Wednesday Wants…. I Am A Bird

I came across these stunning treasures on Etsy a few weeks ago, but was very happily reminded of them today when they featured in a daily ‘Etsy Finds’ email!

I Am A Bird is an enchanting Etsy shop hosted by the wonderfully talented Madeleine Belanger, a 21 year old artist and jewellery designer from British Columbia, Canada. Madeleine also has a darling blog that you can find here, but it’s really her stunning jewellery that has my attention.

Taking inspiration from her surrounding Canadian landscape, colors and animals, Madeleine hand paints each completely unique piece featuring owls, deer, evergreen trees, squirrels, racoons and birds.

You can even order a bespoke piece by Madeliene, and I think a pet portrait necklace would be an incredible gift!

fox necklace in wood necklace- framed fox necklace- hand painted unique fox necklae

Fox in wood necklace, £30

How adoringly crafty is this little fox?! This beautiful pendant was made from unique wood retrieved from wine vats, which has been cut, sanded and drilled by Madeleine’s Dad! The pendant has been painted and sanded, then filled with a crystal clear resin.

honey harvest bear- fall fashion wooden bear necklace- wheat field dark wood- iamabird black friday cyber monday sale

Honey harvest bear, £30

I love this sweet little grizzly bear who stands in front of a wheat field. Another original painting, every order is completely unique!

summer owl - turquoise teal summer fashion owl- hand painted wooden necklace black friday cyber monday sale

Summer owl, £27

I adore the teal backdrop to this owl necklace! It just looks stunning against the blonde wood and golden owl.

Framed Fox Necklace- Hand painted wood fox necklace- reclaimed wooden fox necklace

Framed fox necklace, £40

The oval shaped pieces rather remind me of cameos, and I find this little fox utterly enchanting! The wood, which is recycled from old bed posts and the like, has been hand stained.

honey bee spring fashion necklace- hand painted bee necklace- honey comb wooden necklace

Honey bee necklace, £30

I’m loving bees at the moment, so this one was bound to appeal to me. For this particular style, a hole is drilled into the wood and the bee is forever suspended in his quaint little home, safely behind a super glossy resin.

valentines bird wood slice necklace- hand painted wood slice necklace

Love bird necklace, £17

And the super-cute winner is this Love Bird necklace! The little loops are secured into each piece of wood, and from those the pendants hangs on a silver chain….you can even choose the length and colour!

Should funds allow, I’d go crazy and buy all of these….and probably lots more on the shop besides! And with an exceptionally reasonable £3 shipping cost, it’s all the more tempting!

Ems x


A new fictional girl crush….. I want to be Jess Day

So no sooner had I publicly addressed my love for Glee’s Emma Pilsbury, than I was introduced to the wonderful Jess Day in New Girl. I have been totally hooked on the show since seeing the pilot a few weeks ago, and finding it really difficult to wait for each new episode!

All of the characters are brilliant in this show….. I adore Nick (and am hoping he and Jess get together before the end of the season)….. Winston is excellent…… and Schmidt is just hilarious (Adam and I keep saying ‘chut-e-ney’ like he does, and I’ve vowed to take on ‘yacht flair’ as my Spring wardrobe trend!).

But Jess is really what it’s all about, and as well as her gorgeously quirky and (forgive me) adorkable character, I am head over heals for her wardrobe.

And so it was that another Pinterest board was born…… It’s not as busy as my Emma Pilsbury one yet, because it’s so much newer. But it is growing fast and I thought I’d share some pieces with you here, and some of Jess’ key looks…..

The first lesson is COLOUR….. Although I’ve not picked up a real idea of a colour palette for Jess yet, the general trend seems to be for bold, bright, and not necessarily co-ordinated! The rule is always no black and white though…..

Source: via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

And almost as important, and so different from Emma, the hem lines are MUCH higher! A bright, full, shortie skirt is a must for the Jess wardrobe…..

Next is print….. a mix-match of quirky prints is very Jess indeed…….

Source: via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

This is one look I’d love to take on, but I can’t see it unless something drastic happens to my thighs….. still, for those who are blessed with a lovely set of pins, like Jess, there is the cutesy shorts look…..

Not one for predictability though, Jess doesn’t vamp up her shorts with heels….. ballet pumps and geeky flats are a must for the Jess look…..

And certainly not one for a teensy clutch, you’re more likely to see Jess with a big and bright, over-sized hand bag….. more space to keep such things as ‘the feeling stick’ and her over-night sewing kit!

Perhaps her most easily recognisable style feature though, and probably my favourite, are her beautiful horn-rim glasses. A style that would once have been considered nerdy, these over-sized specs are not for every face, but Jess certainly carries them off a treat.

My ‘I Love Jess Day’ board continues to grow, so do pop on to see it…… and watch out for more Emma and Jess here….. I feel a ‘Jess vs Emma’ post coming on!

Ems x

I want to be Emma Pillsbury

It’s no secret that I have a huge girl crush on one Miss Emma Pillsbury. Since Glee first began I have fallen in love with the character entirely….. I adore all of her quirks, her stunning hair, and not least, her incredible style.

For a while, I’ve been collecting bits of Emma-worthy style as a board on Pinterest. And what with all the new Springy things out on the High Street, I thought it a good time to share a few of my favourites….

Starting with some Spring florals…. I love this pretty top and can see Emma wearing it over a knee length pencil skirt perhaps…..

Source: via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

And how gorgeous is this skirt?! Emma would rock this with a pretty white blouse I think….

Source: via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

Emma loves Kate Spade. Fact. And this lovely blue dress would look amazing with her fiery hair….

Source: via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

And this dress is the perfect shape for her look, with a skinny belt perhaps (it should always be a skinny belt)….

Source: via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

And to go with it…. more Kate Spade and more stripes…. I am crazy about these, the colour is amazing!….

Source: via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

Stripes….Kate Spade…. a pattern emerges! Want!….

Source: via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

Emma is certainly one to rock a bead necklace, and also plenty of bow embellishments…. I could go nuts for this necklace from Miu Miu….

Source: via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

Gingham and floral together….works so beautifully I think. Emma could totally wear this combo….

Source: via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

The accessories are as important as the rest…. I would love to wear this colour, and perhaps this scalf wrapped around my hair (although it’s not quite Emma perfect ginger!)…

Source: via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

And for a really special occasion…. how beautifully Emma is this vintage dress?!?!…

Source: via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

And you couldn’t hope to replicate Emma’s look without a statement brooch (and my board is full of them!)….

Source: via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

Source: via UnderAGlassSky on Pinterest

Well, I’d best stop there before I while away a few days pinning and posting Emma worthy finds!

Still, if you want more of the same do check out my I Want To Be Emma Pillsbury board, and for more Emma-style advice I adore What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear.

Ems x