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Women wants sex tonight Emily

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Dave Asprey.

Sex With Emily | Castabout

Enjoy the show! Click here to download the mp3 of Emily Tpnight Women wants sex tonight Emily with Emily: Emily Morse is a sex and relationship expert and host of the top downloaded podcast, Sex with Emily. Emily was voted the 1 dating and sex expert by DatingAdvice. Sex with Emily on Youtube.

Sex Therapist Emily Morse Wants You to Self-Love More - YouTube

Hot Sex: Kegel app. Erectile dysfunction. Premature ejaculation.

Brain Waves and Sex. Pavlovian Classical Conditioning.

Women wants sex tonight Emily Mitochondrial function. Quantifying Sex for Better Performance and Relationships. Bulletproof Conference. Bulletproof Diet Book. Free Bulletproof Diet Roadmap. Leave your questions and responses in the comments section below. Click here to E,ily PDF of this transcript. Chewing celery releases androstenone and androstenol odor Women wants sex tonight Emily into your mouth, which travel up the back of your throat to your nose.

Then the pheromones boost your level of arousal, which makes you a little bit turned on, and causes your body to send off scents and signal that make you more desirable to women. On top of that celery contributes to nitric oxide in your body. If you, Wife wants hot sex Scituate, subscribe to my quarterly.

Celery is kind of a good thing. Our guest is Dr. Emily, welcome to the show, for a start.

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I was amazed. You have a doctorate of human sexuality and a BA in psychology. Thank you. It helped.

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Ten years ago when I was starting, especially when podcasting was first starting. It became popular quickly. That probably helped.

I love it. I love the name. I love the brand. Good time. When we first met, I was a little nervous. I was honored to be a guest, but I also know that Wantts. Drew tends to be just a little Emly skeptical of supplements, and here I am.

I make supplements. I make Women wants sex tonight Emily new things like Unfair Advantage and all these crazy things. I went in there, and I believe in what I do.

Women wants sex tonight Emily

You have another pill-popping whatever. I was prepared to just be myself and share information, but I was blown away when you and Dr. It was the coolest thing ever.

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I tnight you already knew they were fans walking in there. They were talking about it forever. You were like their hero, and Mike and Drew, Mike Catherwood, the other host, they have their own Women wants sex tonight Emily they used to do, they talked about you for an hour before you were on. Oh, my goodness. You must have been very surprised.

I was really amazed and grateful. Then I got a chance to meet you. I was like, wow. I think it adds a lot of value because sex is one of those three human behaviors that get us into trouble.

I did hack it. I did hack that. I was very curious. What makes a happy relationship? I come from a divorced family, Emilly still, we all know the divorce is the thing.

Seeking Sexy Dating

It always seemed that somehow sex was the Eimly. When I started my podcast 10 years ago in my living room, it was a first year podcasting had started.

What makes it work? How often do you have sex? When did the sex die? How do you keep alive? What we need, what we desire with our partners, without out our partners. One thing that I appreciate Women wants sex tonight Emily your work is that you have this thing called Kegel Camp. People might not know listening what a Women wants sex tonight Emily exercise is, or that they apply to men.

Can you explain what is a Kegel exercise, and why should men care about them? Men are always surprised that they can do them as well. You hold tense for three seconds, five seconds, and you relax.

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What they do is they strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. It can help with ejaculatory control. Qants can help then, like last longer. All that Women wants sex tonight Emily. There are so many health benefits, and same for women, and for men, have stronger orgasms.

For women, it can help with urinary incontinence after childbirth. For men it also includes bladder control, and for women, bladder control as well. No one ever remembers.

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You can do it at a traffic light. No one remembers, so I created an iPhone app that pops up every day and says, time for Kegel Camp. Women wants sex tonight Emily day at Also, I was going to say for men, also it wats boost libido.

There are so many Boxford woman sexy challenges that people have that can really be solved by Kegel exercises.

Five minutes. You had 10 levels. I thought you were working. Why are you doing your Kegels at work? How do you feel about that stuff? A tonighr back, this is maybe four years Women wants sex tonight Emily, I ran like yearlong experiment for a quantified self-talk that I gave about ejaculation in men. The Taoist teaching is that as you get older, you should have fewer ejaculations, not fewer orgasms, just fewer ejaculations as a man if you want tonibht maintain your vitality.

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First off, what do you think? Is that accurate?

Emily Morse (Sex With Emily): How to Get More Orgasms

That even exists? Yeah, it does exist. Did you find it useful? Health benefits. What did you think?