picnic Club involves a progressive and evolving food and drink menu that will show a strong relation to our developing roof top garden installation- keeping things seasonal and directly interactive with our space.

The experience is aimed to be surprising at all times, where our guests will discover new flavours in a playful and dynamic environment that brims full of creativity and connects people in new ways…

Platterform’s new head chef Alejandro Bello (of Ceviche fame) has collected and carefully reinvented select dishes from various corners of the world all assembled beautifully inside an iconic British picnic hamper. Designed as a sharing meal, expect London Picnic Club hampers to contain inspirational tapas style hot dishes, innovative ceviches and fresh garden salads as well as a fine selection of produce from local suppliers including artisanal bread from St. John’s Bakery, cheese from Neal’s Yard Dairy and charcuterie from Brindisa all served with home-made preserves and dips. Exotic desserts, fresh Summer fruits and surprising treats complete the package.

Drinks take inspiration from the quintessential British Summer garden where Platterform delve into the world of experimentation using their own garden ingredients to make shrubs (fruit preserves), infusions, cordials and bitters to combine with premium spirits, fresh fruits and hand picked garden herbs.

Grab your favourite picnic blanket and gather your friends for a once in a life time picnic experience!”

 £35 per person, advanced bookings via

Until 8th September (Monday-Friday  11am-10.30pm, Saturday  12pm-10.30pm)

The Floating Market moves to Little Venice

As you may have read, I went along to the floating market on Regent’s Canal a few weeks ago, whilst it was at Mile End….. the market has now set sail for pretty Little Venice though, so head there for yummy cakes, hat stalls, floating book shops and all sorts!

Until 2nd September, free entry


“Originally conceived by Paul McEvoy, Ian Rattray and Alan Jones, FrightFest staged its first event in 2000 at the Prince Charles cinema, near London’s Leicester Square. Its August Bank Holiday weekend date has remained a fixture ever since……. The objective of FrightFest was to provide the UK with a horror fantasy festival of similar stature to the market leaders in Europe, Sitges (Spain) and Brussels (Belgium). FrightFest has since evolved into a community where audiences and guests alike travel from all over the world to be part of the event’s unique atmosphere.”

Tickets are available from the Empire Cinema box office and here

Festival passes for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday are £160.  Single tickets are £12.


“Guilty Pleasures is London’s biggest, boldest, brashest and best night out. Packed with relentlessly energetic djs, acrobatic bedazzling dancers, live bands and speciality performers galore, over seven years it has established itself as the capital’s number one top spot for a P.A.R.T.Y. This Saturday 25th August, in collaboration with Time Out Live and MGM HD GP are bringing the most ambitious and thrilling party at London’s decadent Troxy Cinema with a live, interactive and exciting event where the worlds of cinema, music and nightlife collide in one colossal party…… 80s pop takes centre stage as Guilty Pleasures Cinema Party presents: Desperately Seeking Susan.”
The Troxy, Commercial Road
Saturday 25th August, 8pm – 2am, £10

Supperclub Carnival Weekend

“This weekend, we will be having an exceptionally turned on line up with our outside inside carnival special with a carnival themed menu with a serious twist…… With an extra special line up of entertainment for the club night we will be taking the carnival from the streets onto the sheets where we will be inviting party goers down for our carnival afterparty to enjoy our beds and booze late into the night.”

General Admission is £20

Events on over the whole weekend

If I make it to just one thing on Monday, it’ll have to be this!…..

Paw Pageant 2012

“The capital’s best-dressed, fugliest and smartest dogs will be hitting the dogwalk here at Old Spitalfields Market on Monday 27th August. Paw-perfect pooches will be competing to win prizes in eight categories, from ‘Dressed Up to the K-Nines’ to ‘Shoreditch Show Off’. There will also be a small specialist market selling a variety of great gear and tasty grub to pamper your pooch. In addition a glorious raffle by canine couturist’s LoveMyDog will be auctioned in aid of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.”

Monday, Old Spitalfields Market, 1pm to 3:30pm, free

Have a fab one whatever you do!

Ems x

Wednesday Wants…… Some friends from the market

I had my first stall at Old Spitalfields on Saturday, as part of the Designers Makers Market. It was lovely to see some stalls I recognised from past markets and to meet some new people too. There were lots of things I wanted, as usual, so here’s a little round up of my favourites!…..

Being a Potteries lass, I couldn’t pass by a stall filled with china without stopping for a look! And Material Pleasures‘ collections are actually made in my home town….and not much china is these days! Designed by Julie Spurgeon and skillfully made in English fine bone china in the heart of The Potteries, Stoke-on-Trent, Material Pleasures represents a lot of what I love about British hand-made homeware. Julie’s designs are both elegantly classical and whimsically modern….so very different from anything I’ve seen. Her sugar sweet pastel tones really caught my eye, along with her darling little china sugar mice (I was lucky enough to get one as a gift from Adam!). I’d love a full set (or three), and knowing that everything is so well made, thoughtfully designed and ethically sourced, I’d say there’s a pretty good excuse to indulge!

The Mister Peebles stall actually caught Adam’s eye first….. Full of charming and original illustrations bearing witty puns, we both fell for the little animals dressed up in sweaters and pajamas. There were lots of delightful prints for sale, as well as stacks of gorgeous greeting cards (which we couldn’t leave without!)…and it’s all terribly reasonably priced too!

And continuing the animal theme (it wasn’t intentional I promise!) Yas-Ming Ceramics is a collaboration between Yasmin Dilekkaya and Ming Wai Sun. Together they design these wonderful ceramics, all so clever and funny….. each mould is made by them and the heads and bums are carefully attached by hand so each piece is slightly different. I adore the small plates with the ruffed animals standing over them…how cute are their over-sized heads on their little human bodies?!

I’m back at the Designers Makers Market at Old Spitalfields on Saturday 15th September, along with lots of the lovely designers I met there too!

Ems x

Living for the weekend….. ideas in London for 4th to 5th August 2012

Had enough of sport yet? Got a numb behind from sitting in front of the TV all week? Need a little fresh air?….. Well you can embrace the party spirit going on in London (and all over the UK for that matter) without fear of your eyes turning into squares or losing your voice from cheering…. I’ve said it before I know, but there is SO MUCH going on this summer, sporty and not-so-sporty….get out there!

Now this is my kind of sport…. the Sacrilege project is a co-commission by the Mayor of London and Glasgow International Festival of Visual Arts, designed by Turner Prize-winning artists Jeremy Deller. Most notably though, it’s a bally inflatable Stone Henge!!! This king of bouncy castles is making its way around the country, but this weekend you can find it in London!  Check their website for locations, which feature open spaces all over the UK until 9th September.

Now if you’re going to get that kind of exercise, I say you have the right to stuff your face with yums to make up for it. And not far from Saturday’s Sacrilege location at Burgess Park, you’ll find FEAST at London Bridge. Said to be London’s ‘most exciting and daring food experience’, this festival of food features some of the captial’s most coveted food retailers. It’s £6 to get in when booked in advance, or £8 on the door.

Also nearby, within the Clore Ballroom at the Royal Festival Hall at the Southbank Centre, you’ll find Marcos Saboya and Gaulter Pupo’s ‘aMAZEme’….. A giant maze made from over 200,000 books, the installation is inspired by the writer and educator JL Borges, and will be there until 26th August.

And on the subject of books….. East London based The Book Club is hosting its Base Camp event until 12th August. Expect a very British affair with some sporty bits thrown in…. ping pong, table football, a paddling pool and an ice cream van sound like perfect summer diversions to me! There is plenty of good food and lots of yummy drinks too, screens to watch the Games, plus prizes for the winners of silly sports and activities. Fun!

Just down the road at the Old Truman Brewery, you’ll find the London Designer Sale this weekend. This sample sale will house excess stock and samples from top designers and brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo, Gucci and Francesco Biasia, all at up to 80% off the RRP!

And if that’s not enough of a designer fix for you, why not head to Harvey Nichols? It’s not just the fabulous array of posh threads that has my attention though, as the department store is currently hosting Penhaligon’s Peoneve Multi-Sensory Terrace. Celebrating the launch of Penhaligon’s new summery Peony-inspired fragrance, the Fifth Floor Terrace has been transformed into a ‘stunningly eclectic and multi-sensory garden with an inventive cocktail menu and dessert menu inspired by the notes within the fragrance.’ I’m super excited about this, as a Penhaligon’s super-fan and lover of peonies (they are always around over my birthday so have been a firm favourite for years), and the thought of menu and cocktail matching to this scent is just amazing. I have my eye on Penhaligon’s Peony Punch which is served in an enormous version of the iconic Penhaligon’s scent bottle, as well as the White Chocolate & Peony Mousse. There are also specially created boozy ice pops in very British and floral flavours. You can see the menu here and make bookings here.

Now we just need the sun to keep shining!

Ems x

Wednesday Wants….. Still banging on about the Union Jack

London is still filled with bunting and more Union Jacks than I’ve ever seen in my life… seems all the decor put up for the Jubilee was a bargain really, as it’s been left up for the games too. Double whammy! And because red and blue are my current favourites, I’m still very much into all things Union Jack….. I posted a while ago about lots of Union Jack *things*, but here are my picks of Union Jack wearables…..

I wouldn’t be without my French Sole flats….they are pretty and stylish, but so easy to wear and super comfy. These Union Jack patterned ballet pumps though would make an excellent addition to the collection. They are leather and come in the Henrietta shape which has a nice low vamp (showing just a little toe cleavage). The flag also appears at the heel, so you’ll be patriotic from every angle. They are £130 though, so it’ll be worth waiting to see if they come up in the sale!

Similarly pie in the sky at £249.95 is this Barbour jacket….. I first saw it at the british pop up shop in Selfridges, and I’ve wanted it ever since. Barbour have teamed up with Swarovski Elements to bring a little patriotic sparkle to an iconic jacket. As well as the Union Jack lining, the chest pocket is emblazoned with a red, white and blue crystal flag. Considering all the rain we’ve been having this summer, I guess you could call it a sound investment though!
I also spied these amazing Union Jack gloves by Dents at the Selfridges pop-up, and was smitten right away. Stitched together in red, white and blue leather panels, the gloves are super supple and also boast a silk lining. They come gift boxed too, so a they make a wonderful gift to oneself as a treat for surviving the summer! They are £99.00.
I’m a sucker for a silk scarf as you may well already know, and this one is so very me. It has a wonderful vintage feel with the retro portrait of Her Majesty, and I love the swirling crest pattern over the flag itself. It’s £120.00 from Liberty, although thankfully for the sake of my wallet, it’s out of stock just now.
Ems x

Wednesday Wants…….. A trip to Selfridges full of wants

So I’m currently in Paris for a few days, but because I’ve managed to get relatively organised and I didn’t get around to this post last week, I thought I’d better schedule one in!

On Monday I took my American friend Michelle (visiting London for just a couple of weeks and now in Paris with me!) to Selfridges to look at some of their Big British Bang stuff….. I wanted to see all the special things they had on, and especially the roof top which has just been re-opened for the summer. There’s lots to see there during their special festival, especially if you’re into very British stuff….. there’s a lovely ‘Brittanica’ exhibiton of stunning 50s dresses….. The Bonpas and Parr Crazy Golf up on the roof, with cake inspired holes in the shape of London landmarks…. The first ever Highgrove pop-up store…. The Big British Shop, filled with extremely tempting British treasures…. A Dents exhibition of very Royal gloves…. The Daylseford roof top cafe….. and the Big Yellow Shop which features lots of iconic brands who have specially made their famous things in Selfridges yellow!

It’s no surprise then that I found LOTS that I wanted…..

Artisan mixer 6.9L frosted pearl, £799

I have a lovely white Kitchen Aid already…. I use it lots for baking and cooking and I wouldn’t be without it. But there’s no harm in wanting to upgrade right?! The new Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer is the best performing mixer in its class, and far bigger than the original one at 6.9 litre. As well as a bigger bowl, it boasts enhanced performance and a much more powerful motor (the man told us it was something in horse power, which made me think of cars so it must be powerful!). It comes in a lovely classy black, a sleek silver and a very cute candy apple…. but it’s the pearl one I love most…. the man let me stroke it and it felt sooooo good!

Dulcina peep-toe sandals, £845

There aren’t many things more British than a Pearly Kind and Queen….. and how better to honour that fine tradition than with Tabitha Simmons’ Dulcina sandals. Crafted from soft velvet, these elegant heels are accented with pearly buttons, embroidery and feather detailing. Love!

Ladurée: Savoury: The Recipes, £28

Following the success of Ladurée: Sucre, you can now get hold of this second volume of neverbefore – published recipes from the legendary Ladurée tearoom. Containing a hundred elegant recipes from Ladurée’s Chef, it’s full of beautifully photographed treats, and is stunningly packaged in velvety lilac, reminiscent of their famous macaron boxes. From duck foie gras with rose macaroon to vegetable tagliatelle with Ladurée tea and cardamom, as well as the taramasalata éclair with rose petals, the book presents a fine array of appetizers, main courses, fish, meat, salads and omelettes. Delish!

And on that note…. see you after Paris!

Ems x