Something from the weekend…. Saturday morning breakfast at The Wolseley

There were more yummy treats in store on Saturday, as we made our way quite early to the decadent Wolseley on Piccadilly for a posh breakfast. I’ve been wanting to go there for years, and breakfast is a bit of an institution there, so Adam thoughtfully suggested we use the excuse of my birthday to finally go! You’re not allowed to take photos in there, so I don’t have any to share, but you can see just how gorgeous it is in the photos on their website and in this lovely book that I would recommend too. In fact, there’s lots on their shop that I recognise from our visit…. I want it all! (links below for my favourites!)….

I started with a pot of their delicious Earl Grey tea (which was presented with this highly covetable strainer) whilst Adam tried there Noisette coffee (seriously impressive!). Then to eat I chose the Kedgeree as I never have it, and Adam went for the French Toast with creme fraiche, blueberries and compote. My dish came with a perfectly poached egg on top and was absolutely gorgeous…. the fish was super tasty and the whole thing beautifully cooked and seasoned. Adam’s was rather impressive too, in fact he said that it got better with every bite! I finished up with a delicious double espresso as I was pretty full, but Adam took on their Wolseley Imperial coffee which is made with mandarin Napoleon and Cognac, long espresso, hot milk, cream and chocolate….lush!

The service is reputably impeccable there and I wasn’t disappointed…. all the staff were very attentive despite it being very busy. I was also lucky enough to be brought a chocolate brioche birthday cake, complete with a little plaque to wish me happy birthday…. I was really too full to do even half of it justice, but between the two of us we yummed it down as it was too tasty to leave! I left the little garnish and plaque, so our waiter kindly offered to pop it into a box for me and I happily took away a very posh doggy bag! You can also pick up a postcard next to the cloakroom, which if you write at the table the staff will post for you free of charge! All in all it was a wonderful experience and I hope to be able to go again!

From there, we took a wander along Piccadilly and then Jermyn Street…. Adam is in the market for summer blazer and there’s nowhere better to shop for that as far as I know! After he’d tried a few on and started up a short list, we walked to Trafalgar Square where we took in a little of the West End Live performance of Wicked….. I do love the song Defying Gravity and would definitely recommend going to see the show itself!

Then we popped into the National Gallery to see their new Titian acquisition and to have a little snoop about…. I’ve not been for ages and after my trip to the Musee d’Orsay in Paris the other week, I was in the mood to see more. It was fun to go there for the first time with Adam and show him some of my favourites…especially the Turners which I am very passionate about.