Something from the weekend…..cakes, walks and rummaging

It was a close call, but the rain didn’t dampen my weekend….

On Saturday morning I pootled around the house, cleaning and tidying whilst Adam walked the hound….Friday hadn’t gone as planned so it was good to catch up a little. Then after a nice big brunch (Adam poached some very yummy duck eggs for us!) we made our way into London, leaving the pooch with his Grandma Liz (that’s Adam’s Mum!).

We made our way to friends’ Richard and Tara’s flat in Farringdon, Tara and I leaving the boys to get up to mischief whilst we headed into town for our friend Brigitte’s hen do! First of all we took in a lovely afternoon tea at a hotel on the Strand, then went bowling at the fun All Stars Lanes, before we had a big dinner together. We didn’t go in for the traditional Hen stuff (L-plates and penis straws etc!), but chose instead to honour the occasion by all wearing fascinators in light of the fact that the Bride and Groom have requested no-one wears hats to the wedding!

As the pup had a sleepover at his Grandma’s, Adam and I managed to get a nice lie in before we went to pick him up. Then after a late breakfast, we took a turn around the Sunday car boot sale at the Market, then went along to the second Great Hitchin Rummage Sale at Bar Ab nearby. Lots of local shops had taken up a pitch there, in what is sort of a one-day pop-up shop….and some of our favourites were there to tempt us with the rummagy loot….Jolly Brown and Red Eyed Dove had a stack of goregous vintage treasures, whilst Mamacita’s Cakery (new to us) were selling a table full of dreamy looking sweet treats. We picked up several of the latter’s offerings, then made our way home to yum them up!

Because there are so many cupcakes and such being sold on similar stalls at the moment, it takes a lot to impress us….we’ve really only tried one stall’s cakes and been truly wowed (how we miss Flavour Town at Old Spitalfields now that we’ve moved!). However, the amazing yums by Mamacita’s Cakery really did impress us, and we scoffed a Dulce de Leche cupcake, a Mexican wedding biscuit and a ‘bronze’ biscuit (each) in close succession! Definitely will be trying more of their treats!

To walk off the gluttony, we took the hound to the common for a nice jaunt, then went back to Adam’s Mum’s for a dinner of fajitas, followed by some of her amazing freshly baked scones (with clotted cream obviously!).

Back at home we had a relaxed evening on the sofa. I finished off a little drawing project for a competition (Oasis’ new butterfly collection cover photo) and then had the customary early night!

Hope you had a lovely weekend too!

Ems x


Under a Glass Sky Give Away on Rosalilium!

Quick! Quick! Head to Rosalilium! I have a give away currently open there!

You can win all of this……


That’s a custom ribbon banner necklace (winner chooses the name and colour)…… a set of four ‘It Bird’ prints (which is a flamingo, an owl, a parrot and a peacock)….. a bubble gum necklace in pink, green and blue….. AND a bubble gum ring in pink, green and blue!
Head over to Rosalilium now to join in!


Ems x


Wednesday Wants….. London Love Letters from Oasis

I popped into the lovely big Oasis on Argyle Street last week whilst I was waiting for the Liberty Jewellers en Residence launch to start. I love this particular branch, as it’s so large and beautifully laid out, but I couldn’t help but get distracted on this visit (even away from the amazing amount of Sale rails!), because as I stepped in, I was met by their gorgeous new range…..

Designed as a special and limited collection to celebrate London’s landmarks, each piece of ‘London Love Letters‘ features a darling illustration of some of London’s most iconic architecture. I’ll admit, that on paper it sounds a bit twee, especially because everyone seems to be jumping on the ‘celebrate Britain and London this summer’ band wagon…. but the collection is just so adorable and very highly covetable….. enough that I thought I’d dedicate this week’s Wednesday Wants to it in toto!

Floral Silk Postcard Scarf, £28.00

I’m a sucker for a silk scarf, and there are several in this collection I would love to add to my own collection. The ‘Postcard‘ print square scarf was the first to get my attention….. coral and aqua…. yes please! It’d be great to wear in my hair on a messy hair day. I also adore the ‘Street Scene‘, longer scarf, which would be great to dress up my trench coat.

Street Scene Skirt, £50.00

Also in the charming Street Scene pattern is this adorable skirt. It’s so full and frilly and playful…. very Jessica Day! It’s 100% cotton to boot, and I think not badly priced for that reason at £50.

Bus Placement T-Shirt, £30.00

And the lovely back

I would love this super cute T-Shirt to go with the skirt…. maybe a little printy overkill, but I love a loose T like this with a full skirt. And check out the back! Gorgeous!

London Conversational Print Dress, £80.00

There are several awesome dresses in the collection, but this one is my favourite. I adore the rosy pink, the repeat pattern, and the retro cut. It’s a definite spin-around-dancing dress, so swishy, fun and playful…. which I think is the way I feel about most of the collection really.

And I would happily take the lot!

Luckily, there is a competition to win the entire collection here…. you enter by sharing a picture of your favourite place…. but better still you could vote for me here (well, I really deserve to own the entire collection! I can’t say why, but I’m sure I do!). I’ve entered one of my analogue shots I took at St Dunstan’s in the East….the stunning secret garden I hosted my birthday party at, and one of my favourite places in London.

Wish me luck! And likewise to you too if you’re entering!

Ems x

And the winner is…… 100th Post Celebratory Give Away Result

Big thank-yous to everyone who entered my first ever give away! It was certainly fun making the prize!

Having written everyone’s names (some up to four times!) on little slips of paper, folded them, and deposited them in my top hat….. Adam (with his eyes closed) has picked out the winning name…..

(Drum roll please)


Congratulations Michelle…. hope you like it!

Thanks again to everyone for entering….. for those who would like another chance to win some of my jewellery, I am planning a give away in celebration of the blog’s first birthday, which is actually coming up soon!


Ems x

100th Post Celebratory Give Away!!!

100 posts! Yes, I’ve now written 100 posts! Proud of me? I am!

And I’m going to celebrate…. with my first ever give away!

I’ve been amazed by how much my little blog has grown over the last few months…. since I’ve been posting more regularly I’ve been getting some great feedback, which is very encouraging! I’d like to thank everyone who’s been reading my blog and has contributed to it…. as well as encourage some more people to do so as well!

And so I thought it apt, that since I’ve been beavering away making things for my Folksy shop lately, that I make something special as a prize. I also wanted it to reflect my blog, so I’ve gone with a London theme….. and it’s even under its own little ‘glass sky’……

This ring is made on a silver plated, adjustable ring base, and inside is a snippet from one of the vintage maps I’ve found on my treasure hunts (from the Gazeteer section of my beloved Pears Cyclopaedia in fact)…. it’s protected by a glass lens so it is shower proof (just don’t do the washing up wearing it!). I’ve been working on a whole range of jewellery like this, with cut outs of music, maps and text…. and I’ve been preparing some with my own drawings and paintings to put inside too. But this is the first to be available, so quite special I think…. I hope to have the other pieces on my shop in the next few weeks.

So, to enter your name into the hat, you can…..

  1. Follow my blog by hitting the subscription button on the top right of the page…. this will send an email to you containing each new post as it is published
  2. Follow my blog using Bloglovin’…. I know I love this app which handily keeps together all the blogs I follow and sends me a daily round up of all new posts… there’s a button on the top right of the page to do this
  3. ‘Like’ the Under A Glass Sky Facebook page
  4. ‘Favourite’ my Folksy shop
  5. Share this post on Facebook, mentioning Under A Glass Sky within the post
  6. Share this post on Twitter, mentioning Under A Glass Sky within your Tweet

You’ll get your name in the hat for each of the above that you do….. please let me know you have by commenting on this post for each entry. So, if you subscribe and also share this on Facebook for example, you’ll need to leave two comments to let me know, and then you’ll get your name in the hat twice! Hope that makes sense!

The competition is open to everyone, including those in far off places internationally. Maximum of 5 entries per person. The competition closes at midnight GMT on 3rd May 2012. After that, I will write each entry onto a bit of paper and my independent adjudicator (probably Adam) will pick one winner at random from a hat (probably my top hat for theatricality).

Soon after that I will update this post to let you know who the lucky winner is! Please make sure you check back in to see if you won, or if you have a Twitter account please include your handle in your comments/entries so that I can let you know that way.

Good luck!

Ems x