Tuesday Tutorial: Glitter Name Bunting

Glitter Name Bunting Tutorial by Under a Glass Sky

Yes, you’re right, my last tutorial was about glitter too. But then glitter is worthy of repetition.

A trend has been emerging with my recent crafting projects….glitter. And why the heck not? After all, glitter is the quintessential crafting supply, and everything is better with a good sprinkle of the stuff.

I bought a stash of glitter card ages ago, and did the usual thing of ‘saving it for something special’. And what could be more special than my niece’s first birthday?! Having decided I wanted to make something glittery for her, I thought about what a one year old could best make use of…..she’s mostly pointing at me and laughing right now though, and doesn’t seem to be in need of anything other than whatever food is out of her reach, so I opted for for something to decorate her bedroom. And because (I think it’s fair to say) I’m pretty bunting obsessed, that’s what my first thought ran to!

You don’t need any crazy equipment or mad skills for this DIY, but it does take some precision and patience. The result is pretty rewarding though I think!

Glitter Name Bunting Tutorial by Under a Glass Sky

What you will need:

  • Glitter card
  • Wooden pennants with pre-drilled holes (enough for each letter of the name)
  • Mod Podge or PVA glue
  • Ribbon (enough to go across the width of each pennant, plus about 30cm extra)
  • A plastic spatula
  • Craft knife or scalpel
  • Metal rule
  • A pencil
  • Small scissors

How to make it:

  • Place your first pennant on the back of a piece of glitter card and trace around it with a pencil as close as you can get
  • Cut the glitter card with scalpel and ruler or scissors if you prefer, and check it up against the pennant to see that it fits
  • Now give the pennant a good generous coat of glue….it’s better to have too much on there than too little
  • Carefully place the glitter card onto the pennant, squaring it up quickly before the glue dries to ensure all the edges are aligned
  • Press firmly down on the card so that any excess glue comes out at the sides
  • Use the spatula to remove this excess by sliding the flat edge along the side of the pennant….this will also help to nicely seal the edges
  • Repeat this for all your pennants and then set them aside to dry for a couple of hours
  • Whilst you wait, cut out your letters from the glitter card…..I used the pencil to draw onto the back of the card then cut around that, but remember to draw in reverse
  • Once the newly glittered pennants are dry, arrange them in the order you’d like them and offer up each letter to check that the colours contrast well enough to see them
  • Apply glue to the back of your first letter, again using plenty as you’ll need a good coat to get in between the bumpy glittery surface
  • Carefully place the letter on the pennant, check you’re happy with the positioning, and press down firmly
  • Again, use the spatula to remove any excess, although don’t worry too much as the glue will dry clear
  • Repeat for each pennant and allow to dry well, preferably over night
  • Now you just need to thread the pennants together by cutting through the glitter card to reveal the hole in the wood with the scalpel, and posting the ribbon through each hole of each pennant, then moving on to the next
  • Finally, tie a knot in each end to stop the pennants moving about, and you’re done!

If you find it tricky to get hold of some wooden pennants (I got mine from an online craft shop who sell lots of laser cut MDF shapes) you could always cut them yourself from foamex.

I also made a single pennant with a star shape on it for a friend’s birthday, and of course you could apply any pattern to your bunting, or even just leave it plain in all its glittery glory!

Happy glittering!

Ems x



How To Tuesday…. Personalise your own bunting

With a dull grey sky outside, and a distinct lack of festive decor inside, I thought now would be a good time to share this rather cheerful crafting project!

A little while ago I decorated some of my bunting collection with ‘Under A Glass Sky’ as a sort of banner to hang up at my craft market stalls. And so now that I’m taking a break from stalls over the winter, I decided it should brighten up my little studio….and it does!

This project is dead quick and easy, requiring NO SEWING, and is a lovely way to display a message…..you could decorate some butning with a new baby’s name as a gift, or make a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner. I have used my own bunting, which I bought a while ago from Rex International….I may well post a how-to on how to make your own in the future though!

What You Will Need…..

  • Bunting….one flag per letter, plus one flag for each space (for example ‘Happy Birthday’ would require 14 flags)
  • A contrasting fabric for the letters (I used a cotton casement which is easy to work with)
  • Tailors chalk or fabric pencil
  • Sharp scissors
  • Iron-on hemming tape
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Liquid fabric glue
  • A small spatula or paint brush


How To……

1. Mark out an outline for each letter on your contrasting fabric, ensuring each fits nicely onto your bunting flags

2. Cut out the letters as neatly as possible



3. Turning each letter face down, cut short strips of the hemming tape and lay on top of the letter, covering as much of the fabric as possible but ensuring you don’t go over any edges


4. Flip the letters over and place one at a time onto the appropriate flag, ironing into position to secure


5. To seal each letter safely onto the fabric, neatly glue the edges down with just a little fabric glue, but making sure you glue all around each letter. If you prefer, you can use a hand applique stitch to secure the edges instead….but it will take a lot longer!


6. Make sure the glue is REALLY dry before folding up your bunting as you could end up with the flags all stuck together if you’re not careful!

7. Proudly hang your bunting wherever you like!

And that’s it!

Ems x


Something from the weekend….. Coffee, Crafting and Christmassyness

The Christmas prep is really hotting up now and I’ve been super busy with orders and getting ready for a stall, as well as making lots of Christmas gifts and decorations at home! So I’m afraid I’ve rather neglected my little blog….but hopefully I have some time for catching up today!…..

On Friday evening we started our Christmassy weekend by (finally!) decorating our tree. We’d bought it from the market on Tuesday but had a tricky time putting it up as it’s so tall and came fitted to a far too tiny stand! Having secured it in a large bucket full of sand though, the lights went on, followed by all my home made decorations and the beautiful Victorian china fairy that Adam’s Mum gave to me right on top. I’m rather pleased with how handsome it looks filling our front bay window, and can’t wait to add the other Christmassy bits around the rest of the house!

On Saturday we ran a few errands and did some shopping around town….it’s getting very Christmassy there too and the market square was hosting lots of stalls from local Young Enterprise companies, as well as a stunning antique mechanical pipe organ. It had me welling up, it was so beautifully Christmassy!

Having had a successful shopping trip, we decided to treat ourselves to a coffee, and finally managed to get a couple of free chairs in the Hermitage Road Coffee Shop, where we’ve been wanting to try for ages. I think I’ve already mentioned that we have really been struggling to get a really good cup of coffee out in our new town….we have rather turned into coffee snobs now that we can make it so well at home with the Aeropress! And so we were delighted to find on their menu that they will make you an Aeropress coffee there! You can also choose from a big pot of dripped coffee for two, as well as specialties such as Cortado, which is what we opted for. It arrived with the coffee and walnut cake we’d offered, as well home made biscotti on the saucer. The cake was yummy and the biscotti divine….but the real winner was the coffee which is by far the best I’ve had outside of Monmouth. I’ll write a little more about the place when I get a chance, as it’s really worth its own little review.

Once home, I started to slowly cook up a chilli for dinner, as we were having our friend Hannah over in the evening. Hannah brought the pudding….an absolutely AMAZING lemon meringue pie!….and Adam tried out a few more cocktails on us for practice (he really is getting very good!). We chatted the evening away until Hannah pointed out how late it was and reminded me that I had to get up rather early the next day!…..

We were up and out to the local Christmas Gala Day on Sunday morning, where I was having a stall selling my various hand made things….. I had made some Christmassy bunting, tree decorations, gift labels and greeting cards to sell alongside my usual stock of jewellery and drawings. It was a lovely busy day in the market square, and lots of people came to see my stall (and buy lots too!), as well as to see the entertainment on the stage. There were local choirs singing carols, puppet shows, clowning, some rather crazy performers known as Granny Turismo (two men dressed as old ladies sitting on top of giant shopping trolleys which they zoom around on!), and the local radio station playing Christmas songs. With the smell of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts too it was a wonderfully festive atmosphere and I enjoyed every minute, despite being sat out in the cold all day!

Once we’d packed up the stall and taken everything home, we popped around to Adam’s Mum’s for dinner…she’d made a yummy sausage supper to save me having to cook after such a tiring day and it was most appreciated! Back at home we slobbed for a little while on the sofa, before a much-needed early night!

Hope your weekend was just as Festive!

Ems x

Something from the weekend….in Instagram

We’ve had a lovely relaxing weekend up in Hitchin with Adam’s parents. We did all the usual things….. Slobbing about with the dogs, browsing the market and a couple of car boot sales, spending time in the garden, and eating lots! There was also plenty of wine, catching up with friends, and getting to watch the lovely James Christie perform at Corks wine bar (he is amazing!).

It’s been a photo-heavy weekend, at least for my iPhone…. we took our cameras with us but hardly used them because it was so rainy. Anyway, I thought I’d share my weekend using the many snaps I took……


For my 30th Birthday present, Adam’s Mum gave me a flower press…..she has held onto it for now though so that she can fill it with flowers from her garden…..


……so when we arrived on Friday evening I spent a good while carefully taking out the ones that she had already pressed, and collecting new ones to press…..


…..there are lots!…..


….I’m planning to use them to create little pretty scenes and to decorate cards and things


Newton was up for a relaxing weekend too…..he likes to rest his head on things…. including my foot!


It was super rainy on Saturday, so we didn’t go to the car boot sales we’d planned to……. instead we headed into Letchworth for a browse of the little antique and craft shops along The Wynd.


I loved this pretty sensory garden in Letchworth….. the planting is beautiful and there is a big tree mural made from bits and bobs!


On Saturday evening we met up with some friends at Corks wine bar in town, to see James Christie play…… he’d already performed at Rhythms of The World that day, but performed wonderfully despite probably being shattered…. his own songs are really quite catchy, and we loved his version of Bon Iver’s Re: Stacks


The town was full of traffic cones as we wandered home, to help control things during the Rhythms of the World music festival……


…..the bunting is still up from the Queen’s visit last month and still looks super festive


It was very wet out after the day’s pounding rain…..it made everything really shiny in the night time street light


I seemed to have gotten a bit snap happy on the way home….perhaps a bit tipsy!


One good thing about the rain…..everywhere looks so lush and healthy….. this was the garden from the sun room first thing on Sunday morning


Hedges however, does not see a bright side to the rain at all!


After Sunday breakfast, we took a walk through the town….. the weather was such a stark contrast to Saturday!


It was almost as though we were in the middle of Summer!


Heading over to the football ground for the weekly car boot sale there, we wandered over the common and past the open air swimming baths….. I’ve never seen it from this side before and Adam hasn’t for years…. he was flooded with memories of his childhood!


This was me taking a snap of the sun and blue sky, to prove that we did get some this summer!


It was even sunny enough to play around with our shadows on the grass!


The first car boot sale of the day….. out next to the football club


We walked through town back via Waitrose to get supplies…. this cobweb and graffiti was in the car park


The second car boot of the day was in an even prettier location….. every Sunday there is a car boot sale at the market….. it extends round the corner too, in front of the pretty St Mary’s Church. I got lots of treasure…. stamps….. an old wooden box to use for my stall….. a mug with my initials / the Queen’s on….. and lots of cakes!


We spotted these curious objects on one stall….. on the left is a shoe carrier, and on the right a campaign camp bed, both originally used by an officer in the first World War. Amazing!


For lunch, we treated ourselves to a selection of cakes from Daisy Cakes….. this one was the delicious Parma Violet cupcake, but also yummy were the Viennese whirl and the rocky road!


After lunch, I spent a little time in the garden, which just looks amazing after all the rain!


I adore Forget Me Nots…. I have pressed some and hope to use them in some resin jewellery


Fuchsias are one of my all time favourite flowers…. when I was little I used to think they were little ballerina costumes for fairies! Well, they could be!


Adam’s Mum has loads of different fuchsias which all look amazing at the moment


I’ve tried pressing some, although they may be too big to come out well…..we’ll see!


The big frilly poppies are just amazing!


I don’t know what these are but they are just lovely! They are sort of spiky and sort of fluffy all at the same time!


The lobelia are everywhere, and are so delicate and colourful

The afternoon was mainly spent packing away the treasures to bring home, and watching Summer Holiday… I’ve not seen it for years and it really is a perfect Sunday afternoon flick!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and managed to avoid too much rain!

Ems x

Something from the weekend….. Thursday and Friday, and the Old Vic Tunnels Summer Holiday Camp

The weekend, as all special weekends should, started on Thursday. I’ve been loving the cool events going on at the Old Vic Tunnels, so I didn’t take much convincing to go to their Summer Holiday Camp…. and even if I had, the promise of bouncy castle, trampolines, Punch and Judy, and popcorn would definitely have sealed the deal!

It’s not a natural venue for a summer themed event, but I do have a fondness for the tunnels, as I’ve seen some super stuff there and it reminds me of the venue under London Bridge where I produced one of my first events more than ten years ago. As one would expect, the place had been decked out in plenty of bunting, hoola hoops, wind breaks and pretty lanterns resting in vines draped across the ceiling, so we were soon into the spirit (especially as the Great British Summer was being its usual self outside and raining!).

We right away found that one tunnel had been set up as a badminton court, so I proceeded to embarrass myself in front of Adam and the attending security person, by showing how rusty I’ve gotten. Still, it was all good-natured fun and I did see a fast improvement over the evening, especially when we played as a doubles team with some other event goers and it got a little more competitive! Next, we hopped onto the bouncy castle and became amazed at how fast we became tired and short of breath….I used to bounce around on those things for hours as a child! Then it was a quick play around on the netball court before grabbing ciders, popcorn and deck chairs in readiness for watching the Punch and Judy show.

Now I love a Punch and Judy show, always have done, but Adam couldn’t recollect having seen one ever so it was a double treat! The show was really well played, and dead funny….as one would expect it was not in the slightest bit politically correct, but then that’s the tradition right?! I was also delighted that the Tootsie Rollers were to perform as I’ve been wanting to see them for a while….their retro style is very fitting for the type of events I produce, so I was keen to see them. They are super fun and cute, with gorgeous vintage costumes and dance moves…. I was pretty envious of their lovely hair styles and tap shoes too!


The Tootsie Rollers on stage at the Old Vic Tunnels Summer Holiday Camp


Waiting for the Punch and Judy Show to start at the Old Vic Tunnels Summer Holiday Camp

Well it being a school night, we didn’t stay too long, especially with a fun packed weekend ahead of us….. Friday was my actual birthday so I enjoyed a pretty relaxed day, before Adam came home and made me my special birthday supper. He is a genius when it comes to cooking eggs, and one of my all time favourite meals is eggs royale, so I put him to the test making his first ever hollandaise sauce and he excelled himself as usual! I chose another treat to drink alongside supper… one of my all time favourite wines, the Bacchus from Chapel Down in Kent. It’s so light and crisp and appley and summery…. I love it!


Adam’s Eggs Royale


Chapel Down Bacchus

Something from the weekend….. Champagne, picnic, and friends

What a lucky girl I am! I’ve just had the most wonderful weekend….. This Friday coming is my 30th Birthday and so on Saturday I celebrated my ‘official birthday’ (well, the Queen got one!)….

I had spent most of Friday getting over my fun-filled trip to Paris, but I managed to head to Waitrose for picnic supplies and catch up on some photo uploading etc. before spending a relaxing evening eating pub grub and completing the crossword….

Then on Saturday morning it was time to cut the sandwiches and pack the picnic hampers before heading over to meet everyone. I’ve nearly always had a picnic to celebrate my birthday since living in London, and so for my 30th it seemed apt I did just that. I wanted it to be super special though, so I invited everyone to the stunning little secret garden within the ruined old St Dunstan’s church very near to the flat. It’s so peaceful and beautiful there, and I very much wanted to share that with my friends. And so we walked there heavily laden with picnicking paraphernalia, hoping that the few drops of rain in between the sunny spells didn’t spell disaster!

Once there, Adam, my friend Michelle and I set up ready for everyone….. we hung bunting along the benches and in the trees, spread out cute checked blankets and laid out the goodies I’d prepared…… Cucumber sandwiches, smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels, home made sausage rolls, salads, fruit and cakes….. I also set up a sort of Pimm’s station and popped the cork on the first bottle of Champagne of the day before my dear friends started to arrive, bringing even more goodies with them! Jane had prepared some yummy crudites and brought along an amazing sweet red wine which is served with strawberries and ice, and Dave was kind enough to dash to the shop to replace the jam I’d left at home so I could serve up some delicious Duchy scones with strawberry jam, clotted cream and strawberries.

I am always so excited about preparing for such occasions and seeing everyone, that I forget that birthdays often mean presents! So I was delighted to receive so many wonderful gifts from everyone….. lots of beautiful flowers… books about how to host the perfect picnic, finding vintage things in London and how to fold napkins in all sorts of designs…. some gorgeous cocktail accessories…. a British themed board game…. a very pretty set of silver trinket boxes…. home made sweeties and preserves… and even an ‘Under A Glass Sky’ patchwork tote bag, hand stitched by my friend Hannah. What a lucky girl I am!

I had such a glorious time chatting to people, yumming up all the treats, and enjoying the shorts bursts of sunshine. At times it was rather like I had my own little private party in the park because so few people know if and visit it, so we nearly had the place to ourselves! Afterwards those of us that remained returned to the flat to drink more Champagne and eat cake, and by the time the last guest had gone I had just enough energy to fill the dishwasher before flolopping into bed!

Thank you to Adam for taking photos all day and letting me share some here…..











We decided that Sunday should be spent resting up and catching up from the busy week…. we had lots of picnic leftovers too so I had a lovely breakfast of smoked salmon with Prosecco, followed by a second breakfast of donuts and coffee! I also used up lots of left over cherry tomatoes and things to make some fresh pasta sauce to keep in the freezer for a rainy day, planned a soup I’ll make later today from left over cucumber and mint, and then whipped up a salad for lunch with goats cheese, broad beans and asparagus. Yum!

Along with a big post-party clean up, I did a few householdy things, uploaded more photos and generally lounged about all day. As has become tradition, I labeled some of the corks from the bubbles with the date and occasion to keep as a memento, and safely popped away all my gifts. For supper we finished off some of the yummy bread left over from Saturday, along with the Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese and the home made chilli jam and red onion chutney we’d received as gifts. Then after finishing season 4 of True Blood finally, it was a very early night for us sleepy heads!

What a lovely ‘official birthday weekend’….. can’t wait til next weekend to celebrate my actual birthday!

Ems x

Something from the weekend….. Beer, Steak and Car Boots

It being Adam’s birthday weekend, we made our merry way up to his home town of Hitchin to spend a few days with his family and the fresh, country air. As usual, we managed to cram plenty in as well as some quality slobbing!

We arrived on Friday evening to Adam’s parents’ house, and enjoyed a yummy dinner of spring vegetables with pasta and cheese sauce, before settling in front of the telly to watch A Shot In The Dark. I do love the silly slapstick humour of the Detective Clouseau films! We also sampled a bottle of liqueur given to us my Adam’s Mum….. It’s called Bajtra and is made in Malta. It’s absolutely delicious, with the prickly pair, honey and herbs it’s made from blending beautifully. I’m looking forward to trying it with some Champagne as a sort of Bellini.

On Saturday morning we made our way down the lane into the beautiful market town, where we had a snoop about the shops and market. I spotted for only the second time in all my visits there the wonderful Town Crier who still shouts out news in his melodic cry, wearing all his finery. In the market square were a bunch of friendly chaps from the local Sikh community, commemorating the life and teachings of their 5th Guru, Guru Arjun Dev Ji. We were given delicious veggie samosas and drinks as we chatted, which I thought was just so lovely.

Snooping about in Hitchin

Getting ready for Her Maj’s visit to Hitchin tomorrow!

It being World Gin Day, we stopped off in the impressive Blue Otter Wine Shop next to the churchyard, and chatted with the knowledgeable owner before purchasing our first bottle of The Botanist Gin, which is distilled on Islay. I can’t wait to try it…. It is made from 22 wild native botanicals and produced in the unique ‘Ugly Betty’!

The Botanist Gin from Blue Otter Wines

We then had a mooch about the wonderful market, eyeing up the amazing cakes by Fentons Cakes, buying coffee beans (and sampling a free cup of coffee too) at the Wakelins of Hitchin stall, and purchasing some supplies from the brilliant Beadbitz stall.

Next it was over the road to The British Schools Museum Beer Festival, which takes place in the playground of the school which Adam actually went to as a very small boy. We were rather disappointed that they didn’t have any ciders this year, especially as Adam doesn’t drink beer, but I certainly enjoyed trying some that were new to me! The Pegasus and the 92 Squadron were both splendid!

The British Schools Museum

92 Squadron

Whilst we were sat, a charming lady from the museum came over to chat to us, and I learned that we can actually have a tour about the place on certain days (really want to do that), and they have regular events too (I wish I was closer so that we could see the London Philharmonic Skiffle Orchestra there on the 29th). The lady also chatted to Adam about his time there at the school and he promised to get in touch to share some more of his memories to help with their information gathering. We purchased a fundraising quiz from her before drinking up and making our way to meet friends.

I adore the Half Moon, which is very close to the house and has won all kinds of awards. They always have great ales and ciders on offer, so we opted to meet with friends there to catch up over some birthday drinks. I did some more beer sampling and tried the Adnams Diamond as well as the Dixons Jubilee (well, tis the season) whilst Adam sampled some ciders (favouring the FTJ from nearby Baldock). We gave the rather cryptic quiz a good go, although even between us all, we only managed about a third of the questions!

At the Half Moon

After quickly popping home to freshen up, it was back out again to The Plume at Wymondley for Adam’s birthday meal. It’s such a charming pub, especially at the moment covered with festive bunting. And better still, they have an adorable resident dog, a Bullmastiff called Madge. She got lots of attention from us until it was time for our meal…. Adam and his Dad both had the mixed grill whilst his Mum and I both had the rump steak. The portions were all more than generous, and the steaks cooked wonderfully.


The Mixed Grill at The Plume

We opted to wait a good hour before attempting pudding, so headed home for tea and cream cakes whilst we watched Star Trek on tv.

Sunday morning was set aside for a trip to the Upper Caldicote car boot sale. Adam drove us the pretty 20 minute journey through the countryside, and with the sun finally showing its face, it was warm enough to wander about the field full of stalls without our jackets. It’s a great boot sale, with lots of stalls….. I found a couple in particular that had lots of amazing treasures…. I bought up a whole load of old keys, a leather bound copy of Alice in Wonderland, a gorgeous gilt frame, and 14 vintage match boxes with all kinds of pretty designs. Adam also snapped up a stunning Claret carafe…. He’s been eyeing them up for a while!

Car Boot at Upper Caldicote

Back at home we grabbed a quick lunch, sitting in the sunny garden, before heading down to Hitchin Market for a look around another car boot sale! It was getting on by this time so lots of the stall holders were starting to pack away, but I did manage to pick up some lovely old cigarette cards with Royal Family photos on them from the 30s.


Hitchin all bunting’d up ready for the Queen’s visit this week

Then it was off to the common to walk the dogs. I love the land at Oughton Head which is just covered in pretty trees and wild flowers. Adam’s Mun had spotted some wild orchids there earlier in the week, so we tramped through the mud to see them. They are absolutely incredible, in glorious shades of purple, and so remarkably delicate.


On Oughton Head Common


Lady’s slipper on the common


Wild orchids on the common


Piper down the lane (and ready for a biscuit after the walk!)

We had an early supper of meatballs with pasta and tomato sauce before packing up our treasures and making our way back to London…… Tired and wanting to be prepared for another busy week ahead, we read in bed before a nice early night!

Hope you had a lovely one!

Ems x


The house in bloom

The Diamond Jubilee….. what I have made to mark the occassion

So as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been getting mad excited about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee….. And it has certainly been a fabulous inspiration for some new jewellery! I’ve been drawing, sawing, shaping and pasting to make some very special pieces to commemorate this special event. I’ll be sporting some of the pieces myself today at the River Pageant, and I’ve even had some orders from as far away as Japan…. The world has clearly gone loopy for the Jubilee!

Hope you like what I’ve made….. You can see more of my work on my Etsy and Folksy shops…. apologies that there’s a mixture of sterling and dollars, but some are on Etsy and some on Folksy hence the difference!

Corgi brooch, $20

Corgi Pendant, $20

Vintage Queen Stamp Pendant, £12

Vintage Queen Stamp Pendant, $20

Union Flag Pendant, $18

Union Flag Bracelet, $18

Street Party Bunting Pendant, $20

Mini Street Party Bunting Pendant, $18

And my favourite piece……

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Charm Bracelet, £18

A Friday Wander along the River Thames, in Instagram

It being a sunny(ish) day on Friday, and having agreed to meet Adam at Waterloo after work (we were going to see the Enlightenment Cafe in the Old Vic Tunnels), I decided to walk there from home. It was a very lovely wander, along the North Bank as far as the Millennium Bridge, where I crossed over to Bankside and tootled on down to the South Bank. And it being a leisurely walk, and a picturesque one by all accounts, I did lots of snapping and Instagramming….. so I thought I’d share them here!…..

The view East down the river from the Millennium Bridge…. The Shard, London Bridge and Tower Bridge

On the Millennium Bridge, looking back at St Paul’s

I love the big Bankside lettering at Bankside Pier…. all covered in lichen

A mud larker on the shore at Banskide…. I do really want to try that one day… a real treasure hunt!

I popped into the Tate Modern, one of my favourite London buildings, to have a snoop about their brilliant gift shops

Frappuccino Happy Hour at Starbucks! And my plain white nail polish…. this was going to be a base coat for a Union Jack pattern but I’d chipped it by the end of the day!

The Unilever Building looking patriotic with lots of Union Jacks, ready for the passing Floatilla

The very clever Propstore bar at the National Theatre…. it’s made up of bits of stage set and the decor inside is a mish mash of old props…. love!

Stopped awhile to watch a rehearsal on the astro lawn in front of the National Theatre…. something rather acrobatic going on!

The big, colourful tree, outside the Hayward Gallery, made from reclaimed drainpipes as part of the Festival of the World 2012

I would love to stay here for the night…. it’s a one bedroom pop-up hotel in the form of a boat sitting on top of the Southbank Centre

Had a peek into the Priceless London Wonderground…. I couldn’t get close enough to the Speigeltent for a picture but I am really hoping to get to see inside it soon…. love a Speigeltent!

Cantina at the Priceless London Wonderground….. there is bunting everywhere!

A Pimm’s Chalet…. better than a Pimm’s tent even!

The pretty Magners Pasture…. it has a lovely decked pathway through the trees, pergolas and little wooden toadstools to sit on!

Men at Work…. and a big upside down inflatable purple cow

Marker from the Silver Jubilee…. and bunting for this year’s Diamond Jubilee…. I would love to know how many metres of bunting are hanging in London this weekend!

A cycling Chameleon. Of course.

The gorgeous new lawns and plantings at Jubilee Gardens…. we sat here once I’d met up with Adam to eat our little picnic of falafel and couscous. The path of red flowers reminds me of Oz somehow…. maybe like the yellow brick road crossed with the big poppy fields.

There was such a buzz along the river….. all the bunting, big screens being built, and the extra attractions for the Festival of the World made it super special, and I really got the feeling that everyone was gearing up for the exciting long weekend. If I were the Queen, I’d be peeing myself with excitement!!

Wednesday Wants….. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is nearly here!

I’m afraid you’re going to have to forgive me for getting super excited about the Diamond Jubilee and talking of little else over the next couple of weeks. I posted ages ago about how I was looking forward to it, and my subsequent Union Flag obsession…. and what with busying myself making Jubilee related treasures for my Etsy and Folksy shops, it’s hard not to come across lots of very British things I really want to get my hands on!…..

Dog Street Party Cushion Diamond Jubilee, £7.16 on Etsy by Senor Picklesworth

I’m in love with everything on the Senor Picklesworth shop on Etsy….. they specialise in Chihuahua themed stationery, gifts and all sorts, and I’m crazy about their Jubilee inspired pieces. Celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Senor Picklesworth the Chihuahua is visiting London, and this delightful cushion also features his friends Cyril the Boston Terrier, Coco the Pug & Mycroft the French Bulldog…. they are all having a street party together!

Diamond Jubilee bunting, £13.01 on Etsy by Corydora

Anyone that knows me will tell you I’m crazy about bunting. I have a big collection already, and always hoping to add more… so this specially made bunting by Corydora would make the perfect addition! It has been block printed with hand lino carved motifs and attached to hand made cotton flags and pale blue binding. Each item is a one-of-a-kind piece and perfect for a Jubilee street party!

Red, white & blue Jubilee dress, £65 on Etsy by Hayley Jayne Designs

And what to wear at this street party?! Well, this handmade 100% cotton dress gets my vote! With a habutai silk lining and integrated netted petticoat, it has a gorgeous full skirt and deliciously 50s silhouette. I love the off-centre, asymmetric Union Flag pattern. It’s made to measure so get your order in, in time for those summer picnics!

I fear this will only be the second of many Jubilee related posts, so bear with me!

Ems x