Wednesday Wants: Back to School

OK, so I’m not *actually* going back to school. BUT, I do have a shiny new studio in our shiny new house to set up and fill with shiny things!

Most things are still in boxes after the move, although my desk is up at least! I have a load of amazing second hand white metal peg boards to put up before I do any serious unpacking though….can’t wait to fill them with stuff!

Anyways, I get all excited at this time of year with all the “back to school” things around… you’ll probably already know, I’m pretty stationery obsessed anyway, so this is a super tempting time for me!

Here are my current lust-after picks…..

I’m super into rose gold, copper and brass at the moment….it’s featuring heavily in our new home decor for sure. And how classy would these babies look on my lush new desk, huh?

Brass Scissors by HAY via Really Well Made, £9.00

Brass Scissors by HAY via Really Well Made, £9.00

I’ve also been crazy about neons for a while now, and well, I’m in love with this clever case by Undercover on Not on the High Street. I’m CONSTANTLY losing all those important strings and things that you need to connect all the gadgets, and I HATE them not having a real home. So, against all the odds, I’ve actually chosen a really *sensible* something for once!

Cables and Wires tidy case by Undercover via Not on the High Street, £34.95

Cables and Wires tidy case by Undercover via Not on the High Street, £34.95

So the third and final thing on the list is basically EVERYTHING at Paperchase. They do it to me every time… collections FILLED with shiny new things I WANT WANT WANT. Here are a few of my particular favourites though…..

Pony Party List Clip Board, £6.00

Pony Party List Clip Board, £6.00

Monster Mashup Stickers, £1.50

Monster Mashup Stickers, £1.50

Pony Party Sticky Tabs, £2.50

Pony Party Sticky Tabs, £2.50

Chips Lunch Bag, £12.00

Chips Lunch Bag, £12.00

Unicorn Pencil Case, £6.00

Unicorn Pencil Case, £6.00

What are your favourites? Do you get to shop for a bunch of “back to school” stuff?
Ems x

Wednesday Wants: It’s National Stationery Week!

Did you know it’s National Stationery Week?! Now I don’t need any excuse to get excited about stationery, but this seemed like a good reason to feature what is certainly one of my favourite things on this week’s ‘Wants’ list. And what better way to indulge in some of my other favourite things….robots, neons, dinosaurs, mythical creatures…..stationery does it all!

It’s glossy, it’s blue, it’s covered in robots. Oh, and you can fill it with cool pens. What’s not to like?!

How adorable is this illustrated notebook by the talented Emma Randall? I love the blue unicorn, and that cheeky octopus!

I’ve been ever so slightly obsessed with neons for over a year now. Fluorescent stuff reminds me of my childhood, especially when that stuff is stationery. It puts me in mind of staking out Woolworths in the school holidays, plotting how best to spend my pocket money. So of course, I’m crazy about these super cute bear highlighters with their sweet expressions.

Just think of the things I could neon-ify with these babies…..

Fluoro meets Egyptology. Way cool. I’d stencil hieroglyphs onto everything with this. Probably with my neon pens.

And when I have to be a little more grown up, these lush Liberty prints will help soften the blow. I love adding pretty stickers to parcels when I send out my orders, and these would make packing even more satisfying.

Dinosaurs on parcels, on envelopes, on notebooks, on little notes, on the back of my hand, and probably all over the walls if I had my way….all possible with these bad boys.

And what could be more of a productivity boost than a bright yellow notebook telling you to ‘Make if Happen’? For lists, doodlings and planning great adventures….I’m pretty sure this notebook could help me make it happen. (Also, these Panama notebooks have proven to be super practical for me….they’re a great size for carrying around, and the supple cover holds its own even at the bottom of my junk filled handbags!)

Happy National Stationery Week everyone! Go forth and treat yourself to a fancy new pen or something!

Ems x


Wednesday Wants: Packing Frenzy

As we prepare for our house move next week, I’m in a serious packing frenzy and the house is full of cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape. I usually get pretty excited about packing, and I did at least enjoy bundling up the first few boxes of books, CDs and fragile treasures… gets boring fairly fast though, and trickier and trickier as the house gets further into disarray! So I was thinking that a distraction was in order, and that perhaps if I had some fun stuff to pack with, I’d get excited about it again. And what better distraction than shopping……

Check out these super cute packing tapes! Adorable aren’t they? I’d be a demon with the tape gun if I had these, and I bet the moving men would take extra special care with our treasures too!


HANDLE WITH CARE packing tape, £6.50 from Hazel Nicholls on Etsy

I have a collection of label makers of course, but just think how productive I’d be with the DYMO LabelWriter 450! It comes with proprietary DYMO label software and enables you to create and print address, shipping, file, folder and barcode labels…..and at a speed of 51 labels per minute! Unpacking would surely be a breeze if I had this baby to get organised with!

DYMO LabelWriter 450, £109.52 from DYMO

DYMO LabelWriter 450, £109.52 from DYMO

Of course packing and moving calls for a lot of lists. I don’t need much encouragement to list really, but I’d list all day on this adorable little note book. It’s even got a Cooper dog look-a-like on it (one of his nicknames is Bambi!).

Fawn And Butterfly Magnetic To Do List Pad, £4, by SUPERFUMI on Not on the High Street

Fawn And Butterfly Magnetic To Do List Pad, £4, by SUPERFUMI on Not on the High Street

New home means new stationery. Obviously. Maybe I’ll wait until we’re in our ‘forever home’, but I really do fancy some proper headed writing paper. I’d keep it in my correspondence box and write on it with my dippy pen before blotting it like I’m in a Dickens novel.

Personalised correspondence cards, by Smythson

Personalised correspondence cards, by Smythson

Actually we’ve already told most people who’d like to know our new address, but still, it’s a nice excuse for some fancy cards, right?

Set Of Six New Address Announcement Cards, £5.95, by ARBEE on Not on the High Street

Set Of Six New Address Announcement Cards, £5.95, by ARBEE on Not on the High Street

And what to put on the back of the envelopes?1 A personalised stamp of course! This one has a picture of Digby dog on it, so it has to be this one.

Personalised Dachshund Stamp, £27.50, by LETTER CANDY on Not on the High Street

Personalised Dachshund Stamp, £27.50, by LETTER CANDY on Not on the High Street

Aaaanyway…..I suppose id’ better get back to the *actual* packing…..

Wish me luck!

Ems x


Wednesday Wants: Back to School with Not On The High Street

This week I got the very exciting news that I’ve been accepted to join Not On The High Street, and I’ll be opening up a little Under A Glass Sky shop there very soon! Naturally, I’ve been using this as an excuse to spend ages browsing this lovely site, snooping around and window shopping…..And what with it being that time of year (not to mention my stationery obsession) I’ve been very much led down the ‘Back To School’ path. And that’s despite not actually having been to school in some time now!

Still, a girl can still hanker after some fancy new stationery can’t she? Here’s my picks….

Personalised Pencil Case, by TILLYANNA, £8

Well this literally has my name all over it! And not only was this lovely pencil case clearly *made* for me, but it also stipulates it’s to carry my ‘creative kit’….which means I could fill it with all kinds of marvellous things!

Pack Of 12 Personalised Colouring Pencils, by ABLE LABELS, £6.50

And to fill that personalised pencil case? Why, a set of personalised pencils of course!

‘Stuff I’m Likely To Forget’ Notebook, by BREAD & JAM, £13.50

Another thing *clearly* made for me! I just have to keep list upon list, lest I forget where I’m coming from and what I’m doing. And there’s nowhere better to keep all those lists than a super cute note book like this one.

Personalised ‘From The Kitchen Of’ Stamp, by PRETTY RUBBER STAMPS, £12.50

I love stamping things. I used to have a self built toy post office as a child and would merrily stamp anything that sat still for long enough. This one would be great for home-baked gift giving….and you know, just anything that sits still long enough.

Rob Ryan For Alphabet Bags Initial Tote Bag, by ALPHABET BAGS, £16

Of course, one always needs a pretty new bag to carry one’s pretty new things in. I adore Rob Ryan and these initial book bags with his darling paper-cut initials on make me smile.

Bunny In The Field Paper Clip Holder, by KIKI’S GIFTS AND HOMEWARE, £15

And now for the pièce de réstistance…. I am just crazy about this little bunny rabbit! He cleverly gathers up all your paper clips, and he’s silly cute to boot. I want him on my desk this instant!

Are you allowing yourself any ‘Back to School’ time extravagances? What type of stationery really floats your boat?!

Do keep an eye out for my Not On The High Street shop….my vintage stamp jewellery should be live on there in a week or so!

Ems x

Wednesday Wants….. Washi washi washi

Right. Before you say ANYTHING, I am allowed to obsess over stationery and packaging, *for professional reasons*. And so what if I did spend an inordinate amount of time last week building a washi tape dispenser in my studio? It was *for professional reasons*.

I mean, I have to ensure the goodies I spend hours making are carefully wrapped up against those brutal Posties, and the goodies also have to be pretties don’t they? And washi tape is just so incredibly versatile too….I mean, what other tape could you make such pretty mini cupcake bunting from?!

Needless to say, I’ve become a little obsessed about washi tape lately, but all the cool people are, and any combination of Japanese kitsch, pretty packaging and super cute stationery is bound to get me over-excited, so I’m going with it. And now you are too….here are my favourites….

mt 2012 Autumn NEW- Japanese Washi Masking Tapes / 6mm Slim Twist Cord A set of 3

Twist Cord A set of 3, from Little Happy Things, £3.39

New-Sanrio My Melody Paper Deco Tape / 15mm (Pink)

Sanrio My Melody Paper Deco Tape, Little Happy Things, £3.73

MT ex 2012 Autumn NEW- Japanese Washi Masking Tape / Map

MT Map Japanese Washi Masking Tape, Little Happy Things, £4.75

Green and White Grids Washi Tape / Masking Tape - Classic, 15m, 1 Roll

Green and White Grids, GoodiMochi , £1.83

Pink Inch Scale Washi Tape / Masking Tape - 10m

Pink Inch Scale, GoodiMochi, £1.83

Fluorescent Color Washi Tape / Masking Tape // Your Choice of Color - Yellow, Pink, Orange, Green // 10m, 1 Roll

Fluorescent Color Washi Tape, GoodiMochi, £1.83

Black and White Chevron Washi Tape / Masking Tape - 10m

(*cough* Twin Peaks) Black and White Chevron, GoodiMochi, £1.83

Heart in the Clouds Washi Tape

Heart in the Clouds Washi Tape, Wishy Washi Tape, £2.03

Washi Tape: On the Road

On the Road, The Sewing Post, £2.03

NEW- Moomin Carriage and Umbrella Series Japanese Washi Masking Tape / Salmon Pink

Moomin Carriage and Umbrella Series in Salmon Pink and White, Little Happy Things, £5.93

Ems x

Wednesday Wants….. Thank you cards

He came! Father Christmas came! And he brought me LOTS of lovely gifts! On top of a super brilliant Christmas Day, I am now also looking at my haul of pressies and thinking that I really do need to get some thank you cards sent to everyone who gave them to me.

And as such……

Liberty Thank You Telegram Note Cards, £15

Being a bit of a traditionalist, I rather lament the loss of Telegrams. I always thought how wonderful it would be to receive one and remember the joy of having them read out at weddings and such. Still, even if you can’t send a real one these days, these note cards from Liberty make up for it a bit. I love the retro styling and the little tick boxes, and they’re just the right size for a quick note. They are £15.00 for six and come with matching envelopes.


Smythson ‘Rules Are Meant To Be Broken’ Note Cards , £30

I do love a play on words, not to mention the slogan ‘Rules Are Made To Be Broken’. And so these gorgeous die stamped cards from Smythson are just perfect for me. As you’d expect from Smythson, they are made from luxurious woven watermarked card, and come along with matching tissue-lined envelopes. It’s £30 for a box of ten.

Elvis Thank You Cards by Fancy Seeing You Here on Etsy, £7.64

And as a big Elvis fan too, these brilliant letterpress cards from Fancy Seeing You Here on Etsy are a huge temptation. The dotted borders are so very Vegas, and the brilliant Elvis silhouette is letter-pressed in a lovely dark gold that I love. You get three cards for £7.64, along with coordinated antique gold envelopes.

I hope you got a good haul from Father Christmas too, and that you’re ready for some thank you card writing!

Ems x

Guest Post: Wednesday Wants with Country Mouse Claire


My name is Claire, and I blog all about my life, loves, and adventures at Country Mouse Claire. Being a teacher of some hilarious little boys, a lover of all things shiny and entertaining, and one of the silliest people in Christendom, there’s always something to share!

Emily and I have been friends for years, and I’m a big fan of Under a Glass Sky…so naturally I was thrilled when she invited me to compose a ‘Wednesday Wants’ for whilst she’s moving to her fab new pad. And when you talk to a teacher about desired items in September, one thing dominates….


Source: via Claire on Pinterest

I adore Erin Condren’s range of stationery – it is so jolly and fun! I have her 2012 diary already and I love it: it has tabs for easy navigation, monthly and weekly grids, matching notepads, stickers (!!!)…. It’s pretty much divine. I’m already plotting my 2013 diary – I think this one, with pictures of Matthew and I, good friends, family, and the cats would brighten up an organising session!

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

I like to have a fun calendar in my form room – I think this is the front runner!

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

At this point in the year I also like to start getting excited about Christmas (I know, I know, it’s early. But I like to be the early bird!). I usually buy and handwrite our cards, but I love the photocards that pour in each season too. I love this Erin Condren design – perhaps our Christmas missives this year will be kitty-tacular!

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

I love writing pieces about London, and have been thinking for ages that I’d like to have a notebook for making notes about posts! Isn’t this Paperchase one adorable, and perfect for purpose?

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

I love the feel of writing in a fountain pen, and have long been a devotee of Parkers! I lost my last one a few years back and have been on the hunt for a replacement…I think this may be the badger!

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

And lastly, the prerequisite “very pretty thing I adore but could never truly afford to splurge on”. As gorgeous as these Smythson cards are, at the rate I write thank you notes and letters, I’d fast go bankrupt. So I shan’t stump up the £50 for these beauties….but I will sigh longingly in their general direction!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a few of my current favourites. What stationery has recently caught your eye?

Many thanks for having me, Ems!

Back to School… Etsy treasury (I’m not actually going back to school)

Yes, I know I don’t go to school any more. And it does confuse people when I refer to a weekday evening as a school night. But old habits die hard. And I liked school too.

With even the little bit of telly that I watch, I’m already fed up of the ‘Back to School’ ads offering Teflon coated pleated skirts for £3, and the crow-barring in of the theme to ads about washing up liquid and people carriers. But there are certainly cool elements to the Back to School trend….I mean HAVE YOU SEEN all the new stationery around?!?!

And with that in mind, and as a self-confessed stationery obsessive, I recently created a little Etsy Treasury, featuring all those things I used to look forward to buying before the start of the new school year. In fact, I think I have a pretty good excuse to get excited about it anyway, as I’ll be getting my very own studio in a few weeks and I need to kit it out with lots of cool stuff. Obviously.

Here are some of my favourites from my treasury…..(you can click on each photo to take you to the listing on Etsy)….

Blackboard notebook, The Black Spruce, £6.45

6 Coppiced Ash Pencil Crayons, The Lovely Little Wood Company, £5.18

Vintage Boston Pencil Sharpener Back to School, Whats New On The Mantel, (sold)

Rainbow Back to school Fun Pencil Bags, Bag Buffet, £2.59

Mid Century World Globe, 86 For The Home, £87.49

Vintage 1960s Cream Panasonic AM/FM Tube Radio, Time For Memories, £27.22

Ems x

Wednesday Wants….. British Stationery for the summer of 2012

There are few things I love much more than posh stationery. And one of the most luxurious things I own is my little pink ‘Panama‘ notebook by Smythson. I just adore the soft, supple lambskin cover, and the super fine, pale blue pages edged with silver are just gorgeous. I’ve had mine for a while now….it lives in my rucksack for when I need to write ideas down when out and about. It’s aged beautifully, and I know when it runs out I won’t want any other product to take its place.

Yesterday, passing the Smythson shop at the Royal Exchange, I spotted a rather vivid display, designed I think to celebrate the summer games. There are five of the Panama note books arranged in one row of three over another row of two, in black, red, green, blue and orange. I have no doubt in fact that they are meant to subtly reflect the famous logo for the games, and to attract the attention of some of the many extra tourists in the area.

Now, as much as I love a tacky souvenir (snow globes a favourite), I’ve not really seen anything I would really want to buy, in terms of 2012 related treasures. Probably for the best really, as there was SO much I wanted around the Jubilee. However, as I looked closer at Smythson’s display, I realised I’d found a whole load of ‘souvenirs’, very much in my style……

Whilst you can buy a plain Panama, they also have a wonderful range of gold embossed motto notebooks. Mine simply says ‘notes’ but I’ve been fawning over the ‘top secrets’ and ‘feeling groovy’ ones since I first spotted them. The ones I spotted in the window were all new to me though, and fit together in a theme of inspiration, Britishness and sportyness. There’s ‘Jump for Joy’, ‘Champion’, ‘Game On’, ‘Best of British’ and, my favourite, ‘Your Country Needs You to Party’. How lovely is that?! Many of them come in several colours, although it’s the green that’s really caught my eye.

The smallest size Panama is £35. So it’s not like I’m going to pick up one of each and write my supermarket shopping lists in them. But perhaps Father Christmas will bring me one to save for best.

Ems x

London 2012 Stamp

I love a stamp. Especially a self inking stamp. There’s something so satisfying about stamping something. It makes me feel important and official.

I think this dates back to my childhood, when I set up my own Post Office at my Nanna’s house during the school holidays, using a cardboard box with a window cut into it. I’d make my own envelopes and postage stamps, and then pretend to stamp them ready to be posted. I can’t vouch for whether they would ever get delivered, but my Nanna never made a formal complaint.

I found this beauty a few weeks ago at Paperchase, when my friend Michelle from the States was visiting, and it seemed acceptable for me to go souvenir shopping (despite having lived in London for over 10 years). I had absolutely NO need for it, but sometimes that’s half the joy in buying something, eh? AND it only costs £3. Three pounds! I’d have been crazy not to have bought it, and surely would have regretted it every day since, and probably for the rest of my life.

And I’m happy to say that it’s actually getting loads of use…. during the Jubilee, when I was selling my little corgi necklaces and Jubilee charm bracelets all over the world, I loved stamping their packaging with my special stamp. And now the Olympics is here, I’m sending all my orders out with the stamp on again. I think it’s nice when you receive something from far away that it looks a bit special and you can tell where it came from. Plus, our postage stamps in the UK tend to be a little dull when compared to Japan and New Zealand and places.

You can still buy them on the website…I’m not sure if they still have them in the shops. You should get one. They also have these lovely globe stamps, which are just £3 too. I’m going to save my sweet money and get one.

There’s a bit of a stamp theme going on at Paperchase in general actually. I also bought these cute little food pots at the same time as the stamp. They have lovely colourful stamp designs on them…one each of London, Paris, New York and Rome. They are dead handy, and store nicely inside each other like nesting dolls. They are a bargain too at just £7!

Again, I can’t think of a real use for them, but I’m sure I’d find something ace to do with these little stamp design wallets. They have that cool twirly string closure that I love, and they are only £1.50 for two. Hard to resist!