Sugar Sweet Kitschy Christmas Tree Ornaments

Soooooo….I’ve made it this long, but I just can’t wait any longer to get excited about Christmas! I’m really looking forward to starting to decorate our new home for our first Christmas here next week and have all sorts of ideas in my head!

There’ll be some crafting, arranging, foraging and re-arranging I’m sure, but right now I’m thinking about new decorations to buy! There have been a few in the shops I’ve had my eye on, and of course I’ve been spotting things online too.

I have my very own kitsch Christmas tree on account of Adam preferring the more traditional stuff….we have a ‘proper’ tree too but I do adore my white mini tree complete with colourful lights! It’s covered in crazy decorations and I got all excited to find a whole stash of new decorations on the wonderful Oh Deer online store that would make perfect additions (free shipping over £40 also ups the ante!). I just love all the sugar sweet colours, glitter and shininess…you may remember I pinned a whole bunch of such treasures on Pinterest, to which I’ll be adding these.

Here’s my round up of favourites that I’d love to add to my very special tree!



What glittery plans do you have for the Festive period?!

Ems x




Wednesday Wants…. it’s party frock season!

I’m afraid for those of you who don’t like Christmas coming so early, I’m going to be rather intolerable for the next few weeks. I don’t consider myself badly swayed by the commercialism of Christmas now, it’s just that I get so excited about it I can’t wait! And whilst Christmas is very much a traditional, home-made affair for me, I can’t help but be a *little* diverted by some of the Christmassy stuff in the shops! It’s not usually dancing, singing Father Christmas plushes though….more the kind of things I like to wear around the festive season. And as such, I’m getting excited about the excuse to wear proper party frocks, with shiny glittery bits and in festive colours. Who *wouldn’t* want to get into the spirit with this stuff?!…..

Lia Jacquard Skater Dress, Whistles, £175

It’s pretty inevitable that the festive season will bring stacks of sheeny, metallic, jacquard dresses. And whilst they are annoyingly almost always polyester and dry clean only, there is something about this time of year that means you need to be all shiny and glittery. This rather luxurious looking number from Whistles wouldn’t look out of place in an Audrey Hepburn film, and it’s about as ‘me’ as you can get! I love the nipped-in waist, full skirt and the stunning shade of green. Plus, it’s super practical for this time of year with its pretty little sleeves (I bear my shoulders for no-one in the cold!).

Inda Quilted Dress in Sage Green, Reiss, £179

And sticking with the colour green, and practicality….I’m loving this quilted dress from Reiss. It’s double layered so it’ll keep you that bit more cosy and stays super cute at the same time! I have a darling little vintage shrug in emerald green with white polka dots that would go beautifully with this! See how I made a pretty little dress sound all practical?!

Oriental Jacquard Dress, Oasis, £95

Back to the jacquard now…. I’ve been eying up this oriental styled dress from Oasis for a while now. The pattern and colours look like something that would look great on the Christmas tree, but it’d still be ever so wearable all the same with a lovely cardi over it.

Invitation Vanessa Maxi Dress, Hobbs, £69 down from £119

Now I hardly ever go for a maxi dress, but there is just something so incredibly glamorous about this rather Grecian dress from Hobbs. The colour is just stunning, and all those ruffles would nicely hide all those mince pies with style and grace! It’s actually made from a jersey fabric, so easy to wear and look after, and I can’t think of anything better to glide around at a festive ball in!

Monogram Short Sleeve Lace Dress, Banana Republic, £99.50

It wouldn’t be party season without a little black dress now would it? And to that end, I’m lusting after this beautiful black lace shift dress from Banana Republic. With its smart and flattering tailoring, and cute little cap sleeves, this looks like a real wardrobe life saver to keep up your sleeve!

Iona Duchess Satin Dress, Coast, £150

Iona Duchess Satin Dress, Coast, £150

And I couldn’t let a Christmassy party frock post go without a red dress now could I?! Nothing says Christmas day attire more to me than a shiny red dress, and this one from Coast is the Christmas dress of my dreams. Made in luxurious duchess satin, and with a double layered tulle petticoat underneath, it’s just the perfect number to get all giddy and Christmas-day-excited in! In fact, if I had it, I’m pretty sure I’d wear it every day up until New Year!

I hope you’re enjoying getting excited about party season too?!

Ems x

Wednesday Wants….. From Old Spitalfields Market

I know I bang on about Old Spitalifeilds Market, but it really is the most amazing place. On Sunday, having decided to keep the weekend’s adventures pretty local and undemanding, we took the short wander along to Spitalfields to while away a couple of hours. I really do feel so lucky to have this wonderful market within walking distance, and I know it will be one of the things I miss the most when I one day move out of London.

In the mean time though, I will make the most of it, with trips to the antiques and vintage markets on Thursdays, the special markets on Saturdays and the reliable Sunday markets. And whilst I’m there, it’s inevitable that I find plenty of ‘wants’…. there are so many original designers and producers, with fantastic ideas and skills…. from clothing to jewellery, baked goodies to homewares… there is always far too much to tempt me!

Last Sunday was no exception of course…. here are my Wednesday Wants, all courtesy of some of the amazing Spitalfields traders…..

We spotted the Tina Maas Photography stand for the first time this weekend, and whilst we were initially drawn in by the high quality digital images in mounts and the little photo squares hanging on the walls, it was the amazing ‘Polaroid Lifts’ collection I really coveted. Each image is hand made from an original Polaroid photo, by separating the emulsion from the print, then stretching and crinkling it into a new image. The result is a completely original, unpredictable and beautifully low-tech piece of art…. the images remind me of a very fine patterned silk, and the translucency is just stunning.

I love that there are no sneaky Photoshop techniques involved, and that each one is so very different. They are amazing value to boot, starting at just £8 for a 5×7″ and up to £35 for a 16×20″….. you can also buy them direct from the website. I would LOVE the Union Jack, and in fact all of the wonderful London landmarks!

I’ve always had a fascination for geodes and crystals and shiny, colourful semi-precious stones. And so a stall like Decadorn’s is supremely exciting for me! Decadorn creates and sells stunningly unique statement jewellery, using crystals which are carefully sourced from all over the world. Each treasure is carefully selected and hand made into a striking and wearable piece.

I am crazy about the chunky, but elegant pendants, where the crystals seem to be growing right of the hunk of gold which secures them onto the pretty chain. And the chunkier still rings, which are hand carved around the natural shape of the stone, are straight out of a fairytale!

Pendants start at just £28, with the rings from £52, which I think is incredibly good value, considering the originality and quality of each piece (again, you can buy from their website, AND they do gift certificates). I’d love a stack of the different pendants to wear all at once!

And what with us enjoying this traditional British Summer (read ‘grumbling constantly about the unpredictable weather’, at least on my part), what better to lust after than a good Autumnal coat?! Love and Be Loved boasts a stall full of incredibly original, remarkably well tailored, and insanely covetable fashion. It was really the beautiful tweed coats that caught my eye at first….. they have lovely slanted pocket patches of various soft leathers, and the tailoring is complex and different, with a very classical edge. Their dresses too are intricately pleated, and rather reminiscent of Roland Mouret with their geometric seaming and pocketing.

At £300 + for the coats, they are not a suitable impulse buy, but I think for the quality and originality, they are very well priced and a definite treasure to save up for and keep forever.

Aptly named after Nat King Cole’s wise words in Nature Boy (“The greatest gift we’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return”), the brand also creates incredibly stunning wedding dresses… you can contact them here for more information. Oh and check out this amazing jump suit! Want!

Stylishly Patriotic…. Union Jack crazy for the Diamond Jubilee

What with the Royal Wedding last year, and the upcoming Jubilee and Olympics, there’s never been a greater excuse (in my life time at least) to celebrate all things British. Amongst all the souvenirs and paraphernalia though, it’s our splendid Union Flag that will remain my fondest nod to the festivities. With more street parties, special commemorative dishes, and already busy media attention for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, I’m looking forward to plenty of red, white and blue…..and here is a sampling from my current favourite Pinterest Board, celebrating our wonderful flag…..

What could be more British than a pot of tea….especially one emblazoned with Union Jacks like Emma Bridgewater’s……

I can’t think of many places more British than my beloved Liberty….and amongst their Best of British offerings, it’s this gorgeous necklace by Stella Macartney I’m most after….

I actually have this stapler….when I found it I couldn’t disguise a squeal of joy for its shiny Union Jack glory….

Source: via prettypretentious on <a style=’text-decoration: underline; color: #76838b;’

Of all the lovely Union Jack cushions out there, this is certainly my favourite to date! It’s a *Jack* Russell….wearing a Union *Jack* scarf….LOVE!

I’ve been after a Roberts radio for ages, and this one has got to be the best!….

Our flag is so iconic that it can keep its identity in any colour….I adore this stunning Liberty print quilt….

And almost any colour goes for this beautiful ribbon too, which I love in the traditional colours as well as the shades of green and grey….

The chances of me riding any kind of bicycle are slim to none, but perhaps this could tempt me…

And no British celebration (or any of mine for that matter) would be complete without the BUNTING… The Cotton Bunting Company has the best quality selection I’ve ever found and it’s this I’ll be hanging up everywhere come June!