Wednesday Wants…. Totes Amazing

I’ve had a thing about bags for as long as I can remember. I recall as a child I’d blow any money I had on a new purse or bag at the first opportunity….and with all my money spent I’d have nothing to put into it! The ‘problem’ once got so bad that I had to limit myself to buying just one bag a month!

I’ve rather curbed the habit since then, favouring buying ‘investment’ bags to last me forever, and I’m currently in the process of streamlining my collection (I have a walk in wardrobe dedicated to accessories and it could do with a tidy up!). I do think though that you REALLY can’t have too many tote bags. They pack down flat, they’re inexpensive, last well, don’t mind being chucked in the washing machine and are infinitely useful to keep around. I have a big one filled with lots of others, and they’re just perfect for using for supermarket shops, throwing parcels and purse in when going to the post office, and for carrying lunches and documents to the office.

I also think tote bags are a rather wonderful way of buying into a new trend you like, your new favourite style, or just to show off your love for dogs or knitting or whatever. The nicest ones in my opinion are the pretty illustrated ones by independent designers, and I do love to carry a piece of artwork around with me!

Koala Screen Print Tote by Depeapa, £14.11 on Etsy, via Craft Gawker

How could you not feel cheered on a shopping trip with this fellow on your arm?! I love a Warly Bear (or Koala Bear if you prefer) and this chap is so charming with his smart yellow jumper!

Rob Ryan Canvas Shopper by Wild and Wolf, £7.50 on sale from £14.95 via Bloomsbury & Co

I actually have this one and I love it! I fell in love with the design when I visited the Ryantown shop on Columbia Road, and the bag itself makes me smile each time I look at it….I think it’s a rather apt saying for me! It’s a good size with a gusset bottom and a little zipped pocket inside, plus it’s a really sturdy, heavy canvas….a total bargain at the sale price!

Dachsund Tote Bag by Jeff Josephine Designs, £10 on Folksy

I adore this little guy! He reminds me a lot of my Digby hound, with his little Queen Anne legs! I am crazy about his striped scarf too!

‘Bad Mother Knitter’ Bag by Kelly Connor Designs, £13.75 via Not on the High Street

Hehehe! I love a pun, and a shiny gold print….. not to mention knitting! This one would be super cute to collect all your yarns and knitting pins together in!

Tipsy Badger Tote by Sophie Parker, £12 on Etsy, via Boys with Banjos

This badger knows how to live! Look at his shorts! I love this guy, and I have a certain badger-mad friend who will go crazy for this I’m sure…. especially as she’s partial to a glass of vino too!

‘Ignition’ Illustrated Rabbit tote by Gallons of Ink, £6 on Etsy

Pretty sure this one is my favourite….there’s something about the juxtaposition of these cutesy little bunnies and the innuendo-filled R&B lyrics of R Kelly’s ‘Ignition.’ So much fun!

How about you? Are you bag mad? Do you have a stash of totes for running errands with and cramming treasures in?

Ems x


Wednesday Wants…. Mary Katrantzou clutches

I remember hearing the name Mary Katrantzou for the first time, many fashion weeks ago (and wondering how the devil to pronounce it, or spell it!), and I remember thinking ‘here’s something fresh’. Ever since, I’ve paired the name with fun, original and quirky prints, as well as awesome colours and shapes. So, when I heard that the Central Saint Martins graduate had launched a range of clutch bags based on those same fantastic digital prints, I was desperate to see them.

I’ve not been disappointed either…in fact I want them all. No surprise I know, but just look at these beauties…..



Sorbonne printed leather pouch, £490, NET-A-PORTER

I love me some vintage stamps with birds on. I have stacks of them stashed in my studio, and love making jewellery out of them. So it’s no wonder I’m in love with this vibrant ‘Sorbonne’ print, and would happily carry by stuffs and things about in it.


I adore this blue print, another postage stamp design printed onto the gorgeous ‘Kathmandu’ pounch. I also love the soft leather and the ‘shove it all in’ size, which would will easily hold an iPad, small laptop, and all your other bits and bobs.


Pound printed leather pouch, £490, NET-A-PORTER

This one has to be my favourite though. Made again in luxuriously supple leather and lined in super-soft cotton-twill in a stunning shade of green, the ‘Pound’ pouch is just so incredibly pretty and clever. I’m crazy about this print, even though I’ve always found our sterling monies quite dull compared to the notes in other countries. I’d be delighted though to carry this around.

What do you think? Like the over-sized clutch idea? And what about these crazy prints….wonderfully wearable or for dressing up only?
Ems x

Wednesday Wants….. Is it a snow globe? Or is it a hand bag?!

As you know, I rarely tame my list of ‘wants’ back to fewer than three, but this week I’m just so taken with one thing that I’m not going to have a list at all. When I saw this clutch bag earlier today on the Selfridges Instagram feed, I just couldn’t believe how amazingly wonderfully incredible a thing it was….and how I wanted it SOOOOOOOO much!

The Marano Snow Globe clutch by Anya Hindmarch is pretty enough to look at even before its amazing secret is revealed. Like lots of the collection, it has an elegant, rounded finish and a rather retro clasp. But look closer, and you’ll see that as its name suggests, this clutch bag is also A SNOW GLOBE!!!!

I mean, as if it wasn’t enough that I adore hand bags so much…they had to go and combine my passion for fashion accessories with my obsession with all things glittery and Christmassy! The central panel of the bag forms an integral ‘globe’ inside which are hundreds of tiny Anya Hindmarch bows and stacks of ‘snow’. The globe is backed with a glitter inlay, and the whole thing is crafted from a gorgeous midnight blue 100% silk satin, covered in glitter. The lining is a beautiful cream suede, and there’s a little slip pocket for your phone or lippy.

My over-excitement doesn’t end at the bag though, as the packaging is a delight too! Made to look like a box for a toy, it asks ‘SHAKE ME’ and rather resembles the packaging for a gimmicky toy from the 80s. I love the way it’s been branded, and can imagine that finding it in your stocking would be almost too much joy to bear.

At £895 I don’t think I’ll be owning it any time soon (although if someone would like to send it to me as a gift, do please feel free), but that won’t stop me obsessing over it. I would LOVE to get my hands on one, even just to have a proper look at it….and to shake it to see the snow storm of course!

Ems x

Wednesday Wants…… Mulberry Del Rey

Mulberry Del Rey in Deer Brown

It’s kind of an automatic response to practically everything…. If I’m asked what I want for whatever reason, the answer is always “Mulberry Hand Bag”. I don’t quite know what the big deal is, and why I want one so much. They are everywhere these days, so it’s not their rarity that makes them special. And it’s not that they follow particular design rules. Maybe it’s because they’re so well made, and in Britain too. But probably, it’s just because they are so very gorgeous.

I’m not at all obsessed with ‘it’ bags, although I have a real fondness for plenty of hand bags that fall under that title (I still love my Chloe Paddington and it sees plenty of use…but then my Marc Jacobs Stam hardly ever sees the light of day). And I adore a wonderfully individual vintage bag just as much as a new one, so perhaps it’s the stunningly retro styling of the Del Ray that appeals to me……

Inspired by American songstress and Vogue cover girl Lana Del Rey, the bag’s design aims to infuse her trademark Old Hollywood glamour meets edgy modern style. And that really appeals to me….. I love to mix up something that makes me feel trendy alongside a style classic.

Lana Del Rey with her Mulberry Del Rey

The shape reminds me a little of those darling vintage doctor’s bags (I’ve wanted for ages) with the lovely barrel-ish shape and short handles. The colour ways are fabulous too….. Deer Brown, Petrol, White, Black and Burgundy….. and I think we can expect some special edition finishes too (surely a croc finish). I would obviously like one of each, but if I had to narrow it down (in a parallel universe where I can spend £795 on a hand bag) it would have to be the Deer Brown for pure classic style, or the Burgundy for the super vintage element. A girl can dream eh?

But which colour?!?!?!