Labyrinth: the best bits

Such sad news to wake up to this morning. The world is in shock after hearing of the loss of music legend, creative genius and beloved hero, David Bowie. He was the face of British popular culture and a true artist.

I’m not usually one to talk about the death of a celebrity, and as much as I find it sad when any life is lost, I often don’t feel it as keenly as others clearly do. I’m feeling awfully sad today though, perhaps because of the shock of the news, and perhaps because of the incredible impact Bowie had on the music, film, art and fashion industries.

I’ve had the radio on lots as usual, and it’s been amazing to hear all the stories and tributes to Bowie, not to mention such a large sampling of his work. I remember thinking when I finally watched Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes a couple of years ago, about the huge expanse of his work and its influences on other artists. In fact, I just heard an interview with Michael Eavis, who put Bowie up there with Elvis and Sinatra, and I think he’s right when he says that there’ll never be anyone like him.

As a child of the early eighties, and like many of my peers, the film Labyrinth was my introduction to Bowie. Few films were watched half as often as this one in our home, the themes and ideas in it resonating throughout my childhood as well as in my own creativity. The Escher-inspired staircase… the twisted fairytale story… the outrageous, but somehow completely perfect costumes, hair and make-up… the beautiful but frightening masquerade ball… and of course, Bowie’s immaculate soundtrack…

And so, by way of a tribute, and to bring a smile at a sad time, I thought I’d share some of my favourite moments from Labyrinth….

“It’s a crystal. Nothing more. But if you turn it this way and look into it, it will show you your dreams. But this is not a gift for an ordinary girl who takes care of a screaming baby.”

Maybe this was the start of my love for all things shiny, hours spent in crystal shops and even longer spent trying (and failing) to master this trick….


“You remind me of the babe.”

“What babe?”

“The babe with the power.”

What power?”

The power of voodoo.”

Who do?”

You do.”

Do what?”

Remind me of the babe.”

Surely one of the most memorable introductions to a musical film scene ever…I defy anyone not to bop along to this track….


“I’ll paint you mornings of gold.
I’ll spin you Valentine evenings.
Though we’re strangers ’til now,
We’re choosing the path
Between the stars.
I’ll leave my love
Between the stars.”

This scene left such an impression on me that it became the basis for my first ever event design. I’d love to completely recreate it one day, the swagged chandliers, the golden clock, the haunting music and those magnificent but disturbing masks….


“Live without your sunlight.
Love without your heartbeat.
I…I..Can’t live within you.”

I think it’s probably true to say that the film was the start of my fascination with mazes and labyrinths… I always badly wanted Sarah’s wooden labyrinth game for myself, and was desperate to explore anything vaguely maze like as a child (and to this day). And it’s so perfectly fitting that the climax of the film, the end of our journey through secret passageways and hedged mazes, takes us to this thoroughly confusing and disorienting take on the Penrose Steps….


“Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen, for my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom as great —You have no power over me.”

Watching Labyrinth back as an adult, it’s always struck me how desperately serious and severe Sarah is…as a little girl though, it all seemed so perfectly matter-of-fact. And it’s with that same ardor that we lapped up this iconic scene, Bowie somehow resplendent in grey tights and metres of marabou, as our heroine wins the day. How could any little girl not dream of being in Sarah’s shoes?….


Now, I think I’ll have to go and watch the film in full….it’s been too long. Although you may like to know, if you don’t already, that BBC Radio 2 has cleared this evening’s schedule in tribute…. Simon Mayo’s show will feature an “All Request Bowie” slot, with Rick Wakeman as guest, then at 7pm Ken Bruce presents “Bowie at the BBC”, after which the station gives us another chance to hear “Bowie Live at Maida Vale”, recorded in 2002 and presented by Jonathan Ross.

Ems x


My Best of 2014

Screen shot 2014-12-31 at 14.49.17

Just a bit of fun, here’s a list of my best-ofs and favourites from 2014!….

Grand Budapest Hotel (precisely my kind of film….action packed, romantic, hilarious and stunning to look at!)

Charlotte Grey (finally got around to reading this whilst on honeymoon, and was totally hooked!)

Song (I can never choose just one, so…)
Rather Be, Clean Bandit
Happy, Pharrell Williams
Wrapped Up, Olly Murs

TV Show
Luther (closely followed by Mad Men, which I finally got round to watching!)

Jersey Boys in the West End (I took my Mummy for her 60th and we had a ball!)

Obviously, my Wedding day (perfect intimate occassion, super weather, great food, and two separate strangers said I looked like a Princess so I felt like Grace Kelly!)

‘Part Two’ of our Wedding day (a massively fun party filled with silliness, dancing, cocktails and yummy treats…not to mention our ace friends!)

Proud moment
Buttoning up my dear friend Claire’s wedding dress, stepping back and crying as I saw how stunning she looked (also proud, but nervous to have been in charge of veil duties!)

My portraits of our boys (love those boys SO much!)

The Indian silk with which I made my wedding dress (was going to say my Louboutins that I wore at the wedding, but they were the first thing I bought, way back in early 2013)

Bali (tough one to beat, especially as it was our honeymoon! I loved the people, the culture, the heat and the food)

This one by our incredible wedding photographer Sharon Cooper (I love the story it tells, and I never thought my legs could look so good!)

Ems x

It’s Film Photography Day!

I didn’t know until just now, but today is Film Photography Day! If you’ve been hanging round here for a while, you’ll know I LOVE my analogue cameras, but I’ve not done very much with them for a good while. In part that’s because of the weather (I don’t find film photos very easy unless the sun is shining!) and also because I’ve not yet found a local developer I trust (I used to be spoiled and go to the Lomography shop at Spitalfields which was walking distance from my London flat), but probably mostly it’s because I’ve been quite lazy about it. So, maybe this is the inspiration I need!

I’m hoping to get out and take a few snaps of my new ‘hood soon, and also take a film camera to Vienna next week, where I’m going for a wedding. But in the mean time, I thought I’d reminisce over some of my old snaps….

































Are you celebrating Film Photography Day? Are you going to go snap happy with your analogue camera?

Ems x

An evening with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Hot Fuzz on the big screen!

On Tuesday evening I was lucky enough to go to a special charity showing of Hot Fuzz at the wonderful Broadway Cinema in Letchworth. Adam and I go to the beautiful Art Deco picture house often, preferring it to the nearby multiplex, but this of course was an even more fun night than usual…..

The team who brought us Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz have recently been filming the third in their ‘Cornetto Trilogy’ in Letchworth, which is the next door neighbour town to Hitchin, where I live. As a thank you to Letchworth, they agreed to put on the special screening as well as a Q&A session. Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright came along to the cinema to take questions sent ahead online, as well as from some of us there…. in fact I even managed to ask a question myself!

I’m sure you’ll all be glad to know that I managed to unlock the vital secret of ‘If you were a Cornetto, what flavour would you be?’ Simon’s answer was ‘the classic Nut’ whilst Edgar claimed he was more like the Strawberry flavour. Neither explained why though.

They were also asked if there was any way they could premier the new film, ‘World’s End’, at the little local cinema, and despite explaining that the big premier just has to be in Leicester Square, they did promise to come back to Lewtchworth to present a very special Gala screening there….so I’ll look forward to that!

We didn’t hear very many spoilers about the new film (probably for the best), although it was great to hear some of the funny stories from the filming….about how they thought Letchworth was the perfect Garden City to shoot their pub crawl film in, until they realised it was originally a ‘dry town’….how they turned the train station into a pub and confused lots of commuters….and how because of the terrible weather, they had to have a fire truck during all the shoots to water the pavements for continuity!

Lots of people seemed to leave after the Q&A, presumably to chase after the pair for autographs and photos, but I was super excited to see Hot Fuzz…. I didn’t catch it at the cinema when it came out, but have watched it many times since and find it a brilliant film. It was even better seeing it on the big screen, and it’s definitely one of those that you can watch dozens of times and still find new things in every time you do. It was wonderful to hear an audience of fans laughing out loud together, and the action sequences were so much more fun to watch all bigified!

I now can’t wait to see the new film, in which five friends reunite in an attempt to top their epic pub crawl from 20 years earlier, only to become humankind’s only hope for survival. I have to wait until August though.

A big thank you though to the Broadway Cinema, Letchworth Heritage Foundation, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright!

Ems x

My pick from the Red Carpet

It’s all been building up to today…the weeks of warming up, sneak peaks and the rest of awards season….and now our wait is over….we get to see what everyone wore to the Oscars!

Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I’m just as much into cinema as I am fashion, but really for me, the Academy Awards are all about the pretty frocks. I rarely agree with who The Academy choose to win, and the cynic in me fears it’s pretty political anyway (I won’t get into the whole Skyfall debate again for fear of raising my blood pressure to dangerous levels), and I’ve never once watched the whole award-giving bit through.

But, snoop, judge and nosey at what everyone wore I CAN do! And here are my favourites from this year…..

I think Reese Witherspoon gets a bit of stick for choosing rather girly dresses for these things, and if I could remember anything she’d ever worn before (brain like a sieve, me) maybe I’d agree. But whilst you couldn’t ask for a more feminine silhouette than this number by Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton, I think she’s pulled off an incredibly glamorous look this year. I’m crazy about the cobalt blue (big for this Autumn I’m hoping!) and her curves are to die for.

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 16.20.26

Hello Audrey Hepburn! Anne Hathaway has been going up in my estimation for a while now, and her super cute crop is just beautiful in my opinion. Her gorgeously simple Prada dress matches her look perfectly, and she’s just heavenly in those delicate blush tones. The dress manages to be both modern and classic at the same time, as does Miss Hathaway.

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 16.21.39

I adore Amy Adams…she’s cute as a button and always unassumingly elegant. I wasn’t sure at first about the frothiness of her layered tulle dress by Oscar de la Renta, but this IS the Oscars after all, and the pretty lavender shade is stunning with her lovely red hair.

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 16.22.14

Just look at all that shiny! I’m a sucker for a heavily draped skirt, and Amanda Seyfried’s dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen is a perfect red carpet number. It’d be a little bridal if not for the elegant key-hole neckline, but again, this IS the Oscars so ‘look-at-me’ factor is par for the course.

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 16.22.49

And speaking of bridal…here’s the one everyone has been talking about. It would be plain wrong to say that Jennifer Lawrence looked anything less than stunningly enchanting in her Christian Dior gown, and the silhouette is simply incredible. But, I can’t help but think that it’s a little too white, and if only it had some straps going on I’d be fantasising about wearing it on my wedding day! Still, ‘when in Rome’ and all that….and Raf Simons sure has shown the rest how to create a showstopper.

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 16.20.52

My somewhat unlikely favourite though is Jessica Chastain’s Armani Prive dress. Actually, it’s more like the complete package in honesty, as Chastain looks nothing short of the ultimate Hollywood starlet with her red lips, curled red hair and porcelain skin.
If *I* was going to the Oscars, this is how I’d want to look!

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 16.19.03

Now you know I’m not much cop at talking about what the boys wear….I know their suits are *techincally* different, but I just can’t get myself interested in the particular cut of a dinner jacket. But, I would like to take a moment to talk about facial hair.

Usually I’d say that an event such as the Oscars absolutely calls for a clean shaven face. However, as fiance to a beardy man myself, I have to admit that I’ve been swooning over the Hollywood chaps who chose to keep their chins warm this year….  Bradley Cooper, Ben Afleck, Liev Schreiber, Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman all sported rather dashing facial hair, and the silver fox himself, George Clooney, looked yummy. Nicely done boys.

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 16.26.09 Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 16.25.57

So, which were your favourites? And are you pleased with the winners?!

Ems x

Living for the weekend….. Tempting me back to London

Although I’ve made it back into London several times since moving (it’s just SO quick and easy!), I have mainly enjoyed my weekends locally. There’s still lots I want to do around here, and I’ve been really enjoying discovering more about my new ‘hood. But with a stack of fun things to do in London coming up all of a sudden, I know I’ll be tempted back soon!

As usual, there’s a whole host of special events and limited exhibitions taking place in London….and as of this weekend there are a good half a dozen that I feel were specially designed to tempt me back!…..

Tim Walker: Story Teller

Somerset House, East Wing Galleries

Runs until 27th January 2012, Daily Entry 10am to 6pm

Free Admission

I am so incredibly excited to see this exhibition which showcases the work of the amazing contemporary fashion photographer, Tim Walker. Known for his extravagant style, fairytale theatrics and playful scale, Walker is a total hero of mine. Supported by Mulberry (who hosted a star studded opening party this week), the show will focus largely on the photos themselves, but also features some of his best known props and set pieces.

Twin Peaks UK Festival 2012

Riverside Studios, Hammersmith

20th October, 9:30 am til late

Tickets from £60

It is happening again……‘ The Twin Peaks UK Festival is back this weekend at the Riverside Studios. Debuting in Twin Peaks’ 20th anniversary year in 2010, with a follow up event last year, the festival includes screenings, performances, actor Q&A, cabaret, and of course ridiculous amounts of donuts and cherry pie! Twin Peaks is my all time favourite TV show in fact… if you’ve not seen it I suggest you do!

Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition 2012

Natural History Museum

19th October 2012 to 3rd March 2013, Daily 10am to 5:50pm

Adult tickets £10

This world-renowned exhibition has been an annual event for me for a good few years now. Hosting the 100 winning images from the competition on stunningly produced backlit screens, the exhibition is a must for all photography enthusiasts and wildlife lovers.

Hollywood Costume Exhibition

Victoria and Albert Museum

20th October 2012 to 27th January 2013

Adults £15.50 (advanced booking is advised with timed tickets)

This exciting exhibition includes over 100 of the most iconic and unforgettable costumes from a century of Hollywood filmmaking. Split into three galleries (‘Act 1: Deconstruction,’ ‘Act 2: Dialogue,’ and ‘Act 3:Finale’) the show promises to take us on a journey through the Golden Age of Hollywood, and is filled with treasures never before seen by the public, including the famous Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz!

Astronomy Photographer of the Year Exhibition 2012

The Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Until 17th February 2013

Free Entry

The Royal Observatory Greenwich is again hosting the winning images of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition. I’ve been going to this marvelous free exhibition for years, and wouldn’t miss it! The photography showcased here every year is just mind blowing, and this year features incredible new images of the sky, ranging from within our solar system to far into deep space, and including comets, nebulae, aurorae and the transit of Venus.

Crazee Golf

Tintype Gallery, Farringdon

Until 27th October 2012

Open Wednesday to Friday from 11am to 6pm, and Saturday from 11am to 4pm

Curators Oona Grimes & Teresa Grimes invite you to take part in a game of Crazee Golf…..and I can’t resist a game of crazy golf! Featuring 18 holes created by 18 artisits, the exhibition is an artistic representation of the ‘faux world’ of this wonderful British tradition.

Look out London! You’re not rid of me yet!

Ems x

Living for the weekend…… 1st and 2nd September 2012 in London

I’ve been making lots and lots of lists this week, in readiness for our move……and not just packing lists and furniture buying lists either. There are so many things I want to do and see before we leave London…..I’ve lived here for 12 years and still haven’t done everything I want to! But then I’m sure I could stay another 12 and still not get through the ever-increasing list! And we’ll not to be too far away, so I’m trying to cut myself a little slack and just make sure I get to as many things as is reasonable! There are a good few things on the list for this weekend of course, and lots of them things that are only on for a few days, so they get priority……

Kings Cross Ice Cream Festival

1st and 2nd September, 11am to 6pm

The Granary Building, Granary Square, Kings Cross

Free entry

This free, family friendly, two-day festival showcases the best ice cream makers in London and the South East and celebrates the history and production of ice cream in the region. Ice cream enthusiasts will learn about the history of ice cream and how it’s made, as well as having the chance to get involved with milking cows, making art, and making ice cream using the latest in nitrogen technologies.


31st August to 2nd September

ICA, The Mall

Tickets from £10

You may well be as shocked as I am about this, but believe it or not, David Bowie is 65 this year and his seminal album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is celebrating its 40th anniversary! And what a great way to celebrate the man of awesome….with the UK’s first film festival dedicated to David Bowie. The festival includes screenings, talks, Q&As, and is going to make for a truly unique event.

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Medals

Until 9th September

The British Museum, Room 37

Free entry

As part of my quest to see every room at the British Museum this year, I popped into Room 37 this Monday and was very impressed with the mini-exhibition there. The display tells the story of the production and design of the medals for the London 2012, including details on the mining of the metal by Rio Tinto, the process of the designs by David Watkins and Lin Cheung, and the fascinating production by the Royal Mint. As usual, the British Museum goes the extra mile by giving historical context for the medals in the shape of 19th and 20th century objects highlighting the longstanding links between Britain and the Olympic and Paralympic movements.

Regent Street Festival

Sunday 2nd September, 1pm to 8pm

Regent Street


Head to Regent Street this Sunday for the thirteenth annual Regent Street Festival. Expect eentertainment on the street itself, as well as in-store activities and discounts. The restaurants in the food quarters, Heddon Street and Swallow Street, are also serving special menus and cocktails to boot, and you can keep up to date with everything going on using the Living Regent Street app on your iPhone.

Liberty Festival

1st to 3rd September

Various locations

Free entry

As part of the Mayor of London events for 2012, Liberty Festival offers Londoners the chance to watch the world’s top deaf and disabled performers and artists from the UK and beyond. At venues ranging from the Southbank Centre, BT London Live in the park, the BFI and Potters Fields at More London, you can see comedy, theatre, film and music events, as well as watch the coverage of the Paralympic Games.

The 39 Steps

Criterion Theatre, Picadilly

Special offer tickets from £20

I wouldn’t usually single out one show as a must-see in one of my weekend ideas posts, but I saw this for the second time last night and I just think it’s an unbeatably good night out. Start with a pre-theatre dinner at the stunning Criterion Restaurant (just £19 for two courses on the their set menu, which is packed with seasonal and ethically sourced produce as well as home made bread and butter!), then head just next door to the theatre to see this brilliant show….. Hitchcock’s classic spy thriller, The 39 Steps, has been cleverly and hilariously adapted for the stage, and has won the Olivier Award for Best New Comedy to prove it. With a brilliant cast of just four, the story is acted out using wittily chosen props which imagine up the dozens of settings. It’s fast paced, intelligent, and super funny…..and with special offers on tickets with Time Out, there’s no excuse to miss out!

I hope that’s inspired you! Have a fab weekend!

Ems x

The Lomography Lomowall at the Museum of London

What an exciting morning I had today…. first thing I had a lovely sunny walk down the road to the Museum of London, where there was to be a special photo call for the launch of their collaboration with Lomography.

Lomographers will probably recognise the famous Lomowalls which decorate Lomo stores worldwide, and this very special project is along those lines… only so much bigger! In celebration of the fun-packed 2012 summer in London, Lomography teamed up with the Museum of London to create the biggest Lomowall ever seen in the UK! For five months at the start of this Olympic year, Lomography asked analogue photographers from all over the world to send them photos with the theme of ‘aspiring and achieving in London’. They have also recorded some of the Team GB Paralympic athletes in training in analogue style.

The result is a stunning 65m mosaic of individually printed, Olympic-themed analogue photos on 400 Lomowall panels, including images from 32 countries. There is a huge Lomowall inside the foyer of the museum, amazingly chevron-patterned using their colour clustering and repetition techinque, as well as stacks of wonderfully curated images on the immense curved wall outside. Close up, you see each photo individually, and in its own right…. but view from afar and you see the geometric pattern and vivid, glossy colours as its own work of art.

It was lovely to see so many (really, SO many!) analogue photos from all over the world in one place….. there were lots of things I recognised in the images, like one of the eggs on display in London this Easter, the Lloyds building (my favourite!), and photos of the museum too. It’s certainly an inspiration to ditch the digital and get analogue snap happy….. as well as to take on the Lomography Ten Golden Rules (especially ‘Don’t Think’, ‘Be Fast’, and ‘Take your camera wherever you go’!).

Photo courtesy of the Museum of London and Lomography

Chris Holmes MBE, Britain’s most successful Paralympic athlete, with 15 medals for swimming, was there too. A photography enthusiast himself, Chris uses what he feels and hears to compose his photos, so unsurprisingly he is drawn to the Lomography ‘don’t think, just shoot’ philosophy which values everyone’s artistic expression equally. Describing his love of photography, Chris said: “Photos have a universal power, they speak to us across space and time, evoking the feelings made in those moments:  sport, success, life captured by camera, essence in eternity.”

If you’re feeling inspired like me, do take the opportunity to collect your “10 piggies” (that’s £10 to spend on lomography goodies!) ……. Under A Glass Sky readers who use this link to set up their ‘Lomohome‘ will receive 10 complimentary piggies to play about with!

You can see the Lomowall (for free!) until 6th January 2013, but there is a big launch party tomorrow to get tings started with a bang (with yummy booze from Rekorderlig, as well as cake from Choccywoccydoodah!).

All photography enthusiasts would do well to give the exhibition a look…. it really is a one of a kind spectacle!

Ems x

Photo courtesy of the Museum of London and Lomography


Hitchcock’s Blackmail screening at the British Museum


As part of the BFI‘s ‘The Genius of Hitchcock’ (which is in turn part of the London 2012 Festival), we went on Friday night to see Blackmail… the British Museum, no less!

We are members of the museum and so received an email ages ago to give us a heads up that it was going on. I’m so glad we did, as it was a one off gala screening and rather a ‘once in a lifetime’ sort of thing. The film was to be shown in the open air, right in front of the museum, which had been chosen because it so heavily features in the film…. So we arrived to the museum well prepared for an evening outdoors, and settled down onto the grass on and under several layers of blankets, and with some very welcome cushions!


Blackmail is one of the Hitchcock films that the BFI has been working hard to restore. He actually made two versions of the same film, with almost the same cast and crew….one as a silent film and the other as Britain’s first ‘talkie’. The film started as a silent film, and indeed the director was said to prefer this format, which is why I was so pleased to see the silent version.

The soundtrack was provided by a live orchestra, performing Neil Brand’s specially commissioned score, and I have to say this was a real highlight for me. The music was fantastic in its own right, but moreover provided the perfect backing to the action and was certainly responsible for aiding the suspense and making me jump!

The film itself really is a masterpiece. The story of a young policeman, whose bored fiancee bites off more than she can chew when she is enticed up to an opposing suitor’s studio, I found myself compelled by the story from very early on. The film portrays a rather realistic and grimy London, although there was such excitement when the chase scene culminated right at the British Museum….. It was wonderful to se it as it was, and to recognise rooms featured in the villain’s desperate escape attempt.


I left wowed by the brilliance of Hitchcock, and this wonderful film……and instantly wanted to see more silent films, as well as North by Northwest (my favourite Hitchcock film).

You have another chance to see Blackmail, both the silent and talkie versions, at the BFI in August….you can still get tickets here.


Trying out the Lomography LC-Wide at the LoBlography Event

A couple of Saturdays ago I took part in the ‘LoBlography’ workshop, at the Lomography Soho HQ. Designed to inspire bloggers and introduce analogue photography to those who hadn’t tried it, it was a super event and I enjoyed the chance to try out a new camera.

I’ve been intrigued by the little LC-A cameras for a while, as they are so compact and give great results even in conditions I know other analogue cameras struggle with. It’s much more expensive than the likes of the Holga and Diana, at around £250 so I was glad of the chance to try it out before potentially investing.

I was lucky enough to baggsy the LC-Wide which features an even more impressive lens and the ability to half close the shutter to play around with multiple exposures. It was a little tricky to get used to how it works, being so used to the Diana which is a lot more low-tech, but with a whole film to play about with for an hour, I started to get the hang of it….. Still, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the developed photos, but here they now anyway…..












I am quite pleased with them…. at least they all came out, despite the dull grey day and lack of natural light. And I really like some of the double exposed ones. The colours are great in all of them though I think, and where I’ve got the focus right (not that often!) they are nice and clear too. I did miss some of the fun of snapping with my Diana, but I do think the LC-A is more user friendly and quicker to pick up, mainly because of how it deals with low light and because it won’t let you forget to wind on!

There are more here on my Flickr page  too, as well as some other sets from the films I took in to be processed that day….. I’m rather chuffed with some of the shots I took with my Diana in Paris.

Ems x