Something from the weekend…..cakes, walks and rummaging

It was a close call, but the rain didn’t dampen my weekend….

On Saturday morning I pootled around the house, cleaning and tidying whilst Adam walked the hound….Friday hadn’t gone as planned so it was good to catch up a little. Then after a nice big brunch (Adam poached some very yummy duck eggs for us!) we made our way into London, leaving the pooch with his Grandma Liz (that’s Adam’s Mum!).

We made our way to friends’ Richard and Tara’s flat in Farringdon, Tara and I leaving the boys to get up to mischief whilst we headed into town for our friend Brigitte’s hen do! First of all we took in a lovely afternoon tea at a hotel on the Strand, then went bowling at the fun All Stars Lanes, before we had a big dinner together. We didn’t go in for the traditional Hen stuff (L-plates and penis straws etc!), but chose instead to honour the occasion by all wearing fascinators in light of the fact that the Bride and Groom have requested no-one wears hats to the wedding!

As the pup had a sleepover at his Grandma’s, Adam and I managed to get a nice lie in before we went to pick him up. Then after a late breakfast, we took a turn around the Sunday car boot sale at the Market, then went along to the second Great Hitchin Rummage Sale at Bar Ab nearby. Lots of local shops had taken up a pitch there, in what is sort of a one-day pop-up shop….and some of our favourites were there to tempt us with the rummagy loot….Jolly Brown and Red Eyed Dove had a stack of goregous vintage treasures, whilst Mamacita’s Cakery (new to us) were selling a table full of dreamy looking sweet treats. We picked up several of the latter’s offerings, then made our way home to yum them up!

Because there are so many cupcakes and such being sold on similar stalls at the moment, it takes a lot to impress us….we’ve really only tried one stall’s cakes and been truly wowed (how we miss Flavour Town at Old Spitalfields now that we’ve moved!). However, the amazing yums by Mamacita’s Cakery really did impress us, and we scoffed a Dulce de Leche cupcake, a Mexican wedding biscuit and a ‘bronze’ biscuit (each) in close succession! Definitely will be trying more of their treats!

To walk off the gluttony, we took the hound to the common for a nice jaunt, then went back to Adam’s Mum’s for a dinner of fajitas, followed by some of her amazing freshly baked scones (with clotted cream obviously!).

Back at home we had a relaxed evening on the sofa. I finished off a little drawing project for a competition (Oasis’ new butterfly collection cover photo) and then had the customary early night!

Hope you had a lovely weekend too!

Ems x


The Hills Are Alive, With the Sound of Music!

After a little inspiration from the Austrian-themed hen do I went to last weekend, I’ve finally listed my new jam jar sculpture….. Inspired by the opening scene from The Sound of Music, this miniature scene features Maria atop a meadowy mountain, with her arms outstretched in song.

I love making these tiny pieces of art, and must get onto making a few more of the scenes I’ve been planning! If you have any ideas or requests, do let me know!

You can now buy this jam jar scene on my Etsy shop for just £35….. I hope you like it!

Unique, hand made Sound of Music scene in a jam jar "The hills are alive with the sound of music"

Unique, hand made Sound of Music scene in a jam jar "The hills are alive with the sound of music"

Unique, hand made Sound of Music scene in a jam jar "The hills are alive with the sound of music"

Wednesday Wants…… My pick of the mid-season sales

So this is a pretty lengthy ‘Wednesday Wants’ but as is always the case with me at Sales time, I just can’t get enough! There are stacks and stacks of beautiful bargains in the shops at the moment, but here are my favourites from my usual ‘old faithful’ stores…….


There’s nowhere better in my opinion to shop for super cute Jess Day style. As well as their countryside colour, Joules boast some of the prettiest prints, summer dresses and full skirts on the High Street…..

Joules ‘July’ Dress in Blue, £54.95 down from £89.95

Joules ‘Amantha’ Skirt in Blue, £24.95 down from £49.95

Joules ‘Estelle’ Dress in Navy, £29.95 down from £49.95

Joules ‘Phaedra’ Knitted Sweater in Navy, £44.95 down from £69.95

Joules ‘Regan’ Polo Shirt in Creme, £34.95 down from £69.95


This is the best sale I’ve seen at Reiss for a long, long time. There is so much that I love….. plenty of sugar sweet tones for summer, autumnal shades and retro silhouettes with a fresh finish…..

Reiss ‘Smith’ Skinny Jeans in Pale Mint, £62 down from £89

Reiss ‘Briony’ Slim Fit Chino in Dusty Rose, £66 down from £95

Reiss ‘Devon’ Fully Pleated Skirt in Nude, £77 down from £110

Reiss ‘Hula’ Fully Pleated Skirt in Washed Blue, £77 down from £110

Reiss ‘Lexi’ Stepped Hem Belted Dress in Pistachio, £104 down from £149

Reiss ‘Melia’ Pleated Panel Dress in French Navy, £136 down from £195

Reiss ‘Danota’ 50s Style Dress in Chartreuse, £125 down from £179

Reiss ‘Adele’ Long Line Double Collar Blazer in Blush, £137 down from £195

Reiss ‘Eris’ Printed Coat in Copper, £138 down from £275

Reiss ‘Freda’ V-Neck Square Jumper in White, £62 down from £89

Reiss ‘Sylvie’ chain Detail Sandal in Caramel, £66 down from £95

Reiss ‘Robertson’ Blanket Stitch Espadrilles in Turquoise, £49 down from £69

Reiss ‘Chiltern Weave’ Lock Satchel in Ivory, £123 down from £245


I am very much hoping that the sale selection here grows as there was so much that I adored when the Spring Summer Collection came out……

Hobbs NW3 Bow Print Top, £59 down from £79

Hobbs NW3 Jersey Pleat Skirt, £49 down from £99

Hobbs Kay T Bar Wedge Sandals, £99 down from £135

Hobbs NW3 Baystone Bag, £99 down from £149


This is easily the most tempting of all for sales, as the well made pieces here are a bargain even outside the sale. I love the skater style dresses, 50s silhouettes and easy to wear skirts…..

Oasis Denim Belted Shirt Dress, £35 down from £50

Oasis Floral Belted Dress, £35 down from £50

Oasis Lace Tile Print Dress, £38 down from £65

Oasis Chevron Stripe Dress, £35 down from £65

Oasis Bird Print Skirt, £25 down from £42

Oasis Button Through Denim Skirt, £25 down from £45

Banana Republic

This is my go-to for quality separates…..

Banana Republic ‘Casey’ Striped Silk Skirt, £29.99 down from £49.50

Banana Republic Three Quarter Length Sleeve Crew Neck, £29.99 down from £45

Banana Republic Silk Button Cardigan in Cocoon, £24.99 down from £49.50


Always great value, this is my favourite for bargain basics in good fabrics…..

Uniqlo Sleeveless Dress, £29.90 down from £49.90

Uniqlo Ribbon Sleeveless Top, £19.90 down from £29.90

Uniqlo Pleated Skirt, £14.90 down from £39.90

Goodness help me if I actually have to step into one of these stores….. or rather my bank account!

Enjoy the sales!

Ems x