Valentine Pamper Hamper from Mira

Mira 360 Shower and Valentine's Day pamper hamper

Earlier this week a rather excitingly huge parcel arrived to my door…. filled with lots of pampering treats! The fabulous folk at Mira sent me a whole kit of lovely things to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and I thought I’d share it with you here…..

To begin with, the entire package smells amazing. Along with a super soft bathrobe and an organic loofah mit, I found Petal Fresh Botanicals‘ Aloe and Pomegranate Facial Clay Masque (which is cruelty free and vegan), Beauticology‘s Strawberry and Pomegranate Body Butter (also cruelty free), and a sweet little brown paper parcel filled with yummy smelling heart shaped soaps. I think it’s the scent of all those three combined that is so divine and I can’t wait to try them all out in a mass Valentine’s pampering session tomorrow!

Mira 360 Shower and Valentine's Day pamper hamper

The most exciting bit though (don’t judge me, I’m obsessed with house stuff at the moment as we prepare to buy our own place!) is the Mira 360 shower head that completed the parcel. I know. A shower head. How exciting can that be? Well, VERY, actually.

This shower head is actually four….the main body spins around giving you four different options: ‘rain’ is much like the usual function on your regular shower head, although I found it more powerful than most; ‘storm’ is more frothy and bubbly, and gave me a lovely head massage; ‘cloud’ gives out a flat stream of foamy water, which worked really well for rinsing my hair after shampooing; and ‘burst’, a full on blast with which I gave myself a rather wonderful neck and shoulder massage!

Mira 360 Shower and Valentine's Day pamper hamper

Now I know that you can’t beat a bath for pure relaxation, but for a pampering session it has to be a shower for me….and so I’m looking forward to spending an age in there tomorrow to indulge in all those lush smelling treats, before we begin our usual Valentine’s day celebrations (take out and a scary film!).

I hope you have a good weekend, whatever you’re doing!

Ems x


P.S. I received the Mira Valentine’s Pamper Hamper as a gift from Mira, but please know that I would never endorse anything that didn’t truly impress me!


Wednesday Wants….a super quick round up of my latest Etsy favourites

Sorry! Can’t stop! Crazy week of adventures going on! Will tell you about it later!

To keep you busy in the mean time, here are some of my latest ‘wants’ taken from my recent Etsy favourites……

Make a wish upon a star... Tiny enamel gold star necklace - Delicate Jewelry -

Make a wish upon a star… Tiny enamel gold star necklace by Little Me’s, £8.63 each (although I’m gonna need one in each colour!)

Colorful in bed. Pajamas sleeping shorts (Clothing lingerie panties)

Colorful in bed…… Stripey sleeping shorts by Di’Soro, £16.19 (I’ll have to wait til it warms up a little though!)

Sweet Tooth…. Gold Bracelet by Jack and Hazel Store, £10.33

UNICORN and RAINBOW necklace, GEMMA Correll Illustration, eco-friendly silver. Handcrafted by Chocolate and Steel

Over the rainbow….. Unicorn pendant by Chocolate and Steel, £37.57 (I will never grow up!)

Large Butterfly Mobile, Paper, Art,  Hanging, 3D, Nursery Decor, Baby, Baby Shower, Girls Room

Take flight….. Paper butterfly mobile by Simply Chic Lilly, £48.58 (my home studio just won’t be complete without this)

SALE Japanese Washi Masking Tape -  Red hearts in Clouds 10m

Hearts in the clouds…. Washi tape by Cinderella, £1.94 for 10m (that’s 10m of joy!)

Women's Bird Top Handmade Grey Cotton Jersey Vest Tunic Tank Top

Someday I’ll fly away…. Hand made cotton vest by Baggy Fitted, £21 (is that little bow to die for or what?!)

GRACE. Leather ballet flats. Womens flat shoes. US 5-14 sizes.

Made for walking…..Grace leather flats by Elf Elf, £64.87 (I could make believe it was summer in these)

Happy browsing!

Ems x

More Valentines Cards now in my Etsy shop!

I know I’ve already posted about Valentine’s cards, and that it is still a little way off, but I thought you may like to see the new Valentine’s cards I’m now selling on my Etsy Shop. My ‘Love Is….’ vintage Panini sticker cards have sold pretty well already, but I wanted to paint some romantic designs more in keeping with the cards I made for Christmas last year. The result is these rather kitch, lovey-dovey designs……

Flamingos In Love, Valentine's Card, print from original watercolour

Swans In Love, Valentine's Card, print from original watercolour

I have drawn and painted in watercolour these elegant swans and pretty flamingos, whose slender necks make the shape of a heart! I think they are wonderfully whimsical and rather cute!

I have made the designs into Valentine’s cards, but am also selling A4 size prints of the drawings, as well as the original paintings…. I think they’d make just as good a gift for someone’s home as a Valentine’s card…. and of course they work just as well for anniversaries and special occasions too!

Each card is printed in high resolution on high quality, thick 350gsm art card from FSC credited paper stock. There is a light satin coating on the outside, whilst the inside is left un-coated, making it easier for you to write your own message. Each card measures 4.13″ x 5.82″ / 105mm x 148mm and includes a good quality matte white envelope. They are available now in my Etsy Shop for $5.00 / £3.23 each.

Hope you like them!

Ems x

Something from the weekend….. DIY, David Lynch and fizz

What an enjoyably busy weekend I’ve had! Having decided to get one of our DIY projects underway, we did little else, but the weekend was fun all the same!…..

We spent Friday evening at home in front of the TV (me in my onsesie!), eating pop corn and *finally* watching the Twin Peaks prequel film. I watched Twin Peaks for the first time last year and fell in love with it right away. I’d been warned that the film wasn’t as good and that it’s a lot darker…..and it certainly was! I very much enjoyed it though, and it was a good start to the David Lynch fest we are planning for Valentines!


Friday night’s seriously naughty but delicious dinner! Rare organic beef burger, with fried egg, cheese and organic cherry smoked bacon, on a cheese topped bun with French fries and mayo. Yum!

On Saturday we began working on the Welsh Dresser we recently bought and wanted to re-vamp. It was a nasty orangey-pine with lots of varnish, so we wanted to lighten it up. We started (and spent nearly all Saturday!) by sanding down the surfaces…some of them just to prepare them to paint, and others to be left as a nice, light, natural pine. It was pretty tough going, and we made a lot of mess, but we managed to get all the sanding done by early evening so that we could clean up!


The lovely pine under all the orange varnish!

My evening was spent at a friend’s place for a girly night of pizza, Prosecco and chat. The girls are all on strict boot-camp diets, but had declared it ‘Sod It Saturday’, so we indulged in take away pizzas, Haribo, chocolates and crisps along with several glasses of fizz. It was a lovely evening filled with giggling, and I was rather late to bed as a result!

On Sunday morning it was back to the DIY, and after sugar soaping the surfaces of our dresser we began to paint it. As with most things, this took us MUCH longer than I’d imagined, and we ended up popping out to the shops whilst waiting for the first two coats to dry. We didn’t manage to get all the coats on all the bits, so we’ll have to go back to it next weekend, but it is looking great already!


Work in progress

The evening consisted of yet more pizza, on account of the kitchen smelling of paint and being rather messy! We watched another Hitchcock from our box set too (Shadow of a Doubt) and ate yet more popcorn, before I got myself ready for my first day in my new job….. it was rather a rude awakening, realising I had to plan a more formal outfit than I usually wear to work from home, and I made myself a packed lunch and readied my hand bag too before having a lovely hot shower and getting into bed for an early night.

So that was my weekend….how was yours?

Ems x

Love is…..

Valentines Card 'Love Is....' Vintage Panini Sticker in various designs

Well, with Christmas over it’s time to think about Valentines already! I know that will fill lots of people with dread, and that the site of Easter eggs in the shops already feels like we’re wishing away the year, but what can you do?!

As such, I’ve been starting work on some Valentine’s Day gifts and cards to sell in my Etsy shop, and I’ve just listed the first of my card designs. I’ve loved the ‘Love Is…’ designs and drawings by Kim Grove for as long as I can remember…..I have a little figurine in my studio in fact, that used to sit in my childhood bedroom. So when I found this collection of PANINI collectable stickers devoted to the designs, I had to have them! And rather than them languish in one of my numerous treasure boxes at home, I thought I’d put them to good use by transforming them into super-cute greetings cards for Valentines!

Each original vintage sticker has been carefully attached to a high quality pale yellow A6 size card (148 x 105 mm / 5.8 x 4.1 in) using retro style brown paper photo corners. I have attached them in such a way that the sticker may be removed to reveal the reverse side, where you will find the title of the design (which appears in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian), as well as the design number and trademark.

The cards come complete with a matching envelope in the same primrose yellow. I have left the inside blank for your own message, and so they can be used for Valentines, Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings or just a Thank You card.

I have lots of different stickers from the collection, so you can choose which one best suits you and your Valentine! I personally love ‘Love is…..putting on the style for her’ (which is in the picture above), as well as ‘Love is…..dancing in the old-fashioned way,’ ‘Love is…..consoling her when her snowman melts’ and ‘Love is…..taking up cycling to get his weight down’!!!

I just think they’re adorable!

Valentines Card 'Love Is....' Vintage Panini Sticker in various designs

Valentines Card 'Love Is....' Vintage Panini Sticker in various designs

There is only ONE of each sticker so each card is completely unique! They are £3.20 ($5.00) each, and available to buy here now!

Because it’s Valentine’s Day……. A little Love Token

So after our visit to the Miracles and Charms exhibition at the Wellcome Collection, and because I’ve been toying with ideas of crafty arty projects, today I made a little love token… being Valentines and all.

I’ve been thinking of ways to create little worlds from bits and bobs, and love the idea of making things from lost treasure (or rubbish if you prefer). I’ve always been fascinated by small, detailed things that I could squirrel away, none more so than the little Charlie Chaplin matchbox toy that my brother and I fought over as children (it WAS mine). And so I got to thinking about making little scenes inside matchboxes…… and I finally made one today…..

Adam and I are always joking around saying I love you THIS much, and gesticulating to show just how much….. I might reach right out to the walls, and then Adam might just hold two fingers about an inch apart and tell me he loves me that much on an atomic scale. He likes to try to trick me too by doing something similar and saying he loves me that much on a galactic scale….I usually fall for it or spend ages trying to work it out.

Anyway, with that in mind I have made this little love token inside a Swan Vesta matchbox, where a man standing on the whole world is stretching his arms out to say ‘I love you THIS much.’

I hope you like it, despite the sappiness. I’m planning to make some more, although perhaps less romantical, and perhaps get around to selling them on Etsy. Thoughts, suggestions and requests gratefully received!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


P.S. Thank you to Adam for taking the photos! xxx

A Pretentious Valentines….. Our way to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Right now, those of you who know me, may well be thinking that Valentine’s Day and all its associated ephemera are really not my bag. And you’d not be wrong. But then those of you who know me really well, may indeed know that I love to celebrate Valentine’s Day… my own way……

Since we got together, Adam and I have honed a little tradition for this day. Not fond of the overly commercial excuse to remind each other that we love one another (and we certainly remember just how pantsy it was when we were single), we decided to do things our own way. Now, maybe you won’t think this is romantic at all, and I’m not suggesting everyone celebrate today this way (although I certainly believe it is the BEST way to celebrate today), but I just thought I’d share how we ‘do Valentines’ in the hope of inspiring those who might like to move away from the more conventional way…..

We did Valentines this year on Saturday, mainly because we were so excited about it, and also because it meant we had a much longer evening to enjoy it than on a week day. There’s a real formula to our Valentine’s Day, and I can’t see us ever budging from it….here are the vital ingredients:

1. The entertainment

For our Valentine’s Day entertainment, we like to choose a film to watch at home on the sofa (snuggled up). The main thing in the choice of said film is that it should NOT be conventionally romantic. Having chosen Lost Boys and Big Trouble in Little China as our last two Valentines films, we have a sort of criteria: the film should ideally involve scariness (in a silly way), datedness (ideally we want something from the 80’s), and certainly an air of the utterly ridiculous.

This year, we really wanted to incorporate a Sci-Fi element, and so after asking for advice from our most discerning (*cough*) film buff friends, we arrived at a decision: Lifeforce.

Lifeforce is a 1985 classic, directed by Tobe Hooper and based on the novel The Space Vampires, published in 1976, by Colin Wilson. There really is everything we could want in this film….. Space Vampires….. a comet threatening the planet….. Zombie Apocalypse…… a romance between an alien and a human (or is he?….)….. and, PATRICK STEWART.

We really did excel ourselves this year…… I can’t think how we can top this next year.

2. The food

This bit is very important, and in fact we haven’t wavered in our choice since starting this tradition. The meal should be ordered in, and no time spent slaving over preparation or dish-washing. We have always opted for a Chinese take out, although any style of take away will do. It should have a feast-like quality (you will see we didn’t hold back, with our entire coffee table laden with naughty treats), and the idea isn’t to sit together over candle light and enjoy some decadent menu (plenty of other days for that), but to enjoy over-eating an obscene amount of non-healthy food. You can use plates, cutlery and such of course (we’re not complete barbarians).

3. The drinks

This is where a smidgen of sophistication can slip in…. if you were going to choose Fish and Chips for your take away meal of choice then I would say a pot of tea would both elegantly partner this and also enter very much into the spirit of the festivities. We usually go for wine though, and because I can’t drink anything else, a nice one. This year we went for the rather lovely Crying Vine Shiraz. The spicy and berry-rich flavour was enough to match our rather greasy menu and its mish-mash of flavours, and there was something about the name that fitted our not-commercially-romantic theme.

4. The mood

Now I’m a big tea-light fan all of the time, so lighting a few candles is allowed, providing they are not in the shape of hearts or sickly-sweet-scented (that would ruin your enjoyment of the food of course). We don’t get AT ALL dressed up for our Valentines either, and more to the point, it’s important to wear something comfortable to allow sofa snuggling (read: slobbing) and of course plenty of ‘give’ for that big meal. I did make an effort to put a bit of make up on (never without the mascara anyway) and comb my hair, but there isn’t really much point glamming up for this kind of night, when we are both mainly looking at the space vampires and zombies on the screen anyway.

Now I know this will sound horribly unromantic to plenty of you, and perhaps you’ll feel sorry for us even that we are ‘missing out’ on red roses, heart-wielding teddy bears and Marks and Spencer’s special sparkling rosé. And it’s fair to say that our traditional Valentines is indeed a rebellion against the commercially acceptable modes of expressing romance. But in honesty, we really value this day because it’s sort of a way of us saying we *can* be all romantical, but we don’t need to follow anyone else’s rules of how to do so.

So, er, Happy Valentine’s / Zombie Apocalypse / Rip-off-Red-Roses Day everyone!