Weddings and Events

As well as writing and making and drawing and treasure hunting, I also spend my time planning weddings and events…..

I have been professionally producing creative events and organising weddings for over seven years, with experience working as a supplier, a caterer, a venue and for a creative agency. I am now available on a freelance basis for all kinds of creative projects, including marketing and pitch campaigns, re-branding, PR and social media campaigns, consultation and styling.

I always aim to work as creatively as possible, and the most important thing to me is to convey a personality through each event. I love to work to unusual briefs, and specialise in bringing your ideas to life by carefully planning each detail and using my extensive logistical experience.

I have worked with hundreds of venues in London and around the UK, but I’m always interested in a new find, or working with a venue that’s not really a venue! I also design and produce event decor, and love to bring your ideas to life as a stylist or prop maker.

If you have a creative challenge, or need a spark of the unusual for an upcoming project, I’d love to hear from you!

Ems x

“I wanted to tell you that we found the time spent at the Globe perfect from every point of view, and all our guests agree with us! Everything went smoothly and was so fine-tuned that we had a perfect frame for the emotions of the ceremony, the joy of being together and the happiness for a long expected day finally come true. Everything was extremely professional but not in a mechanical and cold way: your way of working is more like a symphony: precise, timed but also human and full of emotions. We’ve received only positive reviews from the guests and Cristian and I agree without any second thoughts. The food was amazingly good and don’t forget that you had nearly 70 Italians to satisfy!!! And for you, Emily, a big big big thank you! Your sweetness and kindness has made it all easier, and your very presence was a certainty for a positive outcome. You all made our special day even more special and we’ll never forget you!”


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